Jan 25, 2014

Simply Put! - PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS - How To "Get" That Which Is.


Cleverness won't get you the Lord - only Lord will get you The Lord.

Lord  is The Only Lord, there are no other lords.

Limited-ness has to be dealt with the Unlimited Vision of That Which Is.

Infinity cannot be lived - it exists within you, as Unlimited Self Essence.

The finite cannot live as Infinity - only The Infinite can. And does: as your Self.

'I Am' is the Self of Eternal Essence within you. This is the Lord, called God, by simple people all eras through - from the beginning of time.

There is only One - Law of Nature. Of Infinity. It contains within its Self all multitudes; yet, remains Infinite. And, is always Whole.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Seek from The Whole, nothing else. If yours it is meant to be, so shall happen.

Truth is The Lord within you - falsities are of the mind. "You" are the Truth within you. Identify not with falsities. They are an untruth; therefore, belong elsewhere. And, are man-made, in mind.

Follow the Truth. Whatever results come, accept them in all humility, as wholesome and true. Let the matters rest therein, taking the same to be the Will of The Lord: - as the Order of Nature. Let it so rest.