Jan 1, 2016

The Devil of Spirituality

Raccoon praying !!
Only fools are bedeviled.
Fortunately, there is no devil. Otherwise, these mushrooming evangelic and messianic faiths, as too idiots of other equally stupid isms, would have been in a perpetual and a virtual hell of their own puny mind’s making.
So, why do people think there’s a devil, a hell, a heaven as a physicality, and as an ‘alive’ entity? Because other people before them have passed on, pressed this stupidity upon them. Mostly as a cultural idiocy, or owing to a dark times misinformed theology.
One could get away with it in those dark ages. But to yet be able to project the same schizophrenia on a modern mind is nothing short of a miracle. To see religious fanatics running around with dangerous ideas in their heads, and devastating weapons of mass destruction in their hands, is horrifying. That sometimes these verbose rectums are able to do more than just let out insipid wind, is all the more terrifying.
Now, would this fanatical lot be going around killing innocent people, raping children and helpless women of their own and of another faith, torturing and burning all and sundry, were they not assured of a worthy place in a believed heaven of their misguided and moronic “respected” elders of another era and erroneous times — for doing all “this”? Merciless, and mad killing spills. Most surely not. But egged on by their virulent and violent ancestral beliefs, advocated by a long line of messianic megalomaniacs, evidently, we face a dark time ahead because of these lumpen elements, though it be modern times.
In the earliest times in history, when men were just a bunch of frightened animals — though they are yet beast even in the present times — every bit of flashing of teeth by a phenomenon of Nature, lightening and thunder et all made our ancestors crap in their pants, though those en naturelle wore not any.
Not too long ago, the Christian Church was brutally torturing, and thereafter, in a terrible way killing scientific minded people who brought out the fact that it was not the sun but the earth that was ever moving around the former, akin a pooping puppy. The Jewish “holy” book, the Talmud recommends eating crap for curing certain bodily ailments. Similarly, Islamic belief as per Hadith, is that because their messiah Mr. Mohammed advised drinking of camel urine for medicinal purpose, the faithful till date follow suit. Not to be outdone, a certain section of Hindus think drinking cow urine is a panacea of all ills.
Where pee and poop over-rule, nincompoops rule.
The devil too is as much a crappy idea of a nutty people, as pee and poop “cure” is. As one’s own shadow scares the hell out of a hallucinogenic brain, a lesser evolved people cannot rid themselves of the ghost of an illusory devil, purposely ever after the humankind to our soul claim.
In higher spiritual understanding, such a physicality as a demon or a devil, as too a “physical” realm as a hell or a heaven, has no place. Is unreal. And an unreality. In fact, the gnostic sages all ages through scoff at the very idea of a physical entity as the devil. As too at the purported messianic, and the moronic idea of a made-to-order “personal god” in the likeness of a human being. Or even of a spirit, and a “presence” of some sort.
Factually, as the free mystics of all eras anywhere enlighten us, the idea of a personalized devil or god, as a physical being, is a fearful fancy and fantasy of a fumbling mind. A meditative seeker, in the ensuing undetermined process of “going silent”, is extremely prone to mind-led imagination and brain borne images within and without. In fact, until and unless all the brain-bred isms, ideas and ideologies “die”, the mystics assert, the dual-consciousness in the seeker stays alive.
Simply put, a drop imagining and fancying itself to be but a separate physicality, perforce, a “force” of Nature as if, is unable to “enable” its own “inner eye” to understand that in quintessence it is the sea. That is to say, owing to the idea of imaginary separateness of the Creation from the Creator — akin the drop within the sea which cannot “see” that both of them are but water and are therefore “one” in their “make” — an un-evolved mind too cannot find “Yoga” (Union) with “That”, which, is the Primordial Essence of its own-self and of the Source.
A people with this illusory but ever occurring delusion — of being a different entity from the Unity of its own “Self” — look for, and because they do, they find duality. As a drop may imagine itself to be suffering in the throes of tidal waves, amidst a storm or a hurricane; not “getting” that it is its own-self which, in quintessence, is “playing” this drama of ups and downs, in dual-consciousness.
And since science for the most part, too seeks the answers in the “visible”, amidst the shadow cast by the Source, the scientist mistakenly sees the snake in the rope, in the darkness of dual-consciousness. However, this is not to say that a certain section of the scientific community is not conversant with the idea and reality of “Everything is One”. Of Unity-consciousness. And the All being an Indivisible Whole, at the Source.
Thus, spiritualists of the higher kind, overcoming the limitations of their personalized cultural habitat, the imbibed ideas of the past, have always come to the self-realization that the Source of All — colloquially addressed as “God” by the common lot — is “One”. In Essence. That is to say, out “There”, at the very end, when all is said and done, the Beginning and the End is “seen” — as a self-experience by the free mystics — to be an Infinite Universal-ness, a Oneness, a Wholeness. Sans distinction, division or diversification of any kind. As One Whole.
No gods wink “There”. Just an Allness.
Hence, the question of any angels or demons “left”, as a physicality “out there”, does not arise. Because no devil or god is there at the End. Just a Godliness. As an Oneness of All “That” Is.
The devil “dies” there, at the Source, as naught.
As something that is not. So do all entities. All that is “there”, is the Unified Self-Consciousness, that is “alive” and “conscious” to the fact that “It” is the “I” of What Is. From the Infinity of Unity, all “this” emanates. As smoke does from fire.
Therefore, seeking the source of the fire in the smoke, most theologians and thinkers fail in grasping the What, the Why, and the Who of Which Is. Others, the humble lot, the free mystics of this or that kind, and of no kind, are “led” to the self-discovery of “I and my Father are One”. The lesser lot, led by their imagination and superstition, “suffer” the emergence of mind-made images of some sort, hence, see “vision” of an illusory hell, a heaven, an angel, a god or a devil etc. in the smoke and shadow of dual-consciousness.
But of course, all “this”, factually, is not.
For, only a Singularity, an Indivisibility, a Unity as the Infinity is. As our “Source”. Call “It” this or that, our “Father” or “God”. Or nothing at all. Just the Nameless Reality.
Who thus grasp “That”, are bedeviled not.