Jan 30, 2015

Understanding What Is - Fundamentals of Practical Metaphysics

Lesson 6

Life gives us opportunities for moving ahead, towards success. Those opportunities we missed, never were ours to take. Let the matter go. It was alive then, Now, it is a dead issue. Do not beat dead horses. They do not run. Let go.

Material success gives one the opportunity to get away with a lot of things. People bow in front of power. Spirit does not. Only those "poor in spirit" get ahead in mystical matters. Those who are "full", get left behind.

Scriptural knowledge helps in moving ahead in the realm of Spirit. Beyond a certain point it hinders, not enhances one's chances of success in spiritual matters. Bookish knowledge does not matter eventually. Humility and prayer do.

Type of dress does not matter in the higher realms of spiritual practices. Yet, one must dress-up decently at all times. Nudity in public is for fools. However, one may meditate sans clothes in a safe environment; that too when alone. "To stand naked before God" - is an inner precept, not an outer dress.

A truthful life shall get us nearer God than a willful life of lies ever will. Meditation without a true living, is like being married to a barren woman. The child of Truth is not born to such people.

Even though not knowing the Truth, if one lives a truthful life, one gains much in a Karmic sense. Lot of good Karma accumulates in one's spiritual bank. One day, at the time so ordained, it shall bear fruit. If not now, then, in another life time. Good karma is never lost. 

People do not get "It" because they do not have the aptitude for metaphysical matters. Self-Realization is a jealous mistress. It demands full time and constant attention. Those who cannot provide either of the above, get not the lady of 'That' WHICH IS.

Earthly success seems to bind us. If it makes us more spiritual, certainly success is a blessing. If it binds, do away with it. It shall follow you soon enough.

Money is a means to an end, for a man of Spirit. If it is conducive to success in spiritual matters, it is good. If it hinders one's spiritual advancement, let it go. Soon a balance shall ensue in earthly, and spiritual matters.

Truthfulness is Godliness. Living an honest truthful and an holistic life shall bring you nearer to THAT "Which Is". Whether you get 'IT' or not, is beyond simplistic qualifications. Yet, one must always remain optimistic. Let the Divine work out its Will.

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