Jan 7, 2019

Are Indians pro LGBT?

 Frankly, no.

For the facts enumerated in the latest Census of India (2011) make it absolutely, perfectly and perceptively clear that taken as a whole, an overwhelming majority of the people of India does not at all support the ill-conceived and unenlightened practice of homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality etc.

As to why it is so, to that aspect we will come later on.

Let the facts speak for themselves, for now.

In the latest available statistics on religion - which are of the 2011 Census, made public on 25th August 2015 by the government of India - for the very first time since the Independence of India, a new category of “no religion” was added to the said survey and its statistics.

As per this released data, out of a total population of 1.21 billion (in 2011) only 0.24% of India is presumably non-religious.

Derivative thereof, it could thus be considered that these people either do not follow any particular religion, or alternatively, fall under the category of non-believers, atheists, skeptics etc. In other words, this minuscule percentage of the Indian population, could very well be said to be actually and factually not practicing any formal religion as such. But it does not mean that these very same people may not be following some other kind of a spiritual path or a free mystical practice than that could not be formally listed under a religious faith or considered to be one of the major or minor religions of India.

The major religions of India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. A small number of Zoroastrians and some other religious minorities - constituting approximately 0.67% of the population - are also listed in the 2011 Census of India.

The orthodox and well laid down traditional view of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as found and is well known from their holy scriptures - from unimpeachable written records - is not only vehemently and violently opposed to homosexuality and lesbianism but also seeks death for those following this kind of a considered hedonistic lifestyle.

On May 25th 1999, in a recorded public interview, the Dalai Lama made clear that homosexuality etc. cannot be condoned in Buddhism.

Hinduism, though not seeking death penalty for homosexual behaviour, too does not in any way approve of it.

As early as 350–450- B.C. it was laid down in the ancient Hindu scriptural text Dharmasutra of Apastambha (1:19:15) as follows:

A man who ejaculates his semen in any place other than the vagina becomes equal to a thief, equal to a murderer of a Brahmin.”

The ancient scripture Manusmriti which was penned down in 200 B.C. - though traditionally said to have been written in 1500–2000 B.C. - considers homosexuality etc. as “an unnatural offense”, causing one to fall from one’s high state of birth (11:68).

As for lesbianism, Manusmriti (8:370-371) advocates tonsuring the offending woman’s head, cutting off her two fingers and parading her on a donkey in front of the entire community.

In the holy book of Sikhism, in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, though no mention of any such act as homosexuality etc. is made in written, the natural state of being (sahaj) is advocated for God-realization. Therefore, no sagacious and spiritually inclined member of the Sikh community would ever even think of condoning lesbianism or homosexuality. Frankly, and generally speaking, the Sikhs scoff at it.

Now, from 2011 Census of India we already know that 99.79% (minus 0.24%, who say they have ‘no religion’ per se) of Indians are rather very religious in nature, in their living and lifestyle.

In its 2015 survey, the PEW Research Center, based in U.S.A., recorded that 8-in-10 Indians (out of the 1.31 in 2015) said religion is very important in their lives.

Hence, close to 1,048,000,000 or approximately 1.05 billion Indians (in 2015) held that religion is a vital component and a sine qua non in their life and living.

In other words, this humongous religious populace in India to whom religion is extremely important in its life - being true followers of one’s own particular religion - would most likely abide by and similarly hold that whatever their specific faith postulates, be it in the matter of such acts as HOMOSEXUALITY & LESBIANISM etc., it is to be upheld, and followed to the farthest extent, come what may.

Of course a few among them being a bit more liberal minded may not be so strict in judging the LESBIANS, GAYS and the BISEXUALS. But in general, since their religion specifically teaches so, more or less the people too believe what their religion teaches. Otherwise they would not be following it.

So, empirical facts tell us that INDIANS ARE NOT PRO LGBT.

Very recently the Supreme Court of India decriminalized certain sections of Article 377 regarding imprisonment for homosexuality etc., though not the portions that concern pedophilia or bestiality.
Yet it is apparent from the available self-explanatory empirical data provided above, that on the whole the vast majority of people of India neither approve of nor advocate any acts of homosexuality, lesbianism or bisexuality etc.

It may also be interesting to note that in the afore said case in the Supreme Court, in the affidavit filed by the Ministry of Health, it was submitted that “The population of Men who have Sex with Men was estimated to be 25 lakh in India.” Thus, even if extending the number all that much more to include the lesbians etc., still the number of LGBT community would stay very, very small.

This troubled lot though tiny, trouble themselves more, and then so many.

Anyway, on a metaphysical level too such sexual acts are considered a silly and a simplistic mistake, at the very least an aberration, and a fall from Grace.

This is so because in SELF REALIZATION it is found that the Essence of each and everything in existence is ONE.

From ‘It’, this ONENESS, manifests all that is, whatsoever it is.

We keep birthing, dying and are reborn time and again in a never ending vicious cycle because in dual-consciousness the human mind and being has been misled and thus mistakenly learned over time that we are a separate entity from the Whole.

The birthed soul, under an illusion of dual-consciousness, forgets that it is One with, and never separated from That Which Is.

Again, in this illusory world of duality, the poor human being yet gets all the more entangled in the snare and allure of its monkey-mind.

It, the human brain, somehow tricks the humankind to think it is this and that - including not being the human entity as she or he is naturally born.

Thus is birthed the illusion of one being who one is not!

First of all, we are not mere some bodily beings. We are a spiritual state of non-being. Secondly, we are not just beings. We are beyond being.

We are in fact the ‘That’ of What Is.

In quintessence, at the core of our being this ‘is-ness’ of the Immanent Source in us - unknown to us thus far - is our TRUE IDENTITY.

Therefore, sexuality is an illusory state.

Already burdened by the duality-conscious state of mind in this birthed entity, some frail people become doubly troubled and ensnared by another set of tomfoolery and disunity i.e. homosexuality etc.

In Essence, we are neither a man nor a woman; or even an entity.

We are the Infinite, Immanent Eternity itself.

Thus the Awakened find. In enlightenment, at the End, no this-that or sexuality is. Not even uni-sexuality is. All that exists a DIVINE UNITY is!

To this end, to understand that we are IT, are we born.

Therefore, to become all the more little, by taking up this or that duplicitous identity, is to lose ‘It’: the Ultimate Truth and Reality of What Is.

To attain it - the Absolute Truth - we have to break all our chains, be it of the mind or of spirit. We have to purposefully and resolutely free ourselves from the entails of all our inculcated concepts, imbibed isms and even get rid of some of the imbecilic teachings somehow left meandering in own inherited religions - truth be told.

Besides it, thinking and doing otherwise - folly fully fancying oneself to be what in essence one is not - is to but getting needlessly and unnecessarily entangled in the devil’s horns.

We have to learn to be more. And be Whole. ~_~


Silence must not be taken for approval.

As in today’s time, even in the ancient times people were rather reluctant to talk about such matters as homosexuality etc. For it was either too embarrassing a matter or is an act of such a lowly and a ‘lower’ kind that spiritual people in general just stay away from talking about it.

Thus, it must not be assumed LGBT has any sanction whatsoever of the Indian populace. Or that the people just do not give a crap about it. They do. Very much so. The facts stated above speak for themselves.

Come to think of it, I too would not have spoken about it.

But then, like the readers, I am from these modern times. I have the privilege of having had one of the best basic and advanced education my parents and my motherland could provide. Hence, like other people of today, for or against any matter, I stand. And speak.

The metaphysically aware would be wise to keep on the Way, without getting distracted by erroneous ways of those who stray.

Ponder over it.

May all be healthy, wealthy and wise. ~_~

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