Apr 21, 2014


Chapter 3

"I am all." This is what the Spirit, as life and essence, "within" us, realizes in Ultimate  Realization of Self and Reality. Keep this vision in mind while dealing with everyday realities of the earthly kind.

Each of us has a destiny to fulfill, as per our karma of afore. We suffer or enjoy as per the role assigned to us by destiny. Luckily, all pain, suffering or enjoyment is of a transient nature. Bear it well. Next time around, in another birth, we may have a better destiny. As per karma of this birth. So, live your life well. Earn credit now. Follow the Spirit.

Love your life. After all, it is the only one you have this time around, in this birth. Who knows what is in store next time, in another time unknown, Live a holistic lifestyle. It shall enrich this one, and ensure a better life hence further.

Suicide or death may be the end of the material form - not of 'life' of the soul. It lives on, as a muddled transcript. The story continues, in another birth. There is no escape. Except, in realizing the Self. Or, by sublimation to the Spirit - while living out the present life as per the Will of the Lord.

Meditation is prayer - in silence. When silence deepens, Spirit listens. Listen to silence.

If worldly or earthly success is your main and only objective - though it should not be - pray to THAT Which Is. In time, what is meant for you, shall come to you. No messenger, angel or medium is responsible for your good or bad fortune. You are. As per the Law of Nature, you cannot escape your destiny. Yet, prayers can do wonders. This is also the Law.

Follow the Will of the Lord. Accept your destiny in all humility, with a prayer on your lips, and praise in your heart. Things change for the better. Who knows the Will of the Lord!

Nothing that happens in our life, happens - not without meaning. All is interlinked. The trick is to find the link, connect and rejoice. All happens for the best - somehow or the other. Time will tell, if we are attentive enough.

Nothing is right or wrong, per se. Wrong shall accumulate negative karma; right shall fetch good karma. Choose well. For, there is no escape from one's karma. It visits you like a bad dream, or a pleasant breeze - in time. Choose now.

There are no angels, messengers, or gods. All is but but ONE UNIFIED WHOLE. As waves unto ocean - both, unto water - in self-essence. This is How GOD Is. There is nothing else, or other than this. ALL IS GOD.

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