May 23, 2010

Religion and Science: Respecting the Differences

Most people, scientists or religionists, who find no Common Ground between Science and Spirituality, are of West. They are familiar with Semitic religions. Not with Advanced Spiritual Traditions of Deep East; namely, of India.

Evolutionary Theory had since eons been advocated, and believed in widely, in religious theology of India. In fact, belief in 84 Categories of Evolution – from lowest of the low organisms to man - is so immanent in common conscience of religiosity in India, that Theory of Evolution is no issue here, unlike in the West.

Basically, Christian, Jewish, Islamic - Semitic Tradition - is the only culture that raises a big hue and cry about Evolutionary Theory of Darwin. It is a non-issue in better evolved spiritual cultures. In fact, the Yogic and Free Mystic Culture of India goes a step further than present day science. It advocates the hypothesis that not only does life evolve from lower to the higher organism, it is reversible. That is, it postulates a Contra Evolutionary Theory.

Recently, artificial DNA, inter alia, life, has been created by the world scientific community. Even this causes no excitement in India. The Yogic Science sees no big achievement herein. Again, much ahead of scientific thought of today, Free Mystical/Yogic Literature of Ancient India informs us that ANYTHING CAN BE CREATED OUT OF ANYTHING.

Hence, what raises the heckles of Semitic Theology, which majority of West practices, disturbs not a blade of grass in The Land Of Buddha.

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