May 29, 2012

Should The SEEKER Contemplate on "Nothingness" to Know REALITY?

Cautiously. For, even NOTHINGNESS is A Presumption of sorts. That is, one is assuming there is NOTHING out "There".
There is.Of course, it is not a Personal God, a human-like "form" of ANY of our forefathers' religions or books of faith. Yet, IT is not “Nothing” either.
Our Mind, however much we deny it, cannot remain unaffected by the inadvertent influence of this-that, Eastern-Western "inherited" ISMS.
The Baghwad Gita, one of the most revered Hindu scriptures, calls our mind a 'monkey". It is that restless. Hence, meditation.
Better it is to CONTEMPLATE on “WHAT IS”.
This rules out any assumptions our mind makes about The Ultimate Reality. It also keeps us humble. In check. And, a Seeker. Not a pompous “Master”-in-Waiting. Our “monkey” MIND must be MASTERED. And not master Us.
In fact, everyone must ask him-herself “KO-HUM”- Who Am I? And, it is told in Higher Mystical Scriptures of India: IF one seeks thus in all humility, faithfully following Yogic (Divine Umity) Instructions of one’s Guru, The ANSWER comes. In Self-Realization. As “SO-HUM” - That I Am. AS is “That”, so I AM.
Or, “I” am THAT “ i “: AM.
Sounds familiar?

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