Dec 4, 2016

Is God an energy?

The self-anointed “enlightened” populace of these very unenlightened times may theorize and think so, but it is not so simple. In fact, it’s simplistic to assume that the Absolute, that most of us refer to as God, is some kind of an energy.
Now days even the notion that “all is energy” is floating around as though some great ancient secret has been found out! Oh yes, on a superficial level, what you see “here” in “forms”, is the manifestation of energy. Of what? Of that ‘Which Is’. And it is much more than mere energy. Thus, in turn, so is God.
But God is just not simply energy.
Now, the question that demands answering is, “So, what is God?”
For this, we’ve to go unto the metaphysics of “It” - the ‘That’ of Whatsoever Is. Again, another query crops up unquestioningly - “What is it That Which Is?”
Okay then, here goes!
This is what happens in “Awakening”, in Self-Realization or God-Realization or Enlightenment or Self-Actualization etc., that is, in the self-enfolding of God, so to say:-
  • The “life force” or the “son of God” or “kundalini” or the “wise serpent” - the metaphysical terms used for ‘That’ which is in us all, at the base of the spine - it “rises up”.
  • It is a creamish-yellow serpentine “cosmic energy” within us, as the soul of our life as if, rising up, it sort of “steps out” of the bodily form of the meditating physical entity.
  • One could say, the soul “shakti” - the power of our life and being - now, “standing outside” of the bodily form of the worthy seeker meditating, looks at it, and comprehends the obvious - that he or she is not the name-form and gender-born body, but more.
  • Thereafter, after innumerable visions of this and that, including conceived deities of one’s own or of others imbibed or heard, the “observer” - in the formless form - finds itself as the all of every cosmic form.
  • At his juncture, magically as if, this formless, conscious point of energy “ceases”, like a full stop that never was!
  • Thence, the “observing self” becomes being-less, seemingly energy-less; and just a space-less “I-ness” of the whole stratosphere of the cosmos.
  • This “I” finds itself as the Cosmic Oneness of All That Is.
  • No energy of any kind is in this everything-ness.
  • No gods or god-men, hell nor heaven are “live” in this Allness.
  • The Only God then, and “There”, is but the Godliness of Wholeness.
  • Therefore, the God that is found “out there”, is an Infinite Oneness.
  • No god of any ism - yours nor mine - in any name-form, has abode in this Eternal Infinitude.
  • No energy, spirit or similar “something” is “left standing” in the One “I” of the Whole.
  • Each and every part of the cosmic existence is but One, a Single “I”, an Indivisible Unity of What Is.
  • A divine unity of all that is, as an unbroken whole, is the Only God “out there”.
  • The Self is All That Is, big and small, as the Whole of the All.
Having thus witnessed the Universal Self as the Infinitude Within, the I-am-All” Consciousness of the Buddha “returns” to its dual-conscious bodily entity - as its “shakti” - as a whirling cosmic force and surreal energy.
This “shakti” and cosmic force and power of the One Infinite Divine Unity, becoming the “breadth of life” of the meditating being, takes on the form of the bodily entity.
And the now “Awakened One”, having witnessed the Self as the Universal Self, seeks nothing thereafterNot even the Self.
For “It” has been self-realized!
So, to answer your question simply, no! God is neither energy nor non-energy, but the Eternal Source of What Is - the All of the Whole.
And you, my friend, in quintessence of your soul-self, are That! Which Is.
Amazing, isn’t it? But then, who “gets” IT! 

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