May 26, 2012


"The IDEA of a Personal God is a CHILDLIKE One." [Einstein]
Thus it is to ANY Advanced Mystic. ANYWHERE.
"The IDEA of a PERSONAL GOD is An Anthropological CONCEPT which I am Unable to Take SERIOUSLY." [Albert Einstein,1946]
No one, in "know" of Higher Spiritual Texts (Upanishads etc.) of India, believes in "God as a Person". It is a Simpleton's Way of looking at The Infinite.
Worship of "forms" or rituals thereof, were permitted in some mystical circles in ancient times (in India) to take The Seeker from "lesser" to Higher Knowledge of The Ultimate. Sadly, most people get stuck in this lower form of Worship and Understanding of "That" WHICH IS.
This is the case in most religions. Sans exception.
Thus, such "lower worship", of forms OR Gods in "LIKENESS" of a person, is not encouraged in Advanced Mystical Orders.
AND "That" - The Ultimate Reality, God etc. - Truth of WHICH IS, is no "energy" either. Cosmic Energy or "Shakti" is but "Maya" (ILLUSION) of WHAT IS.
ACCORDING to Science, An ATOM is 99.99% Space. Just .01% is "Matter" (Energy we "see" as "form"). THIS Visible Shakti-Energy originates from "something". Call IT God, Nothingness or "That": WHICH IS.
THIS "Ground of All Things That Be", should be a Seeker's Aim and Objective.
The Yogis and Free Mystics of India, THEN and NOW, Seek THUS.
And FIND "All" to be One Infinite Oneness.
No gods or messiahs stand "There".
In Self-Realization.

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