Feb 7, 2016

Speaking for God!

God is no delusion.

Because a person has had no ‘self-experience’ of the paranormal, and because one is bogged down by unpalatable thrusts by the religious nuts at large, and also because as of late, as afore, the outed misdeeds that the men in holy robes have shamelessly engaged in; unpardonable acts, so unholy and ungodly that in sheer disgust and disapproval one does a flip flop. Stomach turning and hearts burning, a reasonable man too thus forth becomes an atheist. At the very least, a skeptical believer, if not a total non-believer.

And who can blame him?

Not the least I. An atheist of times past. Then, being a science student up to the degree level, I thought I had all the answers a scientific temperament has about this manifest universe. That somehow we imbeciles are born, and as silly if not sillier, like simpleminded bugs, we die. Quashed! Like the mosquitoes that we humans are, ceasing to exist. Gone! Unto the wind, young, or as old farts.

Hence, though clueless and guiltless, I did not miss noticing that there existed a certain could-not-care-less ruthlessness in the being then. Born and bred by a science flouted identity, a fouled out divinity, and a flagged in non-belief. Herein science was god. And the rest of the world at large but dogs, and bitches. To screw with, as inhumanely as the other human beasts screwed me. Both screw-ups. The world, and I.

The only good that worked for me back then was my own selfish, personal good. Hence, with such a mindset, as most of humankind, I too was not up to much good. If at all a bit of a restraint was exhibited, then, it was owing to the lingering affectations of a somewhat good schooling. And to an abysmal but and a discomforting indiscernible extent, because of the good gained in the DNA from my parents; who were a good, loving people.

Beyond it, I was a beast. Well-read, but uneducated.

As most humans are. With no provable explanation for the what and the why, and the how of this miserable world, and its malevolent inhabitants, like the rest of my kind of animals — overly science-fed, and utterly scientism dyed — I saw only i-me-myself. And thenceforth, “them!” The rest of the world. To overcome, and play hammers and tongs with. 

Bleeding hearts were for sissy farts! 

Thus is the godless world.

But then, is the world of God any better? After all, religious zealots have committed more atrocities, killed a zillion times over in the name of religion and its god, than tyrants anytime, anywhere. The behaviour of the self-attested “men of God” has been that of the worst of brutes, than beasts of the lowest kind.

Little men oft commit big follies.

Knowing less, men become littler than they are. Their gods are made-up in their own image — rogues, and rascals. Having had no or little contact with the Divine, the god-men today, as the messiahs of yester years, these deluded ones behave like demagogues, demons, and deranged beings. At any given time in history of humankind. Brutal, barbaric, beastly. Cruel, unjust, and most unkind.

They do so in delusion. Of “non knowing”. At the same time, in one’s own flawed eyes, seeing themselves as true believers. In a this or that, or some “one god” of their tribal custom or creed. Ever ready to die for this illusory deity. With god speed. 

However, in actuality, as “self-discover” free mystics all ages through, the Beginning and the End does not end in a hoped for, and the hyped up ‘god’ as such. In fact, though effectually and factually ending, “It” stays “alive” forever. As the Fullness of Naught. For, ‘There’ the ‘being-ness’ and the ‘being’ of the seeker ends. As the Whole of All.

But ‘It’ happens in, as a ‘non-happening’.

The intellect, lacking the ‘physical’ self-experience of this indescribable “happening” of the “Self”, is unable to really and truly rationalize or realize ‘It’. The genius of the human mind may actually, if not factually, “get” that “Everything is One”, as a concept. But not as a sure-fire clarity. And may one say, not as a verifiable ‘calamity’ of a physicality — as an undeniable tangible ‘Knowing’. Only the one who has accidentally chewed on a hot chilly can attest to its bitter kiss. Another person, someone as eager to get this very self-experience “physically”, has to also kiss, perforce, to tell.

This does not happen.

The Buddhas ‘know’, the messiahs know not. That is, only the ‘self-realized’ get to ‘taste’ it. The pseudo spiritualists, and the science-fried bite not ‘That’, which, is a personalized self-experience, not a collective thought. 

Therefore, ‘non-knowing’ game-players miss out on this Eternal Game. Have little, or no brush with the ‘Beyond’. Be they physicists, philosophers, or “pooh! pooh!” naysayers. They are actively ‘alive’ only to ‘this’, the world of illusions, in the realm of dual-consciousness. Of this commonality, the everyday experience of duality. As for the ‘other world’, having had no brush with ‘It’, in the Game of the Divine Unity, the same remain “dead”. To the ‘Undead’. The Everlasting. To ‘What Is’. The ‘That’, which, is beyond life or death, scientism or pseudo-psychotic isms, and their self-coined deity, god or myth.

Thus, the only ‘moral compass’ of “non self-experience” is the common mind. Be it of a sincere questioning intellect, or of a scientific brain. Or be it the mind of a simpleton, a scatter-brain. Or plain simply, be it just a simple, a mundane mind. 

It’s no wonder then that equipped with only a commoner’s experience — and, unequipped with the advanced, the metaphysical nuance — the mind either worships a trumped up truism, or is a true believer in a trumpeted whim. Both may be individually and instantly over-ruled, anytime. 

Unafraid of and unmindful of any consequence of one’s harmful actions and hedonistic thoughts here, or hereafter, a godless brain is directionless. Lacking metaphysical self-knowledge, not ‘knowing’ the Immortal and Immanent Divinity, ever-existent as Supra Unity, the impressionable human entity is every saying but never fully open to and acceptable of the physics, biology and chemistry of the mind-boggling Ultimate Reality. The Unity of Everything, in the Universe. Though the same may well nod in unison about this final ‘Oneness’ aspect of the Universe, in uni verse; the ego of man makes itself god. Of all godly, and ungodly things.

Such a mind may even hold on to a good thing. But then, one may well be totally characterless, a good-for-nothing. Much the same do, and are, the divinely deluded, the ‘self-chosen’ ones of a this or that fancied deity. In the firm grip of many, or a “one god” god-ism. Holding much potential for psychotic behaviour, the non-divine mind of either kind — misinformed, mistaken, and misdirected — does much damage, even evil.

Alternatively, those who really “get” God — as the ‘It’, the ‘That’ of All, as the Allness of everything — they learn to respect life in general, and the life of each and every little thing in particular. As one’s own Divine, Inner Self. Knowing thus own-self, as too the Ever Being, as the Universal Self. No other god is. Thus God is. Of “It”, I speak.

In defense of ‘this’, I stand. A “for God”, little thing.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer not using the term "God" only because it has such negative ego-based connotations from organized religion and so forth. I like your use of the word "It" a lot better. Also, the Buddhist "Void," or Schopenhaeur's "World Will." All of which attempt to describe that which "is" All, that which our phenomenological ego-identities refuse to embrace as not the fraction but the totality of us.