Aug 9, 2010

Who Says All Religions Are the Same?

Are all religions the same?

Of course, they are not. To “herd” them together as one “flock”, is not only naïve but nonsensical. Atheists and neo-pacifists, either lampoon or “Lama”-spoon religion to “feed” their own vested interests. Both are equally mistaken or mischievous.

Free Mystics and Yogis of India, eons ago, declared “TRUTH is ONE; but wise call IT by many names.” They meant it differently. Most thinkers miss the nuance. Aldous Huxley, with his “Perennial Philosophy”; taking “out” the “juice” of all religions and “drinking” the same, probably came nearer to understanding, though not “experiencing”, WHAT IS.

Abrahamic religions believe in a personal god, but “their” one! India has millions of gods/goddesses. People elsewhere, around the world, hold their beliefs dear. Meat-eating “Lama” culture has “swallowed” Buddhist doctrine. In this “holier-than-thou” neo-world culture, no wonder atheists and jihadists are having a field day.

So, how are all religions the same?

They are, in the sense, that after all is said and done, the “worthy” - CHOSEN ONE - amongst us, rises “above” all limitations and “overcomes” this-that “fancied” ism of one’s inheritance or choosing. One is “AWAKENED” in Pure Immanent Consciousness.

“Here” no religion abounds. No messiahs stand. No angels “reveal” No “god” speaks!

At THE END, the “REALITY” of “EXISTENCE” is experienced as "ONENESS". "ALL IS ONE” is no theory “here”. It s ONE TRUTH “There”!

In this sense, all religions are same.

Otherwise, they are cats and dogs!

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