Nov 30, 2012

What Happens To The Soul After Death?

Self-experience of free mystics differs much from "western" belief systems. Indian yogis, based on “physical” observations of own “self”, behold All as An Endless State of Being.
Following Rules of Yoga, especially no usage of drugs or non-vegetarian food, a snake like “being-ness” rises; separating from physical being of meditating yogi.
Thence, “single eye” of this “is-ness” delves deeper unto Self of Existence, “virtually” passing through “own-ness” of What Is; including esoteric “godly” visions beyond imagination of gods of science and isms.
Suddenly, this is-ness of single-eyed point of reference, ceases to be. In an esoteric instant, it finds its Self to be All-ness of The Whole. Wherever this “ i “ looks, it “sees” All as Own Self.
This is The End-Game of Self-Realization.
Thereafter, this “I AM” of ALLNESS comes “back” to Awareness of “this” realm. The “re-turned” Consciousness observes ownself as “Shakti” (Energy); entering as “breath of life” unto bodily-self of, now, Buddha-Yogi.
Hence, before or after death, “self”-soul, being of everything, stays unchanged, as Primordial Self of All That Is. Therefore, in Ultimate Reality, we are “clinically” seen as an illusory form “here”; but Eternal Oneness “There”.
We live nor die. Our illusory-self does.
Soul nor soul-less; beyond big-bangs, is and am, gods-devils, messiahs-religions-isms, science-spirituality or “is-ness” of any mortality, we are, in essence - Immortality.
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