Nov 21, 2010

The Purpose of The Universe

Before fixing Purpose, perhaps we need ask: What is The Universe?

What is it's Composition? Where does it come from? Does it evolve out of “Nothing” or “Nothingness” as some Scientists and Skeptics suggest? Is it mere matter? Who made it? Or, is it just AN ILLUSION?

How can we find WHAT and WHY of The Universe?


That is, by REALIZING The “SELF”.

All of us are “blessed”, with The Genome of “THAT” which is The Self of “ALL THAT IS”. Hence, we are equally, identically and genetically programmed by “That” - The Divine - to seek and find The Purpose of The Universe.

Yet, nary, except The “CHOSEN”, find “IT”.

In The BUDDHA­­/KNOWING “Self” EXPERIENCE, as computer finds its code, our IN-BUILT “Divine” Programming finds The UNIVERSAL CODE of Our “Self”.

After Un-Ending Mystical experiences - too many to elaborate here - The “Blessed Being” is “led”, by The Hidden Hand, to “REVELATION” of The Self. The Meditating “SINGLE EYE” Self “sees” - LITERALLY - The Whole Universe AS one’s OWN SELF. There is no distinction of “this” from “that” in “THERE”. The ILLUSION of OUR SELF as SEPARATE from ALL THAT IS shatters. Revealing, ALL is ONE SELF. This is what YOGIS, SUFIS and FREE-MYSTICS seek and find.

One day, so may Science.

Hence, The Purpose of Our LIFE and The UNIVERSE is to know “WE ARE IT”.

Thereafter, we need “live” IT. Simply put, A SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Happily: EVER-AFTER.

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Oct 21, 2010

The Mystical Experience: A Question of What's Beyond

Who is A Mystic?

Who seeks End and Answer to The Eternal Mystery. And, Truth, above all.

Whatsoever “IT” may be.

It is The Only “Religion” of Free Mystics.

It’s all that need concern any seeker, spiritualist or scientist. Hence, were a mystic to find some hell, heaven, messiah, angel, god, goddess - after initial/in­termediate mystical “happenings” - as The End Experience; then, that is what he/she shall state boldly, bravely, bare-knuckled.

Yet, this is not what The Happening is in The Final “Knowing”.

However, it would be wrong to say “IT” happens to any voyeuristic, pedantic individual. Mysticism is not The Realm of fools or philosophers but of pious, true seekers.

One’s “inherited” religion has got nothing to do with That Which Is.

But one has to, at the least, be aware and sensitive enough to realize that one must “respect” LIFE for “IT” to, in turn, “honor” the devotee. Which entails that one be A Vegetarian. Non-Vegetarianism is Bad Karma. Rest happens as is one’s Karma.

“That” Which Is has no favorites.

Whose Karma is, gets “IT”.

Yet, no New Truth EVER dawns.

What does is, one finds by one’s Own Self that “One” is The Primordial “Substance” of ALL LIFE. And, that everything and everyone is but ONE and OWN SELF in QUINTESSENCE.

“Happenings” along The Way are innumerable. Yet, in The End is UNITY.

It’s all very scientific, spiritual and surreal.


There’s nothing BEYOND “IT”.
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Sep 17, 2010

What's Real About the Rapture?

What is The Rapture?

It is The Seeker’s Metaphysical Ascension unto The Realm of Spirit.

The “life” of one’s being, soul/spirit is “ruptured”-“lifted up”-“captured” in Spirit and in Truth, and, “taken” to Realization of The Universal Self.

Ancients in India called it “Vismad” or Wondrous Divine Ecstasy.

It is no “eureka” vision of some “chosen” belief.

Westerners thinking or believing otherwise, do so in ignorance.

This “Divine Rapture” is a commonality; “mundane” terminology, used by Free Mystics/Yogis/Sufis for The Higher Supra-Normal “Happening” in The Metaphysical Realm.

Herein, Spiritual Seeker/Manifested Being/Bodily Human-Form, in Divine Intoxication/Meditative Transcendental Worship, gets “transported”, “rises up” to “meet” The SELF of THAT WHICH IS.

What else happens in The Rapture?

No this-that Messiah or God comes with trumpets and angels!

The Vision of one’s Guru or Authoritative Holy Image of one’s faith is commonly “seen” by mystics of every kith, kin and kind. This virtual but mystical “self-experience” of “lift”-“rise”-“capture” of one’s Self/Consciousness unto “The Seventh Heaven” - Kingdom of God - overwhelms “Baptized”/Initiated Yogi.

Mortified, uninitiated, un-baptized call it “abduction” by aliens!

Visions of innumerable permutations-combinations come-go; until, in The Rapture, Self-Realization dawns. Thence, “I and my Father are One” - a la Jesus, Sufis, Yogis and Free Mystics - is The “Buddha”/Knowing/Awakening.

The End and The Beginning is discovered as One Whole Oneness.

This is What is Real About The Rapture.

Rest is hogwash!
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Sep 6, 2010


Who/What is God?

"He" is neither Mother nor Father.

This imposition of "personality" over That Which Is as He-She-Creator is the undoing of “blind” bookish lot; yet devoid of The Buddha Happening.

In The Ultimate Reality no human-form, anthropomorphic god exists.

Only faiths of lower spiritual understanding believe in it. This illusory phenomenon dissolves once pre-conditioning of our mind is “overcome” during Mystical/Yogic “Self” Realization.

The Knowing, Buddha/Christ-Hood, is A Universal Experience in Mysticism.

Zillions of “happenings" occur during “Shishya”, Learning Phase in a Seeker’s life. Yet, in The End, as Master, the Universal Truth that dawns upon The Chosen One is identical.

Truth is One.

No your-mine “chosen” belief is “There”!

As Spiritual Scientists, “worthy” devotees of The Divine, we all can “realize” The Ultimate Truth of The Universe. However, only the “hungry”/“thirsty” childlike reverent seekers get That Which Is as a “physical” experience.

Interim visions come-go, conditioned by our inherited/acquired faith or understanding. Yet, at the zenith, as Self-Realization, our Soul/Life Essence discovers its own “Holy” - Father/Mother/Creator - Primordial Self as ONE UNIFIED ONENESS OF ALL EXISTENCE.

All uncertainties, differences sine die. The Ultimate Truth therein is One.

The Self of our “ I “, “life” of our existence, finds it’s Quintessence. It is experienced as Unity; Oneness of All Existence.

This is God.

Yet, it is semantics.

Fools speak.

The Eternal Silence stays “zeroed in”: as Self of All That Is.
About Evolution
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Sep 5, 2010

Stephen Hawking to God: Your Services Are No Longer Needed; God: You So Do Not Get Who I Am!

Is God dead?

Scientists, unable to find “Him”, as most think “God” is, make us but random dots in a spotless vacuum. As if there is no Divine Intelligence “guiding” The Universe.

So, is ours a God-less Universe?

Cosmologist Physicists are as mistaken as are the simple-minded religious lot believing otherwise. The Big Bang theory is as much a hypothesis as is a “Jealous God” in human form sitting in some illusory heaven up “there”.

Scientists like Stephen Hawkins propagate “total energy of the universe is exactly zero”. Meaning, energy creates its own self etc. Attributing no Intelligent Design behind it; and, hence, no Creator. All is random happening of nothingness.

The Universal Energy Total is Zero. Spirituality agrees with Science.

But it is a “Full” Zero!

Yogis/Free Mystics’ “Buddha” Zero - “Shunya” - is Empty yet Full.

The Universal Consciousness that science fails to “clinically” establish here is very much “There”. In and as The “Zero” of “That” Zorro we simpletons call God!

So, what happens “There”?

The Universal Energy/Force of Life - “Shakti - dissolves unto The Zero of The Immanent “Self”. The “thing” - Observer - becomes The Thing which is No Thing. Yet, is Every Thing. Is All That Is!

This Single Eye sees it’s “ I “ as One - The Self - of All “That” exists.

This Immanent Immortality exists As and In What-So-Ever Is.

Is God!

Arm-chair Scientists neither find “This” nor “That”.

Hence, remain zero in Spirituality.
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Aug 28, 2010

The Problem with Hell

The Problem with Hell is it does not exist!

Neither does Heaven.

“Neither shall they say, lo here! Or lo there! For, behold, the KINGDOM OF GOD, is WITHIN YOU!” [ST. LUKE 17.21]

How much clearer could Jesus be?

Heaven or Hell is not some “physical” place.

Above-said Saying of The Master should put to rest every “devil” of doubt for Christians. Yet, it does not. Present and past followers of Jesus believe in supercilious, superstitious “scriptural” notions of “burning” in hell forever or “blissful” eternally in heaven.

“Sat-Guru”/True Teacher of Christians, nay, of the world, Jesus, “straightened out” myths of Bible.

His teachings are akin to Self-Realization of Yogis and Free Mystics of ancient India: provided The Master is “grasped” with The "Single Eye" of The East.

For Western minds fail to understand Christ.

My 1999 book, JESUS THE TRUE MASTER YOGI [Deciphering The Yogic/Mystic Teachings of Jesus], on LIVE FREE DISPLAY at sheds some light on this issue. (Updated Version soon).

The "demon" of lower Metaphysical Understanding of The Ultimate Reality stands exposed; "bare" in The YOGA OF JESUS.

That professors, theologians, scientists of Christian inheritance, like other Semitic religions and faiths elsewhere, believe in illusory “kingdom” somewhere “up there”, is both saddening and staggeringly strange to Higher Spiritual Systems of East.

Anyway, in nutshell, if Jesus is understood in a Yogic/Sufi/Free-Mystic Way; no demons of hell or heaven shall trouble Christians. Amen!
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Aug 21, 2010

How to Find a Spiritual Teacher

Pick a brick, out comes a “guru”. And, another’s on top!

People joke.

However, since time immemorial, finding, then, learning at “Feet of The Master” is considered a sine qua non for attaining Enlightenment/Eternal Freedom/Nirvana in most Spiritual Traditions of East.

Lest we “bow” to some dubious Baba/Swami, Self-professed Avatar/Incarnation of God here or any Self-proclaimed Messiah/Mediator elsewhere; deep caution is advised.

Yet, it's destiny.

Belief in East is that this or that way, seeker finds one’s “karmic” guru. And, discovers The Way. In fact, a “Simple Simon”, possessing a child’s innocent heart, is assured of finding a “Bodh” Guru/Attained Master than is a cleverer, pedantic/bookish “Solomon”.

Were this precept of Jesus, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you”, taken in The Guru Tradition [not in some “Son of God’ context]; then, Guru/”Chela”-Teacher/Disciple query is addressed fully.

It's karma. As free mystics of East put it.

And, after all is said and done, Guru is The One who takes us from “Gu”/Darkness/Ignorance to “Ru”/Light/Knowledge. The Spiritual Teacher, like one’s parent, is there to guide the child; not stand in the way of latter’s destiny.

A worthy “son” gets one’s due “inheritance”: That Which Is.

“Neither shall they say, lo here! Or lo there! For, behold, the Kingdom of God is Within You.” [Luke 17.21]

True Guru is “Within”. As one’s own Inner Self.

So, don't worry, be happy!
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Aug 18, 2010

Conscious Evolution and the Integration of Science and Spirituality

Conscientious “evolving” human beings are few and far in-between.

The awareness that out of “No Thing at All” has evolved Everything that was, is and will be is fantastic. Yet, fallacious.

The “No-Thing” implies “nothing”.

It is untrue.

The "Father" & The "Creator" of “everything” is neither “a thing” nor “no thing”. And, certainly is not “no thing at all”. It is “something” beyond simple, simplistic definitions.

We need “evolve” from Simple Simon to Spiritual Solomon.

It requires, conscientiously, getting rid of “Simple Simon”. This demands, we neither over simplify nor overtly “sci-fi” That Which Is.

Afore said “No Thing At All” is not some “zero” of Science.

Evolutionary Theory or “Big Bang” Hypothesis etc. has relevance in this “earthly” realm. This “illusion” does not exist “There”. At “The” End.

So, what is “IT” that can bring “Conscious Evolution”: The Integration of Science & Spirituality?

It is, consciously, “attaining” Buddha-hood/Knowing that Science & Spirituality are siblings. One can be used to “seek” and “find” the other. There is no rivalry betwixt them. As they “evolve” in stature and “Nature”, both could “get” The Answer.

It is simple.

From “Self” arises “non-self”. Once “illusion” of manifestation ends; the non-self “settles” unto The Self. As if “it” never was. Therein, “It” remains: as “Self” of All That Is. Until “karma” decides it is time to “manifest” again.

This “Evolution” is Never Ending.

Yet, is “no thing”, “nothing” and “no thing at all”.

Is All in One.

The End!
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Aug 9, 2010

Who Says All Religions Are the Same?

Are all religions the same?

Of course, they are not. To “herd” them together as one “flock”, is not only naïve but nonsensical. Atheists and neo-pacifists, either lampoon or “Lama”-spoon religion to “feed” their own vested interests. Both are equally mistaken or mischievous.

Free Mystics and Yogis of India, eons ago, declared “TRUTH is ONE; but wise call IT by many names.” They meant it differently. Most thinkers miss the nuance. Aldous Huxley, with his “Perennial Philosophy”; taking “out” the “juice” of all religions and “drinking” the same, probably came nearer to understanding, though not “experiencing”, WHAT IS.

Abrahamic religions believe in a personal god, but “their” one! India has millions of gods/goddesses. People elsewhere, around the world, hold their beliefs dear. Meat-eating “Lama” culture has “swallowed” Buddhist doctrine. In this “holier-than-thou” neo-world culture, no wonder atheists and jihadists are having a field day.

So, how are all religions the same?

They are, in the sense, that after all is said and done, the “worthy” - CHOSEN ONE - amongst us, rises “above” all limitations and “overcomes” this-that “fancied” ism of one’s inheritance or choosing. One is “AWAKENED” in Pure Immanent Consciousness.

“Here” no religion abounds. No messiahs stand. No angels “reveal” No “god” speaks!

At THE END, the “REALITY” of “EXISTENCE” is experienced as "ONENESS". "ALL IS ONE” is no theory “here”. It s ONE TRUTH “There”!

In this sense, all religions are same.

Otherwise, they are cats and dogs!

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Aug 3, 2010

Sufism & Islamic/Muslim Belief

Is Sufism Islam?

Islamic Apologetics would like us to believe so.

However, both “belief” systems are as chalk and cheese. Nothing is common betwixt them. Except rancor and rumor.

Islam holds GOD is absolutely “OTHER”. In Sufism there is “NO OTHER”. The “Core of Sufism” is NOT “To Strive for Nearness to God” but “ONENESS with GOD”. Quran postulates death for those who, like Jesus, proclaim “I and MY FATHER are ONE!” [St John 10.30] Sufis do.

Quranic Verse (50:16), of God being “closer to you than your jugular vein”, is often cited as “living” proof of Identical Teachings of Mohammedans and Sufis. Said Bulle Shah: “Wiped Off is Ink on Kalma!” [The 1st Confirmatory Verse of Quran/Mohammed being Allah’s Prophet].

Be it Rumi or Shamas Tabriz; by Strict Interpretation of Quran, Sufi’s “faith” is “Kufr”/Un-Truth. Such mystics, “Kafir.” Mansoor Al-Hallaj was cut to bits for proclaiming “An Al Haq” [I am The Truth] - as per Sufi’s SELF-REALIZATION of ULTIMATE REALITY, of ONENESS with “THAT” Which Is: God!

This is Apostasy in Mohammedan Belief.

Islam believes in a “man-like” anthropomorphic god. This is not The “Buddha” Experience of Sufis. Such “Duality” is annihilated - “overcome” - in DIVINE UNITY.

Much as humankind wishes for peace with Islam; it cannot come unless we all realize, as Sufis do, that “ALL IS ONE”. To “filter down” Sufism and “doctor” it to Islamic Belief does not cut it.

Sufism is not Islam.

Jul 31, 2010

Darwinism & The Moral Argument for God

Conflict between Science and Religion is illusory.

However, many Western “thinkers” make this non-issue an issue.

These arm-chair philosophers, spitting fire and brimstone on “religion”, singing odes to Darwin; remain blissfully ignorant of The “Illusion” Einstein referred to. An “inkling” of it had this great scientist all agog.

If books could give us The Truth, every cockroach ever to crawl over them would get it. ‘Philo’ is love, ‘Sophy’ Knowledge. Philosophy is “Love for Knowledge”. It entails a thinking person Seek and Find WHAT IS. But, for that, is "mind", as we "think" is, enough?

What happens “beyond” our mind?

All, as we imagine it is, "stands" on its head!

Evolution etc. is "observable phenomena" in the "illusion" of Time. It is "limited" in its scope. Einstein "got" it that time/space is “illusory”. Yet, being "persistent", it manifests as a consistent fact. Incidentally, this "observable" world, as "seen" by us, is referred to as "Maya" in all spiritual traditions of India. It means ILLUSION.

Thus, within this “manifest” context - time/space of present day "observable phenomena" - Indian Yogis and Free Mystics give science its due respect. This includes The Evolutionary Theory of Darwin.

Yet, religion means “re-join”. With “That”, Which Is.

Said Mansoor Al-Hallaj - "To comprehend The Unlimited is not the range or quality of that, which is limited." This Sufi Saint was cut to bits by fanatics in 10th century A.D.

Some “thinkers” of West commit this “hara-kiri”.

With Truth.


Jul 27, 2010

Can We Depend Upon Our MIND?

Science tends to equate “mind” with our “brain”. It is fallacious. There is “something” that “runs” our brain and mind. What is “it”? It is “life”. But what is the “stuff” this “life” is made of? The Answer eludes Science.

Darwin, Einstein, Newton etc. were, “mind-wise”, admittedly, more intelligent than most of us. Evolutionary or Atomic Theory may be called “observable phenomena” in a limited context. The Unlimited or The Timeless is beyond this “illusion” of time and space. Einstein honored this “inkling” of The Ultimate Reality. In this context, he was deeply “spiritual”.

In East, India specifically, science never is in conflict with spirituality. Why? Because the Yogis and Free Mystics, independent of any tight “religious” beliefs, depend entirely upon “observable phenomena” to seek and find WHAT IS. The scientific community as well as a lay man must grasp these “findings” to “get” The Truth.

So, what did then, as do now, Yogis and Free Mystics find?

After life-long perseverance, it is found by these “Spiritual Scientists” that The “Mind” of our “mind” can be reached! This UNIVERSAL MIND or GOD (of the simple-minded amongst us), is The QUINTESSENCE or “LIFE” of our “SELF”. This “HAPPENING” is bestowed upon The “CHOSEN” Devotee as “MERCY” or “GRACE” of THE DIVINE. Enlightenment can “happen” to anybody. Yet, it may never occur. Thus, one has to be “religious” in this “faith” that “within” us is “KINGDOM OF GOD”. 

The drop does “meet” The Ocean!

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Jul 26, 2010

Albert Einstein's Faith: Was the Great Physicist Spiritual?

An Open Heart with An Open Mind gets The Open Secret.

In this sense, Einstein was deeply "religious"; a discerning "spiritual" being. But averse to the idea of a "personal god". And, rightly so. His 'expansive spirit' was 'relentlessly curious'. Open to "Time-less" and "Eternal" Structure of The Ultimate Reality.

This is The Way of Yogis and Free Mystics of India.

The "view" of GOD as a "person", is a "lower" belief. Yet, this "lesser" idea of “TRUTH” exists as a tangible "reality" in East and West alike. Millions believe and die with it. None the wiser.

It is not The Way of A Free 'Spirit'. Of intelligent people.

Seek and Find. Is The Name of The Game. Of Mysticism.

Yet, much as one may respect "intelligent" minds, such as that of Einstein; to "get" THE TIMELESS REALITY, beyond "stubbornly persistent ILLUSION”, the MIND as we know it, must be transcended. Why? Because "stuff" that "mind" is made of is not "brain" but SPIRIT. 

Our mind may "perceive" or "conceive" A SENSE OF REALITY. But most of us never get "IT" as a virtual "SELF"-Experience. Failing to “get” IT, a visible section of human society becomes atheist; anti-religion. Then, ANTI-GOD.

Both "Believers" and "Infidel" Non-Believers worship an "ISM".

A "scientific" mind should not "believe" or disbelieve "blindly" any truisms. Einstein did not. Was OEPEN-HEARTED and OPEN-MINDED to WHAT IS. Thus, was more "spiritual" than most of us ever are. Or, shall ever be!

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Jul 20, 2010

What is Buddhism?

Simply, sans semantics, "Buddhi" means "intelligence". Metaphysically, one established in INTELLIGENT AWARENESS of WHAT IS, can be called a BUDDHA.

AHIMSA or NON-VIOLENCE, in India, where Buddhism originated, means, "Non-Killing" of ANY, not just "human" LIFE.

Why is it prohibited to take "life"?

This injunction in HIGHER SPIRITUAL WAY(s) of India is inviolable. Unlike Semitic religions or other "paths" elsewhere, taking of "life" of animals, specifically for "food", is a strict no-no here. Excuses “forwarded” by so-called Buddhists for partaking meat are of "LAMA" kind. Of an "alien culture". It is an “outsider” ethos.

Admittedly, a chunk of "less evolved" Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists too take meat. They are in millions. The majority or popular "belief" is, more often than not, of a lower kind. That is why it has more followers. A "higher kind" of Seeker, from anywhere in the world, is no “easy” sheep that can be "herded" to take "feed" with the common flock.

Thus, it may rightly be said that "we are all either moving towards Correct Understanding [Enlightenment] or away from 'That' place of Understanding."

And, pray, what is "this" RIGHT UNDERSTANDING?

It is that ALL is ONE. It is LIFE. And, this “life substratum” is ONE.


As in THE END, in SELF-REALIZATION, it is "found" that ALL IS ONE "LIFE", the sages and seers of India prohibit MEAT-EATING. 

As did BUDDHA.

Hence, who eats meat, is no Buddhist.

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Jul 19, 2010

Buddhism and Vegetarianism: Would Sid Eat Meat?

“I undertake a vow to abstain from taking life.”

Buddha thus laid down The First Precept of his faith.

What doubt does it leave in any intelligent person’s mind about Meat-Eating? Any excuse to the contrary is willful, wishful waywardness. If, reportedly, Dalai Lama continues to eat meat, then, he, very much like other “lesser mortals”, strays from The Basic Foundation and The First Precept of Buddhism. 

So, how did meat-eating creep into Buddhism?

It happened when Buddhism spread outside India. The regions, countries it took root, had an age-old non-vegetarian culture. Be it Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Korea, Tibet. And, now, it is the West.

All these “alien”, Non-Indian, cultures were also very violent and volatile. “Taking Life” was The Way here. Much pride was taken in one’s ability, readiness for settling scores. An Eye for An Eye prevailed. It still does.

Lastly, in these civilizations, spirits/devil/demons/deities etc. were a part and parcel of everyday “reality”. Hence, REALITY AS IS, or, the Realization that SELF is ONE, remained then, as does it now, missing. View of WHAT IS, as DUALITY not UNITY, prevails now, as it did then. Thus, there was, yet is not, respect for “other” life or soul. Be it so-called “higher life” (man). Or, “lower life” (animal).

Siddhartha, “Sid”, Buddha led a Non-Violent life. The Master preached ‘Ahimsa’. His teachings are distorted. Taking “life” is against Buddhism.

Who eats meat, is no Buddhist.

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Jul 13, 2010

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Fact is “Western Culture is based on Christian Theology.”

Were it not, question of animals having a ‘soul’ or not, would not arise. Ancient texts of India advocate that animals, from ant to elephant, all have a ‘soul’ like any human being. The Semitic Culture does not think so.

The West as also most of world, has a meat-eating/non-vegetarian culture. Why? Because people, whatever their religion, believe animals do not have a ‘soul’ like them. And, thus, think “little” or nothing of breaking the latter’s bones or beating their brains to a pulp. Thereafter, eating these hapless souls to their hearts content, the same “peace-loving”, “god-fearing” fellows seek “humane” treatment of animals!

In Reality, the “Beginning and End of Everything” (Simple Simon’s God) as found by Yogis and Free Mystics of India in “Self-Experience” is that Universe is “made” of ONENESS. This “ONE” “stuff” of “life” is THE SAME and ONE “here” or “there”. That is, whatever exists, latent or seen, of past-present-future, is in “UNITY”. Thus, in “duality” we see “other”. In The Realm of Ultimate Reality, no “otherness” exists. The Universal Quintessence is ONE.

Hence, those that do not “get” the TRUE NATURE of SELF; for them, dogs, like all other animals, are bereft of a “soul”. It is untrue. A lie believed in by the less mystically “evolved”.

In fact, most of us, the human race, are “dogs” that go to “hell”.


Jul 2, 2010

Spirituality & The Meaning of Mysticism for Our Time

Is Spirituality today, The Art of Union with Reality?

In our time, it is a fad to proclaim ourselves ‘spiritual’ than ‘religious’. Mysticism, the deeper end of Spirituality, is prone to usurpation by ‘twittering’ ‘Art of Wellness’ Gurus of East and West. Bookish erudition, sans ‘live’ metaphysical experiences, is fine so long one does not push it as An Attained Master. It is Bad Karma.

Westerners like ‘action’. Hence, to assume Mystics “become world changers/servers” comes easy to them. An Eastern Free Mystic has no such pre-fixed idea or agenda.

All that a “free” mystic seeks is ‘The Answer’ to THAT WHICH IS.

Imagined Union with The Divine is ‘Hath’/Enforced YOGA/Union. It is not Higher Spirituality/Mysticism. Mystics seek The Truth: Whatever-The-Hell-IT-May-Be. Visions and other such ‘happenings’ come ‘by the way’. A pre-conceived notion of Unity etc. is ill-advised. One is likely to be disappointed. A rare one, in The UNSAID WAY, succeeds. The rest, ‘humble’ majority, getting minimal visions here and there, become The New Avatar, ‘World Teacher’ or The New Age Messiah!

Most religions, practiced now, are born from these ‘limited’ visions.

The Eastern Yogis and Mystics place this ‘Lower Happening’ at The Feet of The Divine. They do not crown themselves with this ‘little god’. The Divine may make them the next Buddha. Yet, it may not.

Truth being our aim, Oneness comes along The Way.

This is Spirituality. Is Mysticism.

Jun 20, 2010

What is The "GOD PARTICLE"?

Relax. Take a deep breath.

This is the beginning of meditation. Rest follows, if one lets it.

The word “God Particle” is now days used by scientists in much the same way mystics do. As the beginning and the end of the “stuff” life is made of. Of course, scientists want to “see” it in their own LIMITED “laboratory conditions”. But yogis and free mystics (read, inquiring individuals not bound by any isms) are more open to THE UNLIMITED.

The Unlimited cannot be dictated to show its SELF in The Limited.

This is where Science and Spirituality differ. The former sets conditions on The Un-Conditioned Un-Limited Truth to “show” its “self” for a “freak show”! The mystics do not. The former lot approach The Unlimited with ego, the latter in reverence. Thus, science never “gets” WHAT IS. Yogis always do.

Yet, this “God Particle” -SELF/SOUL- can reach its “Source” in the right conditions: not “clinical” but “spiritual”. And, “trying too hard” is not enough! It takes more than that. Much, much more.


Hence, “God Particle” - CODE OF LIFE - takes a REVERENT ONE to its SELF; not the EGOISTIC ONE! Yet, science too will, if it has not already, reach this conclusion that WHAT EVER IS, ONE UNIFIED WHOLE IS.

This ONE, IMMANENT WHOLE is The “GOD” of yogis and free mystics.


One may accept it. Or, one may seek and find IT. Our choice!

Jun 19, 2010

Eradicate Fundamentalism In All Its Forms!

We cannot be choosy with Truth.

Fundamentalism emanates from untruth. Intellectuals are either too full of themselves or too naive for their own and our good. They just do not “get” the “religious” mindset.

The fundamentalists believe in totality, not in parts.

As true as it may be of other religions, it certainly is amongst believers of The Bible and The Quran. We, the self-proclaimed “liberal” lot, are but heretics and “kafirs” to these “fine” TRUE BELIEVERS.

The belief of Bible-holders and Quran-hoarders is that whatsoever is written in these books is the “Word of God”. Either one believes or one does not. There is no such thing as a “half-believer”. 

Hence, there is no way out for humankind out of this mess that religion and science have created. Science knows a bit. Religions claim to know it all. But do not. Neither atheism nor religion in their present avatar, satiate intelligent people. Minds that question, seek answers to WHAT IS.

So, how can fundamentalist mentality be eliminated?

By seeking and finding The Truth!

Unless and until, inquiring minds become “Buddha”, The Knowing One, fundamentalism cannot be eradicated. Religion, if not defined parochially, means “to re-unite”: With “That Which Is” - The Truth/Reality.

Reality, as found by inquiring spirits that rely on FIRST HAND “SELF” EXPERIENCE, is that THERE IS NOTHING ELSE OR OTHER THAN :"ONE"! Once we know thus, who do we faun over, frown at or fight with? 

Only fools are fundamentalists!

Jun 8, 2010


LIFE does not come from NON-LIFE.

However, The QUINTESSENCE of ALL THAT IS, life or non-life, is ONE.

So far as GOD creating LIFE; well, it is a simplistic idea of simple people from The East as well as The West. That does not mean their intentions are not good. It only means their CONCEPTION of THE DIVINE does not match THE TRUTH or REALITY AS IS.

From a YOGI or a FREE MYSTIC point of view, which relies on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE; both the common lot from scientific community as also from the religious, make the same mistake. Both have AN IDEA about REALITY, not THE SELF-EXPERIENCE of The ULITMATE REALITY.

So, what is The TRUTH of ALPHA and OMEGA?

It is this: WHAT-SO-EVER IS, "this" or "that", is made of ONE, WHOLE, ALLNESS, IMMANANENT "STUFF", which, a normal being calls SPIRIT in REVERENCE. The Scientists and Science do not find, are unable to discover "IT". Not because they are not smart enough, but because they are not sufficiently attuned to THAT WHICH IS.

This - "WHICH IS"- does not OPEN UP to IRREVERENCE, or, to COLD HEARTS.

This is where a simple GOD-FEARING, not necessarily GOD-KNOWING, simple person scores over CLINICAL SCIENTISTS. This is where YOGIS and FREE MYSTICS succeed. It is where the clever ones fail. It is where the simple ones win.

It is the realm of THE DIVINE.

About Atheism
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Jun 6, 2010

Redefining Life: God Need Not Apply

How do we define “LIFE”?

Science has thus far discovered that “STUFF” of LIFE and NON-LIFE is same. Does that rule out GOD?

From a commonplace and a simplistic point of view, having found no essential difference in ATOMIC STRUCTURE between Life and Non-Life, scientists may as well claim there is nothing DIVINE or GODLY about “ALIVE” humanity and non-living beings. In other words, this LIFE is just a CHEMICAL/PHYSICAL ACTION-REACTION taking place, without THE DIVINE or GOD playing any role.

This may well be true. But it would be a superfluous truth.

There is more to GOD or DIVINITY than a normal human being and a scientist defines both. The Western Scientists, and, therefore, most Atheists, influenced by the prevalent LOWER MODERN SCIENCE, think there is nothing divine about life. Thus, they denounce GOD.

These scientists and intellectuals could not be more wrong.

The FREE MYSTICS and YOGIS of INDIA have since the very beginning been informing us that ALL IS ONE WHOLE ALLNESS. In fact, there are freely available ANCIENT INDIAN YOGIC TEXTS for us to gainfully learn a thing or two even now. Therein THE SEEKER asks THE GURU that if ALL IS ONE SELF ESSENCE, does that mean even “SHIT is GOD?”

Thus, science, especially of West, has found nothing new. Eons ago, Free Mystics and Yogis of India found THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. Science is yet not THERE, to re-define LIFE.

May 23, 2010

Religion and Science: Respecting the Differences

Most people, scientists or religionists, who find no Common Ground between Science and Spirituality, are of West. They are familiar with Semitic religions. Not with Advanced Spiritual Traditions of Deep East; namely, of India.

Evolutionary Theory had since eons been advocated, and believed in widely, in religious theology of India. In fact, belief in 84 Categories of Evolution – from lowest of the low organisms to man - is so immanent in common conscience of religiosity in India, that Theory of Evolution is no issue here, unlike in the West.

Basically, Christian, Jewish, Islamic - Semitic Tradition - is the only culture that raises a big hue and cry about Evolutionary Theory of Darwin. It is a non-issue in better evolved spiritual cultures. In fact, the Yogic and Free Mystic Culture of India goes a step further than present day science. It advocates the hypothesis that not only does life evolve from lower to the higher organism, it is reversible. That is, it postulates a Contra Evolutionary Theory.

Recently, artificial DNA, inter alia, life, has been created by the world scientific community. Even this causes no excitement in India. The Yogic Science sees no big achievement herein. Again, much ahead of scientific thought of today, Free Mystical/Yogic Literature of Ancient India informs us that ANYTHING CAN BE CREATED OUT OF ANYTHING.

Hence, what raises the heckles of Semitic Theology, which majority of West practices, disturbs not a blade of grass in The Land Of Buddha.

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Apr 12, 2010

Negating Women: At Core Of Catholic Church's Hideous Criminal Indifference!

All are equal before TRUTH.

In East, Truth is God and vice-versa.

The Semitic god, imagined in Male Form, is a lower religious belief in East too. Yet, in QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, in Metaphysical Research, ANCIENT INDIAN YOGIS found SELF of ALL to be ONE UNIVERSAL QUINTESSENCE.

In Reality, this is GOD in SELF-REALIZATION.

Innumerable visions of lustrous gods, goddesses, angels, fairies etc. in human forms come and go in meditative practices. Serious seekers in yogic milieu detachedly observe such visions or voices of LOWER/NETHER REALM of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Unfortunately, most don't get WHAT IS. In East this failure breeds GODMEN. In West it makes MESSIAHS out of men.

A rare individual becomes BUDDHA: The KNOWING ONE.

The METAPHYSICS OF AN AWAKEND ONE, from East, like Jesus was, is rarely understood. Thus, Christians, Church and West fail to grasp WHAT THE MASTER SPAKE!

Context being large, content permitted less, suffice here is to mention JESUS THE TRUE MASTER YOGI - DECIPHERING YOGIC/MYSTIC TEACHINGS OF JESUS. It’s on Display Live on GOOGLE BOOKS. Check it for AN EASTERN PERSPECTIVE on The Master’s Truth.

Nevertheless, in nutshell, “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE” is what YOGIS in INDIA discovered as THE SELF. Identical was GOD-REALIZATION of Jesus. That is, our QUINTESSENTIAL SOUL/SELF in its MAKE is IMAGE OF GOD: in SPIRIT. Not in shape. In TRUTH, man-women-world-god et all is ONE!

Hence, who sins against woman sins against God.

Be it Church, Clergy or Christianity!

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Mar 28, 2010

The Quantum Brain, Spirituality & The Mind Of God

The THEORY OF EVERYTHING had been answered long ago.

Very simply, it is this: IMMANENT QUINTESSENCE or QUANTUM TRUTH of WHATSOEVER IS, whether HERE or THERE, is ONE ALL-INDIVISIBLE-WHOLENESS. This is not the god of West but the Truth of East.

Spiritual experience of Eastern sages and seers confirms it. It is up to science to catch up to IT. Yet, scientists shall never reach this MIND OF GOD.

Why cannot scientists reach IT?

Because THE CODE OF GOD is not so simple.

Most Westerners, scientists or spiritualists, somehow unable to master THE WAY, have never caught on that THE DIVINE is not some donkey of materialism which any brawny dimwit can steer.

However, in theory, scientists are catching on to WHAT IS.

An INFINITE IMMANENT INTELLIGENCE is the LIFE of ALL THAT IS. It is ONE. Therefore, working from this hypothesis, that ALL IS ONE, scientists can reach great heights. So too can normal people.

The BEING OF GOD is in the realm of experience of all of us. Yet, merely scratching our behinds or brains shall not get us this SELF-REALIZATION.

Who am I? This basic question a free mind must ask. The Indian yogis and free mystics got THE ETERNAL ANSWER by letting go the “I” we all carry more deeply than do we our DNA.

Who loses all, gets ALL!

This NEW AGE MANTRA would take us to a better state and stage than we are at present. Spiritually and scientifically.

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Mar 22, 2010

What is Religion?

What is religion?

Simply put, it means ‘rebinding’ or ‘reuniting’. Similarly,’ yoga’ is ‘to yoke’. With what? With Whatsoever Is. Highest Truth. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Nature of Reality. God. Or whatever one calls That Which Is.

In higher spiritual circles of East, more specifically India, formal ‘outside’ rules and rituals are considered mere means to an end. For seekers to later on delve WITHIN and find NATURE OF SELF. This metaphysical precept and practice has in varying forms and formats existed in India since times immemorial. Much before the time of Jesus.

If some in West assume religion originated for ‘nothing more’ than appeasement of illusory gods for ‘fertility in the fields and in their women’; then, it is their naïve belief.

Semitic religions - Judaism, Islam, Christianity - believe in an unproven, unseen, non-existent anthropomorphic god: a deity in man-like form. In East or West, people not well versed with Metaphysics of The Ultimate Reality, believe similarly.

None of the Biblical prophets except Jesus postulated Reality As Is: “Kingdom of God is Within you!” “I and my Father are One!” “I am in the Father, He in me!” This self-experienced surrealism that ALL IS ONE runs deep in the veins of seers and sages of the Himalayas. Still does.

This SELF-REALIZATION is addressed as NIRVANA or SALVATION. Without IT, all of us, of this-that direction or dedication, are barking up the wrong BUDDHA TREE!

We need religion. Just not the wrong kind.

About The Pope
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Mar 21, 2010

Pope, Prophet & Religious Support for Evil

An evil ideology has no place in spirituality or religion.

But who determines what’s evil or holy? Stone Age religionists or neo-irreligionists? Atheists or so-called New Age intelligentsia?

None of the above!

Most Westerners belong to Semitic religions. Rest, disgusted by resident evil and rambling devil of their inherited obsolete belief systems either turn hostile to or turn away from all religious dogmas. Majority does the latter. Much of East is under reign or writ of Islam; which brooks no opposition. Other Eastern regions have their own fancied idols and icons.

Presently, neither East nor West has it right.

Pedophilia is indefensible. Yet, homosexuality too doesn’t become ‘natural’ by pushing through this agenda politically. Expecting all to accept it or any such issues as a god-given norm is simplistic.

Yet, popes and prophets are but ordinary people. They are as fallible as any of us. Were one to go by their deeds many a Biblical prophet and past pope would be put behind bars under modern day justice system!

Problem isn’t with popes or prophets but with people and philosophy.

We just do not know What Is. Science knows a little. Yet, its prophecy too falls flat on its ass every now and then.

Thus, until we as a people self-realize that quintessentially, scientifically and spiritually, Whatsoever Is but One Unified Whole is, humankind shall continue to be crude and cruel than kind and considerate.

Till death do us apart!

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Mar 8, 2010

Godless Quarrel With Science!

Only the godless quarrel with science.

Who know What Is do not. These free souls are friends not foes of scientific inquiry. Who are these people that pick and prick issues with scientifically comprehending all that exists? It is the Stone Age horde which upholds an inferior understanding of what or who exactly is or is not God. This does not mean science has some deep answers about life, death and hereafter. It does not. But then, neither do simplistic faiths and their farcical philosophies.

Real spirituality has no real issue with science.

In fact, the only problem higher metaphysical sagacity has with science is that the latter is not advanced enough! Science has so far failed to find what ‘life’ is in its primordial substratum. It has no answer to whence ‘life’ cometh whither it goeth. So far it has not had much success in finding Which Is. An evolutionary theory of Darwin or a futuristic trip to mars is not the be all and end all of Reality As Is. In the eyes of Eastern spirituality and meta-physicality, all this is yet a dwarfish exploration and explanation of The Story of Life. Even the so-called ‘Big Bang’ hypothesis so lauded in recent times is a limited vision of Nature. In the Single Eye of Mysticism, of the Eastern not the Western kind, both the big bang and evolutionary theories are just that. Hypothesis.

The spirit of scientific self-inquiry in the East, more specifically in India, since the beginning of time, has not only been encouraged but practiced rationally and rigorously by advanced free mystics. Now days, this inner soul-search is simplistically and simply called Yoga. The spiritual seekers of this special kind of scientific temperament have always sought What Is through metaphysical self-experience. In the ‘clinical laboratory’ of one’s own physicality and psychic self. This is not much different or dissimilar from what psychologists and psychiatrists do. The free mystics too observe objectively, draw unemotional or unsentimental and non-judgmental conclusions from the ‘happenings’. Of course, in the latter case the observation is more than that of the mind. It surpasses the former in its search and research. It is all-inclusive. Unlike a mere mind search of modern day science, a free mystic seeks beyond it. This inquiry involves the realm of surrealism and mysticism. Traditionally, these ‘spiritual scientists’ have been addressed as yogis.

Then again, yoga or yogi is but a term of address. It is as significant or insignificant as calling chair chaise or eau water and table tableau. Once human mind is able to ‘lift up’ its limitation or becomes capable of grasping, nay ‘tasting’ the abstract, the heart and soul of the devout starts to ‘hear’ the whispers of metaphysics. A chosen few start both ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ What Is.

What messiahs mess up, mystics miss not.

Why should adherents of imagined spirits-gods, messianic isms and messed about come-hither-cretins condone evolution, abortion, homosexuality, gender equality and tolerance of other belief systems when their Book of God tells them otherwise? Why is the scientific community aghast at their fellow human beings’ ‘irrational’ and ‘inferior’ behavior when all that these so-called ‘chosen’ fellows of this or that creed are doing is strictly - verbatim - following the injunctions of their ‘holy’ book?

A colossal naivety propels some rationalists - whose “heart is in the right place” - to believe these ‘True Believers’ would stand by them in matters of climate, cloning or condoms. When the latter do not, these do-gooders are shocked! It is beyond belief. One cannot expect these kinds of bigoted, bookish and boorish religious zealots to fall in line and accept that “religious truth is of a different order from scientific truth”. It is asking a leopard to shed its skin! That said the Ultimate Reality is not of a different order from the ‘real’ religious truth.

Of course, if one’s religious belief is of a Stone Age variety, then, yes, it would be found to be diverse from and inverse of scientifically proven truth. When some people believe that life on earth began no more than five thousand years ago, despite scientific evidence to the contrary - scientists having found samples and traces of life and living entities existing millions and billions of years back in time - it is imbecilic to expect these die-hard faithful to find succor in science.

Better an irreligious rationalist than an irrational religionist.

However, at the end of it all this scientific or religious saber rattling, we yet reach nowhere near a certain, concrete and conclusive truth. Science does not satisfy the up-your-throat religionists. Religion does not the down-your-gut rationalists. The only way out of this quagmire is to seek and find That Which Is.

And, pray, who knows What Is?

Who really, truly seek do somehow, under Divine Will and Grace as if, reach a higher understanding of The Truth. The ‘door’ or ‘staircase’ to the ‘key of knowledge’ opens up ‘within’ our life-source. Some call it soul others ‘kingdom of heaven’. Ridding the self of all semantics, it is said the Yogis, Sufis and Free Mystics of the East who ‘hath’ in them, did and do self-discover The One Truth that pervades in and as All that is. The West has not.

This rational, scientific, mystical truth of creator and creation is definitely not known and found to be some clone of god-in-man-form squatting on any throne, in some far away galaxy, consorting with virgins! Neither is it ‘seen’ to be any bookish heaven nor a crooked hell waiting to embrace the ‘chosen’ or punish the ‘infidel’. Forms-names, concepts-precepts, life-death exist not in The End where The Beginning is. Quintessence and ‘Life Substratum’ of ‘That’ which is ‘here’ or ‘there’ in Self-Realization is experienced to be as The Self of All. One Whole Immanence sans distinction, difference or otherness. No ‘this’ no ‘that’. Neither god nor godless!

This ‘One’ that knows ‘Self’ as All That Is stands by both science and spirituality. Until such a Self-Realization of neither Ascension nor Dissension but Wholeness and Oneness becomes humankind’s metaphysical experience; cruelty, coaxing, cajoling, conversion, conceitedness and killing in the Name of God shall continue. This is the weird, whimsical story of life. And, until humankind self-discovers What Is, such is the story of science and spirituality.

{Please Note: This article is complementary to a post written by Brad Hershfield in The Huffington Post: . Reader need read that too.}

Mar 1, 2010

Sex, Sexuality & Spirituality

Are spiritual people bores and boorish?

Religious louts may be. Not the spiritual ones.

Distinction needs be made between the religious and the spiritual; both literally and metaphysically. Today, were one to just look at the headlines, religious fundamentalists are out to either ‘harvest’ our souls or kill us ‘infidels’. Born from the loins of women, these bigots bludgeon them at every given chance or choice. Made of the same blood, bones and bodily matter, these religious bugs err. They become our self-claimed ‘baap’: self-imposed pop as if. At the drop of their pants, they denounce all those who follow not their diktats. Left to them, they are likely to circumvent our freedom and reinvent our lives to fit into their square hole rather than let us remain a free soul. This seems to be their life’s mission.

Spirituality lets us remain who we are.

It lets discover one’s Self. Agreeing or not, rather than brow beating others into submitting to one’s own evangelical agenda; a truly spiritual person would let the latter wallow in or follow their own end. Sometimes literally so! That does not mean homosexuality is condoned in spirituality. It is not.

The acceptance or legalization of homosexuality in many a Western nation has been a political decision than a spiritual one. In these ultra modern times, it seems if a person does not enjoin or endorse this fancied and favored sexual lifestyle, then, one is not liberal enough. The argument for this kind of behavior advanced by its rather articulate and political advocates is that “they are born like this!” Recently a homosexual British pop singer purposely and provocatively proclaimed Jesus was gay!

A divine fellow like Jesus never is. This is walking down the shit street. Again, literally so. It is just not possible for a Jesus or any other Buddha to be a homosexual.


Because a Self-Realized Master, such as Jesus, knows “I am in my Father, the Father in me!” This beginning and end of All That Is does not come up the ‘shit street’. It comes up front. It comes naturally. By following the Laws of Nature. This is the Unsaid, oft repeated Law of What Is. Of God; if you must.

Any free mystic worth his-her salt, during the process of seeking and finding What Is, slowly but surely learns what’s wrong and right. It is abhorrent to even imagine having sex with a child, our own daughter, sister, brother, mother or father. We know it is unnatural. Nobody has to tell us thus. It is just there in us as our inborn sense, sensibility and spirituality. Similarly, denying or not, claiming otherwise or not, homosexuality cannot become right just because some fellows start advocating it so. As for the claim of “it is in my DNA” argument; well, then, some ‘bugger’ would claim an incestuous genealogy in one’s defense for molesting one’s own family members! Others might suddenly yell “eureka!” and very conveniently ‘discover’ DNA for pedophilia! Another could defend one’s criminal or cannibalistic life with the vain excuse that it is there in one’s DNA; hence, he or she is not at fault for any damn thing whatsoever. It is ridiculous.

So what need a spiritual person do?

Seek and find What Is. 

Whosoever walks this ‘straight’ but ‘narrow’ path, over time and after much test and trial, in one’s own weird and queer manner, shall one ‘chosen’ day overcome limitations of all kinds, sexual or otherwise. It is in our DNA. The Way of Spirituality is not textual but free mystical. That is, one must learn to walk the walk and talk the talk of That Which Is.

Simply, sans semantics, it means a spiritual seeker needs let go of all preconceived notions about everything, including sex-sexuality-spirituality. Unburden one’s self of any and every textual, sexual or intellectual learning of afore. All yogic or meditative practices are meant to get us into this spiritual, free mystical mode of being. It is a non-judgmental, non-sentimental, non-religious but not irreligious sense and sensibility. In short, one becomes a spiritual being.

One does not become spiritual by following this or that ism.

Spirituality is becoming aware of The Self of Spirit.

In some yogic and free mystical texts of India it is said that in the final stage and state, when one is nearing the Buddha experience, of “I and my Father are One”; the yogi-to-be needs but three months to get That Which Is. During this time, all the classical yoga ‘yam’ and ‘niyam’ or yogic discipline and rules are per force followed: under Divine Will as if.

These spiritual, yogic and free mystical injunctions include abstinence, ‘satvic’ or pure vegetarian food, divine remembrance, drug-free meditation and total dedication to seeking and finding What Is. This or that. God or Naught. Whatever. 

Sex-sexuality, gender-bender, man-messiah, ism-religion, book or crook neither mate nor meet The Buddha in The Ultimate Reality. This is the experience of yogis and free mystics of the East.

This much all seekers need know. All else follows.

This freedom “to be or not to be” is spirituality.

Feb 19, 2010


Now-days everybody is yodeling about Yoga.

What is yoga? Who is a yogi? Is it some religious belief system? What is its purpose? How did it start? Why this ya-ya-yo-yo about it?

Enough saying; yoga is no religious dogma.

It probably originated in some unknown times past when spiritual seekers in India, sitting for long periods in meditation to know That Which Is, felt the bodily functions deteriorating to the extent that their meditative practices started getting affected. To rectify this situation, as also not to go out of the close or cave surroundings of their ‘ashram’ or abode, certain exercises came to be conducted in those ancient times to keep the body fit and mental functions crisp. Slowly, these same metaphysical seekers found breathing exercises that helped them get relaxed and remain in sound vigor.

Over time, these practices and variations of these physical ‘asana’ or postures came to be encrypted and inculcated in spiritual circles of this kind. Slowly, they came to be known and practised widely; in time becoming a systematic study of sorts. Now-a-days every other fellow is getting all gung-ho about it.

Few understand what in actuality and reality is Yoga.

Many do by now know that the word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit ‘yug’, meaning ‘to yoke’ or unite. In metaphysical terms it means uniting the human soul with the Universal. Simply put, the process and practice of union of our limited self with The Universal Self is Yoga.

In fact, any which way that we can get to be ‘One’ with That Which Is, whether this or that way, is Yoga. Thus, broadly speaking, every ism or religion of any kind, lower or higher, through which spiritual zealots seek The Eternal Truth, can be loosely termed yoga. It is nobody’s patent, paternal property or prerogative. However, not all who practice yoga are yogis.

Who is a yogi, then?

Well, every other meow-meow-my-my-me-me is no Master Yogi.

At best, most of these twisters and tricksters are but teachers of yogic postures and practices. Of course, some far and in-between are sincere and seriously knowledgeable about the higher aspects of yoga. That does not mean any Eastern dish served on a Western plate is a palatable niche.

All should practice yoga. It is guaranteed to give us all good health. It cures many a health problem. Its breathing exercises work wonders. There are no known harmful effects of yoga. As a practitioner of this wonderful discipline for the last 35 years or so, the writer has over time personally reaped many a benefit from its practise. Literally and mystically so. Still does.

Yet, in absolute terms, the way of metaphysics which has the possibility of getting us Which Is, can only be termed Yoga or Tao of Union. This in effect covers the nobler teachings and techniques of most spiritual practices of humankind. It does not include negative, imaginative and inductive foolishness of past or present dogmas of war-mongering angelical systems that propound ‘harvesting souls’ or ‘infidel’ goals.

Any practice is a precipice if it brings not Union with What Is.

Physical posturing, however contorted, is but hither-thither bending of limbs. It makes none a yogi. It is a good way to make mullah. Yet, if it sets afire one’s ego than douse it; then, this-that all, belief system or bookish ism, must be dumped in the gutter or ‘nullah’. It is no yoga. Is no way for Self-Realization.

The any-many yogic texts in existence in India since times immemorial do mention more. Paranormal visions that occult practices in yoga are mentioned to give seekers; becoming not our ale the same ail the majority. These fellows start claiming more than their lot. Staking much, these ordinary teachers become preachers. Becoming Preceptors than receptors they take the halo of a yogi, giving up the holy, the yodel of Yoga.

So, are the current yogic practices null and void?

Except for physical fitness and a sense of wellness, does this normal ‘outer’ practice of yoga give us nothing more?

It does. It makes us ‘ready’ for the Inner Yoga. For Reality.

Slowly but steadily, all serious practitioners of yoga do seem to become somewhat calmer, quieter and curious. Somehow, this or that way, a subtle change takes place. They start seeking more. Spirituality enters in. Something changes. Forever.

This is a gift of Yoga. Yodel on yogis!

Welcome to free mysticism.

Feb 9, 2010

Why Don't People Get IT?

Because we are not ready!

If it were so easy to get ‘Enlightenment’, every other Tom, Dick and Harry would have got ‘It’. This ‘Awakening’ or ‘Nirvana’ or God/Self-Realization, and all other prevalent similes or synonyms for it, are thrown our way every now and then. More now than ever, we are subjected to much cat-calling in God’s name.

Talk is cheap.

There was this fellow, an Indian, who asked a saint if the latter could give ‘It’ to him. The sage asked in turn, “Can you take it?” This was enough for the former to start foul-mouthing the seer; who this fellow felt had insulted him.

“Who’s better qualified than me to get it?” This guy fumed.

After all, he reasoned, he had spent many a year searching for What Is. Later on, this guy, who has passed away now, came to be known as some sort of a rebel guru while in Europe. A paranormal experience of body-less-ness was all that came his way during his life time. This was trigger enough to set him off against all spiritual teachers. Denouncing all and sundry, this gentleman died without getting anywhere near knowing The Truth.

Then there are these other chaps, who, in their own words, got it one fine day. Just like that; sitting on their behinds. One of them, a Jewish man, said while wondering about it, he suddenly got it that “All is me!” It can be thus read, so written in the ancient spiritual texts of India. The other god-man, an Indian, cited a similar experience. Both are now-days rather big names in this ‘Baba-hood’ of modern times.

“Who are you?” One madman asked another. “I am the king!” The latter replied. “But I never vacated the throne!” The former said indignantly.

Enlightenment does not come “just like that!”

One fine day somebody might “feel’, like these so-called ‘enlightened’ fellows that they are ‘It’. Another may get it into his-her head that he-she is the “hidden messiah”. Throughout history, we have enough of these “messengers of god” cropping up now and then in our midst. Others might, at some crazy ‘other-worldly’ moment, get the overwhelming urge “within” that they are the incarnation of God. We in India have enough of these kinds of ‘avatar’.

Seeking and finding ‘It’ is a humbling process.

Ego is the bane of Enlightenment. This is why the most intelligent of the people do not get it. Bigger their worldly achievements lesser are their ‘other worldly’ attainments. This is the rule than the exception in the Science of Spirituality.

Humility goes a long way in mysticism. The ancient Sufis rose above the limited potential and parochial propensity of their parental ism because of an abundance of this ‘humility’ quotient in their being. Their single-minded devotion and surrender to That Which Is got so inculcated in them that they ‘cut-off their heads’ and bowed to ‘It’. This single act of utter ‘garibi’, of being ‘poor’ in the heart, mind and soul got them the ‘riches’ of the ‘kingdom’: the abode of Alpha and Omega ‘within’.

Enlightenment is a ‘physical’ happening.

It does not descend as a theory upon the seeker. It is no ‘feeling’. A mental processing, an intellectualization of some academic too it is not. “God spoke to me!” This bull-o-shenanigan is not ‘It’. This-that avatar-angel, fancy-fairy, guru-god, mesmerism-messiah or gaudy god-man’s ‘blah-blah’ baloney does not smile or speak ‘There’.

The Eternal Code of Spirit gets ‘broken’ in this very-very personal, ‘material’ and ‘live’ phenomenon at ‘That’ practical moment of timelessness. “I am all”; this mystical, momentous moment of The Eternal Truth is no sudden fancy of a hallucinating mind. It is a metaphysical but ‘edible’ self-experience of the humble kind.

Self of All is ‘That’.

Whatsoever is Existence is ‘It’. The seen-unseen is but a cloud in its sky; here today gone tomorrow. Yet, ‘It’ stays forever. Call ‘it’ God. Say nothing. Telling or not, changes not The Reality. It is the DNA of Spirit. It is ‘this’. It is ‘that’. There is nothing without ‘It’. In the Beginning it is. In the End is it. It is the “I Am” of whatsoever is; here, there, anywhere.

Catch ‘It’ if you can!

A simple mind has more chances of getting ‘It’ than a sophisticated one because the latter is too full of its own self. It does not let go. A simple, humble man of God would, in all probability, reach a better mystical understanding of Which Is than a haughty one. This is why the so-called rationalists and raving-n-ranting egocentrics never get a single ‘other worldly’ experience in their entire life. They come crying; die decrying.

Majority of us never get What Is.

It is always going to be so. A Jesus shall most probably be nailed to the cross in most of the societies. A Sufi like Mansur Al Hallaj shall be skinned and cut to pieces by the dumb lot. Sorry figures without sophisticated spiritual sense and sensibility will always project themselves as avatars, god-men, messiahs and messengers of this-that ‘god’ of their ancestors. Those unable to get any verifiable personal mystical experience, of the higher kind, shall in all ages through think, drink and sink in their own mind-made theories of and about God.

Survival of the fittest is true in spirituality.

One who is not fit enough for humility, ‘hath’ not. This one gets not. The egotists, fundamentalists, bookish cysts, theorists and scientists who do not ‘kill’ their ego, shall not till The Code of What Is. This is the first rule of engagement for getting the ‘hand-maiden’ of God: Enlightenment.

Go on crying! Die crying!

For a glimpse of Truth.

This is the “Key of Knowledge.” Who knows, you may go smiling!

Feb 3, 2010


The lovelorn sing to their beloved.

At one time or another, perhaps we all do.

Before we find this beloved, we ache for her. Our being gets imbued with a deep longing for our yet unfound sweet-heart. Our heart, mind and soul sing this unsung melody. Many of us die without having found our muse.

Yet, those who do succeed in finding their respective soul mate; cannot help but feel an uncontrollable, taunting-tingling sensation in their veins whenever they muse about, meet or mourn for their beloved. Who has not sensed this song reverberating in the soul, in one form or another; if not ostentatiously, then, oh-so-secretly!

Mystics sing to their Beloved.

Of course, theirs is not the worldly but the ‘other-worldly’ maiden.

In many mystical circles, especially of the East, it is a recommended, rigorously rehearsed meditative practice. The Sufis call this ‘Sama’. They sing odes to their Unseen Beloved. Not only because it is a postulation of their Preceptor; but also owing to the fact that their aching heart cannot help but break into a mournful ode to ‘That’; the Almightiness of Eternity.
Mohammedanism forbids it. Quakers and Amish too keep mum. Ultraorthodox Jews do not relish it. Most fundamentalists die with a song unsung in their heart. They are willing to kill for God but not sing for ‘Him’ Thankfully, psalms keep many a Biblical people singing and smiling.

The East, more specifically India, much advanced in mystical matters; makes a song and a dance about each and everything, on any and every occasion, spiritual or otherwise. Devotional singing is a way of life here. It is another matter that now-a-days loudspeakers set ablaze our early morning haze; all keen to awaken others than themselves becoming ‘Awakened’!

There is much rooting, yet, hooting too for music in mysticism.

The opposition is in less advanced, unenhanced religious systems. That is, these “hearing hear not”, grim-faced “god-damn-you” songsters, never catch the godly ‘goggle’ that Nature throws the way of humankind.

We all obey The Eternal Law of Nature.

When sad, we cry. When happy, sing. What is more natural than this?

Even scientific studies recommend music therapy for alleviating painfulness; elevating peacefulness within us. Only Stone Age belief systems keep beating the same wall; of bookish isms and raving, ranting writs and reasons.

During proper, purposeful meditation; that is, while silently listening to the song of the soul; it is not uncommon to hear pleasant chirping, ringing or humming sounds. A little advanced practitioner may even hear ‘Aum’ like sound. It would be found akin to ‘Amen’ of the Christians and ‘Ameen’ of the Muslims, if the ‘n’ is hummed and not drummed. All three sound alike then. It would be ‘A’ and ‘M’; like opening and closing of our mouth, trying to say something yet holding back at the exact moment and not uttering it. It is The Unsaid.

Yogis say it is the surreal sound of the skies. Is the Music of God.

Music is the muse of gods. It breathes in the soul of simpletons and sophisticated alike. It recognizes creed nor breed, color or ‘collar’, robe nor religion, book or crook. It takes abode in every heart. Whosoever fine tunes within, hears it. It is the life of Nature.

However, life sings in silence. Who recognize it, sing with it. Who sing it; start hearing the silence outside as within. It serves as a yoke with our soul. The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ means ‘to yoke’. Yoke or unite with What Is: Truth, God.

Thus, the Yogis, Sufis and Free Mystics, recognizing its utility in ‘yoking’ to ‘What Is’; recommend and respect music as a divine blessing. In every kind and creed of religious sect, lower or higher, devotional music plays a crucial part here in India. The mystical teachings of entire Sikh Holy Scripture are set in 31 classical Indian ‘raga’, musical settings. Musical beat brings many an aborigine and an African race nearer God. It plays an important part in spiritual practices of the Red Indians.

In Sufi dervish gathering, ‘whirling’ dance, going round and round while devotional music is sung or played, is said to give them a ‘high’. Of course, it is open to drama and deceit; but, at the minimum it encourages, at a subtle level, to lead the spiritual seekers to fine-tuning their mystical ear. They start ‘hearing’ better the song of their soul.

All said and done, real music lies in silence.

Cacophony within, if not silenced, creates but crap-n-phony. Music, especially the right kind, mystical and divine, helps in clearing many a mess within. Yet, if not ‘hearing’ with the ‘right’ ear, music ‘maddens’ the ‘maiden’ of mystical understanding residing in us. Many a musician of the mundane but popular kind, get high on hallucinating drugs; misinterpreting some visions here or there as spirituality. It is not.

Music is used as a means in mysticism. It is not the end.

In the end there is but silence. All meditational practices are meant to get us somewhere ‘There’. The Endless Zone of Silence; where the soul is silent; silence is the soul. Hearing ‘That’ sound of silence, the free mystics sing. In the Eternal Soul of Silence, music and mysticism merge; becoming more than ‘duality’: One! This Immanent Silence is the music of the free mystics.

“I am in the Father, and the Father in me!”

Let this Silence sing.

All else is but blind leading the blind.

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