Dec 31, 2012

And, then, God said, "Let there be Twitter!"

Twitter kick-starts my day.

After my early morning meditation, if I am not on silent mode; and after paying my dues at the pot, I usually go to twitter for a trot. Suddenly, the world opens up, like a pinch in the butt. Usually, it is someone somewhere letting out his or her crap. As a counter point, a few gentle souls whisper sweet “nothings”, hoping to catch somebody’s ear “out there”. It’s a “mixed-up” crowd here, on twitter. Luckily, as I have come to know, over time, the do-gooders out-twit the “crap” shooters.

It’s akin to watching ticket-less, the world “pass” us by, without necessarily saying hi. Once in a while, if one is lucky and feeling cocky, one is able to trap a gadfly. That is, one is able to counter punch a below-the-belt hooker. Though tit for tat following un-following is common, there are many a quid pro quo friendly encounters too. Some touchy, over-the-top gung-ho evangelicalism inevitably crops up now and then, but many a sane voice too has its say on twitter.

Considering my foot to mouth luck these days, after a little over 1100 days in “active service”, I yet have some 11, 000 friends on Twitter. Whether they “follow” me with any good intention or attention, is any fool’s wild guess. Since I value my sanity, I just count my blessing than my woes. But my sense of humour keeps me on my toes.

However, humour, especially about religion and god, my beta noire, is missing in large parts on Twitter. Poking fun with unfunny intentions is not humour, by the way. Few pretentious twits are purchasing followers too; some in hundreds of thousands. Many glum faces, too busy selling their wares to run with the hare, are also here. They obviously do not really care about befriending the “lesser” lot. Too many self-proclaimed gurus also tout their twitch on twitter.

Yet, overall, here, good guys are able to crinkle their noses at the wise guys. Perhaps this is what one enjoys. Anything extra or by the way by-product, could be “manna” from God.

Being a spiritual person, I hope it is.

Here’s wishing all a happy tweeting, my friends, in 2013. May we all be a little more caring, compassionate and little less country-specific in the coming year. For, amongst its many blessings, social media platforms, especially Twitter, have made us all a citizen of the world. Enough said.