Sep 17, 2010

What's Real About the Rapture?

What is The Rapture?

It is The Seeker’s Metaphysical Ascension unto The Realm of Spirit.

The “life” of one’s being, soul/spirit is “ruptured”-“lifted up”-“captured” in Spirit and in Truth, and, “taken” to Realization of The Universal Self.

Ancients in India called it “Vismad” or Wondrous Divine Ecstasy.

It is no “eureka” vision of some “chosen” belief.

Westerners thinking or believing otherwise, do so in ignorance.

This “Divine Rapture” is a commonality; “mundane” terminology, used by Free Mystics/Yogis/Sufis for The Higher Supra-Normal “Happening” in The Metaphysical Realm.

Herein, Spiritual Seeker/Manifested Being/Bodily Human-Form, in Divine Intoxication/Meditative Transcendental Worship, gets “transported”, “rises up” to “meet” The SELF of THAT WHICH IS.

What else happens in The Rapture?

No this-that Messiah or God comes with trumpets and angels!

The Vision of one’s Guru or Authoritative Holy Image of one’s faith is commonly “seen” by mystics of every kith, kin and kind. This virtual but mystical “self-experience” of “lift”-“rise”-“capture” of one’s Self/Consciousness unto “The Seventh Heaven” - Kingdom of God - overwhelms “Baptized”/Initiated Yogi.

Mortified, uninitiated, un-baptized call it “abduction” by aliens!

Visions of innumerable permutations-combinations come-go; until, in The Rapture, Self-Realization dawns. Thence, “I and my Father are One” - a la Jesus, Sufis, Yogis and Free Mystics - is The “Buddha”/Knowing/Awakening.

The End and The Beginning is discovered as One Whole Oneness.

This is What is Real About The Rapture.

Rest is hogwash!
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