Jun 19, 2010

Eradicate Fundamentalism In All Its Forms!

We cannot be choosy with Truth.

Fundamentalism emanates from untruth. Intellectuals are either too full of themselves or too naive for their own and our good. They just do not “get” the “religious” mindset.

The fundamentalists believe in totality, not in parts.

As true as it may be of other religions, it certainly is amongst believers of The Bible and The Quran. We, the self-proclaimed “liberal” lot, are but heretics and “kafirs” to these “fine” TRUE BELIEVERS.

The belief of Bible-holders and Quran-hoarders is that whatsoever is written in these books is the “Word of God”. Either one believes or one does not. There is no such thing as a “half-believer”. 

Hence, there is no way out for humankind out of this mess that religion and science have created. Science knows a bit. Religions claim to know it all. But do not. Neither atheism nor religion in their present avatar, satiate intelligent people. Minds that question, seek answers to WHAT IS.

So, how can fundamentalist mentality be eliminated?

By seeking and finding The Truth!

Unless and until, inquiring minds become “Buddha”, The Knowing One, fundamentalism cannot be eradicated. Religion, if not defined parochially, means “to re-unite”: With “That Which Is” - The Truth/Reality.

Reality, as found by inquiring spirits that rely on FIRST HAND “SELF” EXPERIENCE, is that THERE IS NOTHING ELSE OR OTHER THAN :"ONE"! Once we know thus, who do we faun over, frown at or fight with? 

Only fools are fundamentalists!