Jul 2, 2010

Spirituality & The Meaning of Mysticism for Our Time

Is Spirituality today, The Art of Union with Reality?

In our time, it is a fad to proclaim ourselves ‘spiritual’ than ‘religious’. Mysticism, the deeper end of Spirituality, is prone to usurpation by ‘twittering’ ‘Art of Wellness’ Gurus of East and West. Bookish erudition, sans ‘live’ metaphysical experiences, is fine so long one does not push it as An Attained Master. It is Bad Karma.

Westerners like ‘action’. Hence, to assume Mystics “become world changers/servers” comes easy to them. An Eastern Free Mystic has no such pre-fixed idea or agenda.

All that a “free” mystic seeks is ‘The Answer’ to THAT WHICH IS.

Imagined Union with The Divine is ‘Hath’/Enforced YOGA/Union. It is not Higher Spirituality/Mysticism. Mystics seek The Truth: Whatever-The-Hell-IT-May-Be. Visions and other such ‘happenings’ come ‘by the way’. A pre-conceived notion of Unity etc. is ill-advised. One is likely to be disappointed. A rare one, in The UNSAID WAY, succeeds. The rest, ‘humble’ majority, getting minimal visions here and there, become The New Avatar, ‘World Teacher’ or The New Age Messiah!

Most religions, practiced now, are born from these ‘limited’ visions.

The Eastern Yogis and Mystics place this ‘Lower Happening’ at The Feet of The Divine. They do not crown themselves with this ‘little god’. The Divine may make them the next Buddha. Yet, it may not.

Truth being our aim, Oneness comes along The Way.

This is Spirituality. Is Mysticism.