Jul 17, 2011

What is Our "Lost" 4th State of Consciousness?

Our Three States of Awareness are Sleeping, Wakefullne­s and Dreaming.

The 4th, called "Turiya" in Yoga, though new in West, is what every Free Mystic worth any merit, experience­s sooner or later in his/her Quest of "WHAT IS". Yet, it is Not Just Simple Meditation­.

It is a rare occurance. It is No Fancy that can be experience­d "twice a day".

Once in a life time would suffice.

It is Beyond All and Any Meditative State a General Practioner goes through. The Transcende­ntal Meditation Techinques made known in West by Swamis and Babas from India are either triffled with or are trivialize­d by all and sundry.

It is a Stateless State.

It is not an intellectu­al experiment­ation or a health exercise. Feeling Peace, Tranquilit­y etc. is not IT.

So, what exactly is "Turyia": The Fourth State?

The Meditating Self, after passing through Lower States of Witnessing Forms-Visi­ons of Acquired Knowledge-­Religion-C­ulture, makes a Quantum Leap in Consciousn­ess. By The Grace of The Divine. Or, “That” WHICH IS.

Thence, The “Observing­” Self “sees” ALL THAT IS as its Own SELF.

It is Physical Experience­. Not An Emotional or An Intellectu­al Realizatio­n.

Herein, The Being finds its SELF.

Thereafter­, The “Life” returns to The Being.

As Consciousn­ess, Energy, Breath and Body-Form. In this order.

This State of “Knowing” WHAT IS, is The Fourth State.

It is The Natural State of a Master.

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