Sep 16, 2012

The “ I ” of Awakening - Getting IT - Beyond SCIENCE!

Seemingly, science is god today.
It has done away with many a devil of the past. The Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory satiate many. This has led many “know-it-alls” to presume and postulate that we are but soulless, randomly assembled chemical particles, now moving as living beings. And, are nothing more than a “chance” offspring of one “big-banging” universe. We are just a “thing”; worth nothing. In short, we without cause, come; sans effect, are gone.
However, owing to advanced scientific knowledge, except for people of Judeo-Christian and Islamic belief systems, no educated person worth his brains minds much that the earth is just not 5-6 thousand years old. Science had added some billions of years to our birth date and place. Yet, it would be false crediting science with this discovery; when, in fact, spirituality, did so much before any Darwin-Dawkins or Higgs-Hawkins set foot on this earth. Ancient Indian texts, such as the Upanishads and Vedanta treatises, inform us that this universe is as old as eternity itself.
Hence, n India, even the big bang is a hang.
In higher mystical traditions, this “seen” world is held to be the visible “solidification” of “Shakti”, Cosmic Energy. Yet, it’s all “Maya”: Transient ILLUSORY Phenomena. It keeps “big-banging’, arising and vanishing, unto “That” Which Is. Ad Infinitum. We are as old as THAT.
This is the ‘Single Eye” of Self-Realization.
Mystics “know”, attain this Eternal Wisdom after self-experimentation, in the deepest realm of “Awakened” Consciousness; of which philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrics do seem to have some inkling, from time to time.  On the other hand, Yogis, ancient and present, swim in this mystic rhythm like a well-versed note. “Who we are”, in “That” WHICH IS: getting “IT” is the aim and objective of these “Spiritual Scientists”.
As these insatiable seekers delve deeper unto the darkest depths of “What Is”, the web of acquired belief systems gives way to new realities. The “little” visions - deities, gods, messiahs, demons, fairies, angels, hell, heaven et cetera - of our inculcated, ingrained, inherited isms are “overcome” by Actualization of The Unlimited.
Without an “edible” physicality, a metaphysical seeker or a physicist remains a skeptic. Some religions do not take well to agnosticism and atheism. Such “trivialities” irk none in India. No Indian guru lambasts science or scientists.
Seeking in Maya (Make Believe), “this” visible world, we merely “see” The Outside. Not “baptized” unto Tao of What Is - “Kingdom of God is Within” - the best too lose “It”, like the rest.
The Answer does not lie on moon or mars.
Who seek “there” miss the muse “here”. Our Quintessence - call it Soul, God Particle, Root of Existence - is never separate from All That Is.
The Part is The Whole.
This Universe, each “black hole” and every “dark matter”, is one “stuff”. Duality seen as you-me-him-her or this-that-here-there is but “surface” reading The Source.
The “stuff” of our life and existence is Changeless. Infinite Big Bangs are born, die every moment. So does evolution. They come, go.  Changes in The Changeless do not a Change make.
The Whole remains Whole.
The Visible World is ever “One” with its “Invisible” Common Original Source. Nothing is separate from anything else. The Self consorts with Own Self. “Here” now, “there” next. As fire in wood, all is unto The Self.
Yet, the only advantage mystics have over others is that through trial and error, ecstasy and terror, these seekers of “What Is”, came to “know” The WAY a bit before the rest.  Presto, Sids got it before Christo! It means zilch. It is just an historical fact that Siddhartha-Buddha came before Christ; hence, got “It” first.
At any time, the Ultimate Truth must remain An Eternal Constant.
It does. Mystically, “I am in my Father, my Father is in me,” and “I and my Father are One” simply means All is Unto Each Other. As One Quintessential Primordial Self. Or, simply, “All is One”. Could “God” be clearer than this?
Science is getting “There”.
The “life” composition of everything, living or seemingly non-living, anywhere in this manifest universe, is one. The Un-manifested too holds true thus. This perception of Unity of All, now, is dawning on us all.
We are “One” every which way.
Thus, a “Knowing One” would abide by “Love thy neighbor as thyself”; not because it is godly true but because, oddly, it is the truth.
Who cares if this “I” of Awakening comes from science or spirituality!