Sep 1, 2016

What colour do you see in deep meditation?

At the epitome of meditation, the only thing which is seen is ‘That’ - the Absolute of All That Be colored by the Ultimate Truth.
Simply put, in the deepest ‘SAMADHI’ - the absorption and establishment unto the Stateless State of What Is - when the intellect and the being are ‘One’ with “It”, the Absolute Reality and Truth - all is seen as ONE SELF. That is, the “Awakened One” self-realizes that All is an Infinite Whole.
Out “there” then, is but the Universal Self of All, as the Godliness of Whatever Is.
In effect, it means the Realized One thereof is “colored” as though by Oneness and Unity of All That Is. And hence, metaphysically, the meditating being knows in person, by self-experience, that each and everything is after all the “colour” of the Self.
Hence, the Enlightened One understands beyond doubt that when all’s established in “One” - overcoming duality, and dual-consciousness - then, each and everything is seen and self-realized as one’s OWN SELF, in quintessence, at End. As too at the Beginning.
Thus, in enlightenment, the only colour is the colour of Oneness, and One.
However, even in normal meditation one does “see colours”; only more luminous, brighter, magical, and more majestic than one finds them existing in normal life.
The colours seen in deeper meditation are stupendously supra-colored, surreal, and “more real” in every sense.
In fact, the permutations and combinations of colours that come into the vision of anadvanced devotee and mediating being are so infinitely and divinely lovely, that one would not want to come out of it hence!
The colours “shown” to the Divine One - that one amongst the seekers and the devotes who is the best of the best, the “chosen one” amongst the seeking ones, the meekest of the meek, more humble than all the rest - they shine infinitely brighter and better and more beautifully than the most luminous of stars and the galaxies, we see normally while looking up at the sky.
The most beautiful site that you have seen “here”, is but lowly “there”.
In fact, while witnessing these ‘colored visions”, one would rather die there and then, than wake-up to another reality!
So wondrously magical and colossally colorful is the “live” colour scenario -seen in the “single eye” of the divinely anointed devotee and seeker - that one may even lose interest in this mundane life as seen here.
Sometimes, before even fully and truly waking up in the morning, the “live show” of the ever-changing cosmic colour-manifestation, may so overwhelm one with such a monstrously magnificent “divine vision” that all that one can mutter is “Oh my God!”
And then, one would perhaps prefer to “rest in peace” unto it, were one not required to get up to another day, in this God-given gift of a divine life.
Oh, at times, “visions” of “ever-evolving coloring” may dawn, even awake!
So, welcome to the world of meditation.
But beware, sometimes - maybe for a long-long time - all that you may see could be a nothingness, a blankness so steep, a darkness so deep that you would cry and weep!
Now, grasp the most important metaphysical lesson vis-a-vis meditation.
DO NOT burden yourself - by “forcing oneself” - to “wanna see” the fancied “things” in a meditative state. That is, sit in a childlike devotion to ‘That Which Is’, to “get” IT. And NOT with the roaming heart and eye of a Romeo, wanting to see this and that.
SEEK the TRUTH. Nothing less.
And “all things” shall be added unto you! Even the Colour of the Absolute Truth. 

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