Oct 30, 2014

The Order of Things that Be! - Practical Metaphysics


There is an order in things that be. All exists for a reason. Every happening has a purpose. Good or bad, all events at a particular moment in history, are linked to each other, as waves unto the ocean are woven in each other. Be baptized with the 'water' of Unity.

We are all inter-related, so-called non-living and the perceived living beings, alike. Each has a use for the other. Respect this Unity of Purpose. in Existence. 

Yesterday was a tomorrow once. Tomorrow shall become a yesterday, at the next sun rise. Today shall also pass. Be still, and watch. Everything comes, and goes. Pain and happiness alike.

Scientists say, an atom is breaking and then, again re-forming, at the rate of 10 x 22 times per second. Therefore, what we see in the world as a solid state, is indeed merely an illusion of solidity. All is in flux. Mystic of the East call this perpetual "seeming" movement, "MAYA" (Illusory Play of the Eternal Divine Oneness).  So, human form too is but a mere illusion. Why cling to what is not real?

Beyond the illusion of this observable phenomenon, is "That", which, causes it. "It' is our Real Self; as elusive as God. Catch your reality. That Which Is, shall follow it. Akin God, as if. 

Al is One, Wholesome Oneness. It remains One in diverse phenomena; becoming less nor more. This Self of Oneness is the Quintessence of your life. Therefore, your Self is Immortal. Forms come, and go. Spirit remains as Immanence of All That Is. Forever.

Take care of the bodily form, as a temple of Spirit. Abuse it not. It is of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, as holy. Honour all, as the Children of One. You too are "That".

Live in harmony with Nature. Honour it, and it shall bestow you with honors. Abuse it, and it shall take away what is bestowed upon you.

All is unto each other, in essence and in spirit. Thus, anything can be created from anywhere. Miracles are possible. Some call it science. Others, the Hand of God.

Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it too. It may or may not be right for you. Better is to do your best. Let Nature bestow you with results, as per your destiny.