Jan 21, 2017

What happens to us after death? Do we walk simultaneously with time?

Death or time are but only a unit of measure. In dual-consciousness. Unreal outside of it.
But before we go into the specifics of both death and time, we’ve to understand the metaphysical truth and reality of life. That is, we must ask, and discover for ourselves as to “What is LIFE?”
Thus far, science has found that beyond a certain point, at the quantum level or at the basic nitty-gritty functioning of the “seen” life, the ultra nuclear and composite parts of the atom “vanish” unto an existence beyond even energy. And thereafter, they do not follow the laws of known physics. In fact, henceforth, the composite and quantum parts of the atom defy all known laws of science. Doing their own bit as though. Beyond science. Not “giving a crap” for empirical science as if!
Hence, it may be said that after gleefully announcing that all “matter” is “energy”, the present knowledge of science fails. For, today’s science does not know, nor does it “get” the ‘THAT’ of WHAT IS after the energy or the movement aspect of existence. Then the “seers” and soothsayers of science, the theoretical physicists take over. Creating cacophony, breaking silence.
And so, like the pundits of astrology, reaching the end of their tither and teachings, the armchair know-it-all of today’s science pronounce us and our life as an incestuous outcome of an inexplicable chemical orgy with its own “dead” liturgy!
However, it must be said, not all scientists pronounce God dead.
In fact, Nobel prize winning quantum physicists as Max Planck, and many others like him, akin the freemystics of the earliest of times in India, have concluded that the so-called life-energy (shakti) which is said to move the world, is birthed by an Immanent and an Infinite Eternity and Unity of the Universal (Shiva) Consciousness.
Simply put, it may be said that an ever alive unity consciousness runs unto the assumed hell and the presumed heaven, and the hereafter and thereafter of all that is!
Whatsoever Is comes from it, goes unto it, lives unto and as ‘IT’.
In other words, long after science has anointed us as the bastards of incestuous chemicals mating with its own “dead” siblings, the enlightened beings discover in light of the “Revelation” of Self Realization, that nothing is ever dead, least of all God! And that in fact, whatever exists now or hence further as the “seen” phenomenon “here” or “there” is but an unreal shadow of it’s “Father” and “Mother” the Unseen Universal Unity Consciousness.
“IT”, the driving force or the siring source of the seen and the unseen is ever-present, forever-alive, and is the ‘That’ of ‘Which Is’ - simultaneously the ever-ness of the inside and the all-ness of the outside.
In short, all that exists or is perceived as this existence is but a foreverness coming and going as if unto its own UNIVERSAL SELF.
More simply put, it may be said that at the core level - as the quantum or the end reality, and its “life substratum” - is but an immanent indivisible infinity, eternally “masquerading” as this or that. Seen or unseen, a living or a deadened being. As something, or nothing. As life, and death. And visible, but as an illusory and as a transitory energy-form of this or that kind. As you and I. As too the world.
In sum, there is no life, death or time in Unity Consciousness.
This self-revelation is the metaphysical end report of the freemystics of the world, anywhere. At any time. Every time. Yet every time - except in India - these sages and seers are nailed to the cross for saying ‘IT’ as is. That is, for telling in simple words that “I and my Father are One.” Like Jesus. Or by Sufi saints of time past, declaring Oneness with That Which Is - GOD!
In other words, though ALL IS ONE, yet saying IT openly and aloud, the beastly beings of times past have put to death many an enlightened being. Now days the know-it-all bums of isms - be they of a religious-nut-ism or a snootier than thou atheism either declare a non-necessity for God, or seek a forced bowing to a beastly god of their own. Neither kind the Truth own!
And the truth is that in the Absolute of What Is, besides a no-thing-ness and an everything-ness as the Ultimate Reality, no “thing” is. Not even time. Neither life, nor death. Or a god. But an Infinite Whole, as the All.
Thus after death, in life or before life and hereafter, a deathless timelessness exists as the inside-ness and the outside-ness of all existence.
The seen “matter” of existence, this world, is a mirage of this ‘IT’-ness.
And IT, the Oneness of Eternity is the Infinitude of our ‘self’ or soulAs the “manifest” or the seen aspect of the ‘That’ of Which Is, we find ourselves as a this or that being, and as living here in this universe.
Yet, in the ultimate analysis and as the absolute truth, neither “this” assumed world or “that” presumed heaven or hell exists “out There”.
Just a Singularity sans duality exists.
We are ‘That’. Once “all this” is broken down, burnt to the smithereens so to say, then, nothing but an eternal everything-ness is the goddess of Godliness. As God as if.
It is immanent, infinite, indivisible, invincible timeless deathless-ness. Of this “make” all are.
Be it religious nuts, atheists, infidels or simply just the nuts amongst us. 

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