Jun 1, 2016

Is there any Supernatural Power?


Yes, there is.

Consequently, from the aforesaid, the question arises as to whether there's some way to get to know It. Or prove Its existence.

And also, why most humans do not ever experience It?

More importantly, why science cannot find It?

The Absolute Principal of All That Be, is nobody's concubine.

The only way to win a worthy damsel's hand is to woo her, not coerce her into giving in, as many a religious nut does under the garb of a trumped-up sanction of their imagined tribal god. Some nutcases even harbour the notion that it is their god-given duty to coerce and kill people of other faiths just because they do not share their loony views about their fancied superpower, their misogynistic ancestral deity, who, in reality is just a nonsensical naught.

The supernatural power touted by the lower isms is of a lowly realm.

Prevalent beliefs of people, in most regions and religions in the world, is of the supposition that a humanoid god, a man-like deity or a supernatural spirit entity, or something akin to it, rules the world. Sitting up there in a wondrous physical place called heaven. And that after death, we either go there, or to hell. Most of us, the people of differing faith, of course are told of a welcoming permanent hell where our abode shall be. Therein we the infidels shall dwell. Forever in inferno! And oh, so unwell.

Such silly ideas about the supernatural are nurtured by a simplistic lot.

However, the intellect, too, does not get It. Nor does empirical science. Both do sincerely try to get that Thing-in-Itself, which is the bling of it all. But searching for that in just the material phenomenon, of mere matter and not the spirit, the self-acclaimed over thinking lot lose the Game.

So, who finds It, and pray, what is this supernatural power?

The free mystical self-experience of the ancients, and of the most recent, tells us that to get It, one must first and foremost abide by a certain set of inviolable, fundamental metaphysical principles.

Firstly, a lifestyle of non-harm, that is, not harming anyone intentionally, is a sine qua non.
Secondly, the Thing-in-Itself cannot be forced to reveal its Universal Self by just pondering leisurely about it, or by any other coercive means thereof, except through humble devotion.

And lastly, it self-dawns.

Thus It is not a religious, but a spiritual endowment.

And lest the over-intellectualized and the self-important rational lot object vociferously, it may be mentioned that the process of the Revelation of the Self may be obstreperous in the initial stages, but eventually it manifests itself in a simple, scientific way. That is, for the blessed one the Way opens its "narrow gate" in a straightforward manner. And eventually, at the very end, the whole phenomenon of Whatever Be, is very simply enfolded. And therefore, gets self-explained because of the witnessing of it by self. Hence, it is similarly and simply understood by the chosen one amongst us stupid lot.

Problem is, the Truth of the Supernatural escapes most of us.

Well, at least in this lifetime. Seemingly so. But then again, it may yet willingly come into one's embrace! As the Eternal Bridegroom.

Anyway, for a seeker it means that he or she would have to work his/her butt off for It. With the hope that It blesses him/her with its Eternal Vision this very time, here and now. Yet, it may not!

The supernatural is ladylike. It does what it does. As it pleases.

But luckily for us, as gnostics, yogis, sufis and freemystics throughout ages have let it be known - IT is!

And here it is, as the following, simply put:

The advanced meditating being, observing acutely the paranormal and the supra normal nuances, finds its life source - call it soul, if you like - separate from the body. In this state of body-less-ness, the observing formless self thus understands that it is not the body. But more.
Thence, along with witnessing many an ethereal phenomenon before this, as too after body-less-ness, the now single-eyed 'witnessing self' sees itself passing through infinite cosmic vicissitudes.

And at an unspoken ultra-real moment therein and thereof, the reference-self that had been observing all the surreal sojourn, well, it just simply ceases, and as an unreality as though, it ends!

As vapor does unto space, the witnessing self loses its interface.

And lo! The till now seer, observer, and witness consciousness finds itself as the Only Self. The cosmos too, 'It' sees as Own Self. In fact, the whole existence is self-realized by this 'self-consciousness', during this ethereal transcendence, to be but One Indivisible I-ness.

The whole of whatever be, is self-witnessed as one 'I.'

No pre-conceived ideas such as those of one's inherited or imagined gods, goddesses, hell or heaven, messiahs nor angels, fairies nor any such fancies are a living entity in That.

In the mating of the mundane with the supra normal reign.

Such is this happening, of a literal physicality - the magnificent, metaphysical phenomenon of Divine Unity. Here, each and everything is One, and Infinite. Is Eternity. As the Whole.
Each is All, and the All is Everything!

Thereafter, having witnessed the That of What Is as the I of All, the single-eyed vision returns - magically as though, back to being the seeing, living consciousness outside the body of the meditating devotee. Simply observing, witnessing this surreal transition. As one would an everyday commonality, say the dog watching its master.

This supra-consciousness, fully awakened to the supernatural phenomena of witnessing all the above, finds the now enlightened Self-Consciousness of All That Is, physically reborn. As the seed, or the metaphysical son or the self-sired of God, as if. Some call itshakti, the supra self-conscious life dynamic-- the primordial mothering principle or energy or force of That, which, maintains and sustains all existence.

Thereof, in that very instant, in a zillionth of a moment, the self-witnessing shakti of the Force of One, enters the body of the meditating devotee as the breath of life. And thence, the being of the life-form, in this case a human identity-form and a biological entity, comes back, now mundanely alive!

This is the Supernatural. That!

It is the Divine Infinitude within you, us, and within even our dear infidel.

It is the same, and identical life of all that we see here in this world. Be it of us silly higher, little things. Or be it the so-called lower life. It is the First Principle of All That Be. It is also within the make of the foe - whom we persistently perceive is out to wring out our entails if not crack our necks, and at the very least, ever inclined to cut our big toes!

The Supernatural Universality is unto all, is each, is everything. As our inner make. Before life, during it, and afterlife. Ever alive!

But It is not the cup of tea of most of us, human twits:

Only of the meek
Who bowing, beg and seek.