Nov 21, 2010

The Purpose of The Universe

Before fixing Purpose, perhaps we need ask: What is The Universe?

What is it's Composition? Where does it come from? Does it evolve out of “Nothing” or “Nothingness” as some Scientists and Skeptics suggest? Is it mere matter? Who made it? Or, is it just AN ILLUSION?

How can we find WHAT and WHY of The Universe?


That is, by REALIZING The “SELF”.

All of us are “blessed”, with The Genome of “THAT” which is The Self of “ALL THAT IS”. Hence, we are equally, identically and genetically programmed by “That” - The Divine - to seek and find The Purpose of The Universe.

Yet, nary, except The “CHOSEN”, find “IT”.

In The BUDDHA­­/KNOWING “Self” EXPERIENCE, as computer finds its code, our IN-BUILT “Divine” Programming finds The UNIVERSAL CODE of Our “Self”.

After Un-Ending Mystical experiences - too many to elaborate here - The “Blessed Being” is “led”, by The Hidden Hand, to “REVELATION” of The Self. The Meditating “SINGLE EYE” Self “sees” - LITERALLY - The Whole Universe AS one’s OWN SELF. There is no distinction of “this” from “that” in “THERE”. The ILLUSION of OUR SELF as SEPARATE from ALL THAT IS shatters. Revealing, ALL is ONE SELF. This is what YOGIS, SUFIS and FREE-MYSTICS seek and find.

One day, so may Science.

Hence, The Purpose of Our LIFE and The UNIVERSE is to know “WE ARE IT”.

Thereafter, we need “live” IT. Simply put, A SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Happily: EVER-AFTER.

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