Sep 5, 2014

What is the NATURE of Our SOUL?

In the sea there’s no drop. Unless it’s taken out of its primordial abode.
Similarly, we, in quintessence, are never out of “It” – What Is. All is One, Indivisible Whole. This Oneness of Everything is “That”, which, the enlightened beings address as IT.
In due time, in the process of seeking That Which Is, the Ultimate Truth, the “lesser” understanding in the consciousness of meditating beings make them “see things”. One experiences, witnesses the conceptual gods or divine figures of one’s own making, or those heard of, knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, an intermediate meditating seeker, at some time or another, as a consequence of prolonged practice of remembrance of the Divine, is “blessed” by sightings of ethereal entities or places, as residual “baggage” of one’s own inherited isms, faiths and belief systems.
This is the realm where messiahs and religions are born.
Mistaking these “lower” visions to be the beginning and the end of it all, god-man-ship takes root in mediocre, maybe sincere, beings. It is not as if they are lying. It’s just that they start speaking knowing less. For there’s a lot more. Much, much more.
The “chosen” or “blessed” one, the seeker who has followed all the rules of Oneness, especially the one of non-violence towards “lower” beings - neither killing nor eating them -  this being is taken “ahead” in time. If be his or her karma.
In the pure consciousness of the being, a worshipping devotee - not of this or that ism or deity but of the Truth of the Whole - if be one’s destiny, then, the “is-ness” of What is, takes hold. As would river the water.
Visions abound. And suddenly, one day, at the least expected “non-existent” moment in no-thing-ness the being witnessing these surreal visions, in a “non-happening” as if, finds itself to be the “Vision” of the Single Eye.
This “is-ness” of the above “happening” finds its “self” to be the Self of All “That” Is. This “nature” of the-Thing-in-Itself looks around. And “sees” its “ I “ to be all that it surveys. It realizes its “self’” to be All-ness of the Whole of What Is.
Thus, there’s no soul as such!
All is One, Single, Indivisible, Immanent “emptiness” and “fullness” of the Universal Oneness. Whatsoever is, here or “there”, is but One Self. There’s no separate “soul” of you or me! The “end” found by Yogis, Sufis or Free Mystics of an “advanced” order is that at the primordial “beginning” is a Whole-ness; which, is, in nature is an Inseparable Oneness of the Alpha and the Omega.
This is the Nature of the Soul.
It is the Science of Spirituality. All of us are born with the potentiality to find “IT”. But at a given time, a rare enlightened being finds this “That”-ness of one’s own self. For this end, to seek and find the “nature” of our “soul”, we are born. In “IT” we must live, and die.

For, eventually, there’s no you, them or I.

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