Mar 4, 2016

The Buddha Experience

In the beginning was All.
It looked around, and found itself to be the All. The Whole. Everything. Each and everything was ‘It’. Whatsoever is, ‘It’ saw that to be its Self. The space, the cosmic existence, whatever exists, all ‘this’ it found as itself. No ‘other’ existed, as separate from its own-self, save its Self.
This One ‘I’ so observing, thus said to Self, “I am All.”
Nothing that was not this ‘One I’ existed ‘There’, where All was ‘I’. Therefore, this ‘I’ was the Existence itself. There was just this One Consciousness, alive and awakened to the primordial fact that no thing was, which, was not its very own self. Wherever, whatever, howsoever was, all of it was its Own Self. Nothing else was.
It was not given this Allness to think that it was a this or a that. For, there was not this, or that. There was no thought, as though, “Oh! I am God!” Since it was by itself the thought, the thinker, the thinking, and ‘That’ which was the all of it put together. As the essence of water is H2O, the wave, and the sea sans any distinction of being the water, the H2O, the wave, the sea, or the core-essence of it all. Sans divisibility, individuality. Everything was Unity. All was ‘I’.
The Self of ‘I’ saw no thing that was a separate, that is, was another ‘I’. There was no ‘I’ that said to itself, or saw its Self as another thing or entity or being. All was own ‘Thing-in-Itself’. For, there existed nothing thereof that was not each, and everything. Not even a ‘god thing’.
The All was Self Essence. Own ‘Is-ness’. And ‘Am-ness’. Everything-ness.
The Beginning-less and the Endless Self-Essence of the Whole of the All, above infinity and over eternity was. IT was the Self of the Beginning, and the End. But there was no beginning, nor was an end. Just the ‘I’, the All.
‘It’ did not see itself as the Creator of the Creation, nor as the Almighty Lord. There existed no creator, or creation — but only One ‘I’, an Indivisible Whole, as the All.
It did not even think, “So, I am the Essence of All.” For, this would mean there was an essence, and an ‘I’. That is, two separate ‘things’. Instead, all that was then, or is now, was ‘I’.
The Whole was One Universal ‘I’.
Having witnessed the Beginning-less and the Endless ‘I’ as the Self of ‘What Is’, this ‘That’ of ‘It’ observed its Self to be “reborn” as if. And “returning” as though, to the realm of observing its own-self — as a conscious phenomenon. And because of this consciousness of its Self, the ‘I’ factually ‘saw’ than felt the birth of ‘Shakti’. Own, self-born power, energy, and life essence. The ‘Force’ of ‘One’. Of the One ‘I’ that was at the Beginning, and the End.
Thus and thence, the ‘I’ of the Universal Self witnessed this birthed ‘life-force’ entering the breath of life of the seeker. And bringing into existence as though the physical being, the is-ness, and the am-ness of the now Enlightened One.
“Aham Sarvum!” — ‘I am All’, said the thus Enlightened.
For, ‘It’, now, in and as the ‘All Knowing One’, the self-awakened sage, had seen Own Self — in the surreal realm of ‘no-thing-ness and everything-ness’ — as the ‘I’ of the All, of the Whole, of the Beginning and of the End.
Sans evolution, of devolution. Come, nor gone. Without dissolution, or creation. All is ever Self-born, Unborn.
Thus is the ‘Self-Experience’ — out ‘There’.
Knowing thus own ‘I’ — ever awakened to own-self as the Self of All — the Enlightened One goes on. Living. Here, but ‘There’. In ‘this’ world, but of ‘that’ world. Unattached to a this or a that. Forever aware that there is no this or that. Just an Ever One. As the Eternal Fact. Witnessing. The visible, the invisible. And the Indivisible. All One. As Self. A One. As Whole.
Having seen the end of the body, the brain and the being, one could call this physical entity a very, very extraordinary thing. A Buddha. Yet the Awakened One claims no such thing. Seeing all as a miraculous thing. Miserable now, but ever in bliss once the being has sought, and found the Absolute in all things.
Till then, we are all ordinary beings.