Feb 12, 2014

Simply Put! - PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS - Order of Things That Be.


All is One, Infinite Oneness. This is the God within The Self. The same is the "Kingdom of Heaven" within you. Take heed. Listen. seek, find 'IT'.

' I ' of mind sees little. Beyond a point it cannot think, nor can it "see". Eye of Spirit seeing this little, embraces it as does the sea the waves - moves ahead. Seek  the ' I ' of Spirit. It shall set you free. Nothing else will.

Live holistically. Use the mind. Listen to 'That'', which, is the Voice of Silence - is Spirit. In time, harmony will ensue, one way or the other. Like the whisper of the wind.

Count your blessings. Start your day with, "We give Thee thanks, O' Lord!" Finish the same way. In time you are more blessed than you ever knew.

You and your Father are One. Like the wind of eternity your soul moves - from one birth to another. Until it realizes its True Self. Then, it stands still. As Eternity, unto its own Self.

Whatever comes unto being, has to go. It may be your self, friends or fraternity. Coming and going is the nature of things. What comes and goes not, seek 'That'.

Seek the Truth, whatever it be. 'It only shall set you free, nothing else will, Nor can.

Pray to the Lord in a spirit of unity. In time so ordained, 'It' shall come as a kiss on the cheek; perhaps as a slap on the wrist. But it shall. One way or another.

In union seek. Stay humble in unity and prayer. In time you shall get what you deserve, more or less. At that time you may not appreciate it. In time you shall learn that it was exactly what was needed for your inner growth. This is The Way of Spirit.

Gather not negative karma. Harm not any being, at least for food. All is One Wholeness. By harming others you harm yourself. Become vegetarians. Your body, mind and spirit shall bless you in time. Believe you me, you will know the difference. 

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