Dec 31, 2012

And, then, God said, "Let there be Twitter!"

Twitter kick-starts my day.

After my early morning meditation, if I am not on silent mode; and after paying my dues at the pot, I usually go to twitter for a trot. Suddenly, the world opens up, like a pinch in the butt. Usually, it is someone somewhere letting out his or her crap. As a counter point, a few gentle souls whisper sweet “nothings”, hoping to catch somebody’s ear “out there”. It’s a “mixed-up” crowd here, on twitter. Luckily, as I have come to know, over time, the do-gooders out-twit the “crap” shooters.

It’s akin to watching ticket-less, the world “pass” us by, without necessarily saying hi. Once in a while, if one is lucky and feeling cocky, one is able to trap a gadfly. That is, one is able to counter punch a below-the-belt hooker. Though tit for tat following un-following is common, there are many a quid pro quo friendly encounters too. Some touchy, over-the-top gung-ho evangelicalism inevitably crops up now and then, but many a sane voice too has its say on twitter.

Considering my foot to mouth luck these days, after a little over 1100 days in “active service”, I yet have some 11, 000 friends on Twitter. Whether they “follow” me with any good intention or attention, is any fool’s wild guess. Since I value my sanity, I just count my blessing than my woes. But my sense of humour keeps me on my toes.

However, humour, especially about religion and god, my beta noire, is missing in large parts on Twitter. Poking fun with unfunny intentions is not humour, by the way. Few pretentious twits are purchasing followers too; some in hundreds of thousands. Many glum faces, too busy selling their wares to run with the hare, are also here. They obviously do not really care about befriending the “lesser” lot. Too many self-proclaimed gurus also tout their twitch on twitter.

Yet, overall, here, good guys are able to crinkle their noses at the wise guys. Perhaps this is what one enjoys. Anything extra or by the way by-product, could be “manna” from God.

Being a spiritual person, I hope it is.

Here’s wishing all a happy tweeting, my friends, in 2013. May we all be a little more caring, compassionate and little less country-specific in the coming year. For, amongst its many blessings, social media platforms, especially Twitter, have made us all a citizen of the world. Enough said.

Nov 30, 2012

What Happens To The Soul After Death?

Self-experience of free mystics differs much from "western" belief systems. Indian yogis, based on “physical” observations of own “self”, behold All as An Endless State of Being.
Following Rules of Yoga, especially no usage of drugs or non-vegetarian food, a snake like “being-ness” rises; separating from physical being of meditating yogi.
Thence, “single eye” of this “is-ness” delves deeper unto Self of Existence, “virtually” passing through “own-ness” of What Is; including esoteric “godly” visions beyond imagination of gods of science and isms.
Suddenly, this is-ness of single-eyed point of reference, ceases to be. In an esoteric instant, it finds its Self to be All-ness of The Whole. Wherever this “ i “ looks, it “sees” All as Own Self.
This is The End-Game of Self-Realization.
Thereafter, this “I AM” of ALLNESS comes “back” to Awareness of “this” realm. The “re-turned” Consciousness observes ownself as “Shakti” (Energy); entering as “breath of life” unto bodily-self of, now, Buddha-Yogi.
Hence, before or after death, “self”-soul, being of everything, stays unchanged, as Primordial Self of All That Is. Therefore, in Ultimate Reality, we are “clinically” seen as an illusory form “here”; but Eternal Oneness “There”.
We live nor die. Our illusory-self does.
Soul nor soul-less; beyond big-bangs, is and am, gods-devils, messiahs-religions-isms, science-spirituality or “is-ness” of any mortality, we are, in essence - Immortality.
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Oct 13, 2012

Is there a heaven up “There”?

Recently, a neuro surgeon said he "saw" it.
Most cultures and religions of all creeds and regions believe in it in some form or the other. Depending upon one’s inherited belief system, cultural influences and acquired knowledge from elsewhere, consciously or unconsciously, people get imbued with a particular, peculiar idea about such matters. It’s not necessarily true.
Dreams seem frighteningly or fascinatingly real till we are asleep. Awakened, memory of this phenomenon may linger for a while, sometimes a lifetime. Yet, it remains in the realm of illusion. Gone like a whiff of air; here, there, then, nowhere.
Near death experiences usually “happen” in a comma, or, an un-awakened, unconscious state of existence wherein one is no longer in control of one’s senses. One is neither “here” nor “there”. This coma-somatic near-death experience is just a “take-off” on one’s religious or intellectual belief system. The reality in this semi or unconscious bodily condition can at best be accepted as dream-like panorama, albeit a vivid one. Therefore, it’s nothing more than what it is: One Big Illusion.
This does not mean anyone describing such stupendous visions is lying. At the same time, since these visions of hell, heaven, divine beings, bright lights or “things” are “seen” sans a fully conscious awakened state of rationality, only susceptible, supercilious or superstitious mentalities believe in their “solid” reality.
However, such “visions’ are a mundane “happening” in meditation. Yogis and mystics of India, ancient to present, experience them. It’s no big thing.

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Sep 16, 2012

The “ I ” of Awakening - Getting IT - Beyond SCIENCE!

Seemingly, science is god today.
It has done away with many a devil of the past. The Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory satiate many. This has led many “know-it-alls” to presume and postulate that we are but soulless, randomly assembled chemical particles, now moving as living beings. And, are nothing more than a “chance” offspring of one “big-banging” universe. We are just a “thing”; worth nothing. In short, we without cause, come; sans effect, are gone.
However, owing to advanced scientific knowledge, except for people of Judeo-Christian and Islamic belief systems, no educated person worth his brains minds much that the earth is just not 5-6 thousand years old. Science had added some billions of years to our birth date and place. Yet, it would be false crediting science with this discovery; when, in fact, spirituality, did so much before any Darwin-Dawkins or Higgs-Hawkins set foot on this earth. Ancient Indian texts, such as the Upanishads and Vedanta treatises, inform us that this universe is as old as eternity itself.
Hence, n India, even the big bang is a hang.
In higher mystical traditions, this “seen” world is held to be the visible “solidification” of “Shakti”, Cosmic Energy. Yet, it’s all “Maya”: Transient ILLUSORY Phenomena. It keeps “big-banging’, arising and vanishing, unto “That” Which Is. Ad Infinitum. We are as old as THAT.
This is the ‘Single Eye” of Self-Realization.
Mystics “know”, attain this Eternal Wisdom after self-experimentation, in the deepest realm of “Awakened” Consciousness; of which philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrics do seem to have some inkling, from time to time.  On the other hand, Yogis, ancient and present, swim in this mystic rhythm like a well-versed note. “Who we are”, in “That” WHICH IS: getting “IT” is the aim and objective of these “Spiritual Scientists”.
As these insatiable seekers delve deeper unto the darkest depths of “What Is”, the web of acquired belief systems gives way to new realities. The “little” visions - deities, gods, messiahs, demons, fairies, angels, hell, heaven et cetera - of our inculcated, ingrained, inherited isms are “overcome” by Actualization of The Unlimited.
Without an “edible” physicality, a metaphysical seeker or a physicist remains a skeptic. Some religions do not take well to agnosticism and atheism. Such “trivialities” irk none in India. No Indian guru lambasts science or scientists.
Seeking in Maya (Make Believe), “this” visible world, we merely “see” The Outside. Not “baptized” unto Tao of What Is - “Kingdom of God is Within” - the best too lose “It”, like the rest.
The Answer does not lie on moon or mars.
Who seek “there” miss the muse “here”. Our Quintessence - call it Soul, God Particle, Root of Existence - is never separate from All That Is.
The Part is The Whole.
This Universe, each “black hole” and every “dark matter”, is one “stuff”. Duality seen as you-me-him-her or this-that-here-there is but “surface” reading The Source.
The “stuff” of our life and existence is Changeless. Infinite Big Bangs are born, die every moment. So does evolution. They come, go.  Changes in The Changeless do not a Change make.
The Whole remains Whole.
The Visible World is ever “One” with its “Invisible” Common Original Source. Nothing is separate from anything else. The Self consorts with Own Self. “Here” now, “there” next. As fire in wood, all is unto The Self.
Yet, the only advantage mystics have over others is that through trial and error, ecstasy and terror, these seekers of “What Is”, came to “know” The WAY a bit before the rest.  Presto, Sids got it before Christo! It means zilch. It is just an historical fact that Siddhartha-Buddha came before Christ; hence, got “It” first.
At any time, the Ultimate Truth must remain An Eternal Constant.
It does. Mystically, “I am in my Father, my Father is in me,” and “I and my Father are One” simply means All is Unto Each Other. As One Quintessential Primordial Self. Or, simply, “All is One”. Could “God” be clearer than this?
Science is getting “There”.
The “life” composition of everything, living or seemingly non-living, anywhere in this manifest universe, is one. The Un-manifested too holds true thus. This perception of Unity of All, now, is dawning on us all.
We are “One” every which way.
Thus, a “Knowing One” would abide by “Love thy neighbor as thyself”; not because it is godly true but because, oddly, it is the truth.
Who cares if this “I” of Awakening comes from science or spirituality!

Aug 24, 2012

O' Sufi, Protest!

[From "A Sufi's Fable: Travelogue of a Free Mystic", #Book Published, 2002]
O' Sufi, protest
don't follow rest -
duality, is grotesque.
One, "there" Is
here, "That" Is'
- "THAT Am!" Is.
If get not
call One, naught
- be Sufi, not.
Oh! Without "Him"
what's Sufism -
first, get HIM.
If don't get
don't ever rest -
O' Sufi, protest!

Jul 29, 2012

Are WE "Lower" ANIMALS?

"Man is the Reasoning Animal.
Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute.
Indeed, my experiments have proven to me that he is the Unreasoning Animal... In truth, man is incurably foolish. Simple things which other animals easily learn, he is incapable of learning. Among my experiments was this.
In an hour I taught a cat and a dog to be friends.
I put them in a cage.
In another hour I taught them to be friends with a rabbit. In the course of two days I was able to add a fox, a goose, a squirrel and some doves. Finally a monkey.
They lived together in peace; even affectionately.
Next, in another cage I confined an Irish Catholic from Tipperary, and as soon as he seemed tame I added a Scotch Presbyterian from Aberdeen. Next a Turk from Constantinople; a Greek Christian from Crete; an Armenian; a Methodist from the wilds of Arkansas; a Buddhist from China; a Brahman from Benares. Finally, a Salvation Army Colonel from Wapping.
Then I stayed away for two whole days.
When I came back to note results, the cage of Higher Animals was all right, but in the other there was but a chaos of gory odds and ends of turbans and fezzes and plaids and bones and flesh.. not a specimen left alive.
These Reasoning Animals had disagreed on a theological detail..
.. AND carried the matter to a Higher Court.”

(Modified by Breaking into Smaller Paragraphs. But Original Content remains Untouched.)

[ "Letters from The Earth: Un-Censored Writings" - By MARK TWAIN]


Jul 8, 2012

IS there NO NEED for a GURU or a PATH?

THIS No GURU & No PATH, which, now days, everyone seems to harp about is not that simple an issue.

When we are barely able to learn ABC etc. without a teacher, that is, if SIMPLE Knowledge is not easy to attain without someone to guide us; surely, such a complex issue as ENLIGHTENMENT merits a GURU.

We must not foolishly fall into such a clich├ęd “Cool” Pool.

In fact, we must resist, consciously so, from becoming an easy prey to this “learned” propaganda of shirking a Spiritual Preceptor (Guru).

The RIGHT PATH must be sought, and, chosen. The “NO Path” quote is cool to quote; not so easy to follow. Frankly, it does not work.

At The FINAL Stage, yes, WHAT "happens" THERE, is The GRACE of "That" WHICH IS. There is no “this” or “that” Human or Angelic figures “over’ THERE; to take The SEEKER anywhere: HELL or HEAVEN, THIS or THAT.

No such things, places, or beings exist therein. Get it.

WHEN Advanced Masters speak of “No Guru” and “No Path”, they do so after having attended the “feet’ of an HOLY ONE. That is, after remaining so at the humble point of “nothingness” - of No EGO: as a lowly learner, a student or “shishya” of ALL Paths; as if walking “No Path”.

This Path of Path-less Divinity is, actually, that of utter humility.

But, FIRST One has to "get" THAT. Then, one does not make such SIMPLISTIC Assertions. The EGO says: "No Guru". The Spirit: WAHE (Hail!) GURU. Our egotistical, “Inherited”, MIND says: “No Path”.

The “Enlightened One” FOLLOWS The PATH.

Of NO-THING-NESS: where no theories or theologies remain, no this-that contained, and, is no “Chosen” ones’ domain.

“Get” IT. Or, LOSE “It”.

Your choice.

Jun 24, 2012

The MYSTIC TOUCH: Beyond The Fact, Mystic Musings

Excerpt from OWN #Book, Published 2002
Sub Heading: ZEN to END of MYSTICISM

By any name, whatsoever, if Divine Wisdom be called
No Chosen Ones' domain would yet be : Lord of All.

That Which Is, no religion's playground is : Free is All 
Whore of Isms isn't; Holy is Spirit : whatever way called.

In person sought must be Father : the Mother of All
No he-she or name-form energy is : One, be called.

Vital Source of Being and Non-Being - by Self, All
in "That" Image am I, whatsoever name THAT be called.

May 29, 2012

Should The SEEKER Contemplate on "Nothingness" to Know REALITY?

Cautiously. For, even NOTHINGNESS is A Presumption of sorts. That is, one is assuming there is NOTHING out "There".
There is.Of course, it is not a Personal God, a human-like "form" of ANY of our forefathers' religions or books of faith. Yet, IT is not “Nothing” either.
Our Mind, however much we deny it, cannot remain unaffected by the inadvertent influence of this-that, Eastern-Western "inherited" ISMS.
The Baghwad Gita, one of the most revered Hindu scriptures, calls our mind a 'monkey". It is that restless. Hence, meditation.
Better it is to CONTEMPLATE on “WHAT IS”.
This rules out any assumptions our mind makes about The Ultimate Reality. It also keeps us humble. In check. And, a Seeker. Not a pompous “Master”-in-Waiting. Our “monkey” MIND must be MASTERED. And not master Us.
In fact, everyone must ask him-herself “KO-HUM”- Who Am I? And, it is told in Higher Mystical Scriptures of India: IF one seeks thus in all humility, faithfully following Yogic (Divine Umity) Instructions of one’s Guru, The ANSWER comes. In Self-Realization. As “SO-HUM” - That I Am. AS is “That”, so I AM.
Or, “I” am THAT “ i “: AM.
Sounds familiar?

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May 26, 2012


"The IDEA of a Personal God is a CHILDLIKE One." [Einstein]
Thus it is to ANY Advanced Mystic. ANYWHERE.
"The IDEA of a PERSONAL GOD is An Anthropological CONCEPT which I am Unable to Take SERIOUSLY." [Albert Einstein,1946]
No one, in "know" of Higher Spiritual Texts (Upanishads etc.) of India, believes in "God as a Person". It is a Simpleton's Way of looking at The Infinite.
Worship of "forms" or rituals thereof, were permitted in some mystical circles in ancient times (in India) to take The Seeker from "lesser" to Higher Knowledge of The Ultimate. Sadly, most people get stuck in this lower form of Worship and Understanding of "That" WHICH IS.
This is the case in most religions. Sans exception.
Thus, such "lower worship", of forms OR Gods in "LIKENESS" of a person, is not encouraged in Advanced Mystical Orders.
AND "That" - The Ultimate Reality, God etc. - Truth of WHICH IS, is no "energy" either. Cosmic Energy or "Shakti" is but "Maya" (ILLUSION) of WHAT IS.
ACCORDING to Science, An ATOM is 99.99% Space. Just .01% is "Matter" (Energy we "see" as "form"). THIS Visible Shakti-Energy originates from "something". Call IT God, Nothingness or "That": WHICH IS.
THIS "Ground of All Things That Be", should be a Seeker's Aim and Objective.
The Yogis and Free Mystics of India, THEN and NOW, Seek THUS.
And FIND "All" to be One Infinite Oneness.
No gods or messiahs stand "There".
In Self-Realization.

Apr 28, 2012

Is it Time for YOGA to GROW UP?

It is time for us to “grow up” TO Yoga. Not the other way around.

Now days, Yoga has become a “fast-food” of the West. BUT as the joke goes here, “There’s a Yoga Guru sitting upon every other brick.” “And one under it.”

Under-trained, ignorant Yoga Teachers abound in America, as here, in the birthplace of Yoga. Being a Private Practitioner myself (i.e. I do not teach) since the past 3 decades, then some; I have observed that injuries during any type of exercise, games etc. & in yoga occur owing to One Reason: LACK of Proper WARM-UP. Simple.

One must not get into sudden “jerking” motions at the beginning of any exercise. There is a techinque of getting into “asnas”. One has to “warm up” by “simple” postures before “taking on” Complicated Asnas. Yoga Routinue cannot be rushed into. In India, one never hear of “yoga” injuries.

ALSO, sex is not the reason one gets into Yoga. At least not in India. Of course, “Tantra” is another matter. Mostly, the “lesser” lot of Spiritual Seekers indulge in it.

Physical postures are just the beginning. Hence, are merely called “Yoga Asnas”. REAL Yoga begins thereafter. In Sanskrit, Yoga means “To Yoke”. TO JOIN with “That” WHICH IS. Ultimate Reality, Eternal Truth, Alpha & Omega. God, if you like. Is YOGA.

We, ourselves, have to mature, ripen, age and “grow” INTO Yoga.

Yoga is too old. And, frankly, a bit too ancient to GROW UP.
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Feb 13, 2012

Are WE but APES with hidden tails & without a SOUL?

Not at all.
This is not what Yogis & Free Mystics of India found eons ago. As they do today.
The Truth does not change with time. IT is what It Is.
Long before Darwin, much before any ism, including Hindu-ism, found itself popularly established, Yogis & Free Mystics sought “That” WHICH IS. Sans this or that religious belief. Their Aim & Objective was then, as is now, The Ultimate Truth: What-So-Ever IT may be. Above and Beyond any Seeker’s personal belief system, inherited or inscribed.
So, what do The Yogis & Free Mystics of India find?
After going through the requisite meditative & spiritual practices - as prescribed by their respective Guru, of this or that ilk and inclination - the Seeker so blessed by his Karmic Due, LITERALLY “sees” his-her “life-form” separating from her-his bodily-form. He-she, being advanced in Yoga by this time, realizes that he-she is more than the body. Is not The Body. But more.
THIS “baptized” being, after passing through innumerable mystical visions, “astral travel” etc, finds - at The End - one’s own self to be neither “this” nor “that” being or entity, but merely An Observer OF & A “Witness” TO All That Is “Happening”. It is almost as clear, if not more, as is Experimentation to A Clinical Scientist in a Laboratory. It is no  imagined “vision” or hallucination as such.
Thereafter, THIS Observer-Witness to The HAPPENING, “sees” - again, literally - The Observing-Witnessing Self “dissolve” as if, unto ALL THAT IS. Thus, “becoming” WHAT “It” IS. That is - ALL “That” Is. The “Seeing”-Self observes-witnesses its “self” as The SELF of ALL. As “Aham Sarvum”: as “I AM ALL (That Is).” In a nutshell, as The Universal Self.
This Universal Oneness and “Self”-ness is Our Soul-Self. So to say.
This "Life" is without a tail. No Darwin knows or affixes IT. With a tale only Yogis & Free Mystics tell.
Yet, "KNOWING" thus  is The Birthright of All.