Sep 6, 2010


Who/What is God?

"He" is neither Mother nor Father.

This imposition of "personality" over That Which Is as He-She-Creator is the undoing of “blind” bookish lot; yet devoid of The Buddha Happening.

In The Ultimate Reality no human-form, anthropomorphic god exists.

Only faiths of lower spiritual understanding believe in it. This illusory phenomenon dissolves once pre-conditioning of our mind is “overcome” during Mystical/Yogic “Self” Realization.

The Knowing, Buddha/Christ-Hood, is A Universal Experience in Mysticism.

Zillions of “happenings" occur during “Shishya”, Learning Phase in a Seeker’s life. Yet, in The End, as Master, the Universal Truth that dawns upon The Chosen One is identical.

Truth is One.

No your-mine “chosen” belief is “There”!

As Spiritual Scientists, “worthy” devotees of The Divine, we all can “realize” The Ultimate Truth of The Universe. However, only the “hungry”/“thirsty” childlike reverent seekers get That Which Is as a “physical” experience.

Interim visions come-go, conditioned by our inherited/acquired faith or understanding. Yet, at the zenith, as Self-Realization, our Soul/Life Essence discovers its own “Holy” - Father/Mother/Creator - Primordial Self as ONE UNIFIED ONENESS OF ALL EXISTENCE.

All uncertainties, differences sine die. The Ultimate Truth therein is One.

The Self of our “ I “, “life” of our existence, finds it’s Quintessence. It is experienced as Unity; Oneness of All Existence.

This is God.

Yet, it is semantics.

Fools speak.

The Eternal Silence stays “zeroed in”: as Self of All That Is.
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