May 2, 2016

The Best Advice My Mother Ever Gave Me !

Be humble.
This is the best advice my now diseased, simple and deeply spiritual mother gave me. Not in so many words, but by her own example.
Her father was a rich landlord, owning more than 3500 acres of land. She gave up her share of 400+ acres in favour of her brothers, as the traditional sisters here in the Punjab do so to date. She, along with my dear diseased father, cut corners to give her two sons the best this life could. Living humbly, she did.
My rascal sibling got his in his own worldly way. I, the un-saintly one, got my other-worldly destiny. As per my karma.
But it took me a long, long time to get there - be humble.
However, when the time came for it, I was.
In utter humility, I bowed to 'What Is'. And in time, after barely 3-4 years of crying my guts out, howling for it, and bowing to 'It' - the "knowing" came.
As a gift of the Divine.
And I believe, if it could to a rascal as I, it can dawn on anybody.
Ego does not get 'It'. That is why the best of the minds fail to grasp the Ultimate Reality. For, it is not a thing to be clinically caught, bought, or sought. And certainly not through the simplistic act of the mere mundane process of thought.
Without humility there's no spirituality.
Religious nuts, atheists, and the various kind of theists, as too the scientists fail to "get" IT - the Nature of the Ultimate Reality - because they seek it through ego. Such a seeking is a no go. Egoistic people thus find no god.
Be humble. Maybe you shall.

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