Sep 5, 2010

Stephen Hawking to God: Your Services Are No Longer Needed; God: You So Do Not Get Who I Am!

Is God dead?

Scientists, unable to find “Him”, as most think “God” is, make us but random dots in a spotless vacuum. As if there is no Divine Intelligence “guiding” The Universe.

So, is ours a God-less Universe?

Cosmologist Physicists are as mistaken as are the simple-minded religious lot believing otherwise. The Big Bang theory is as much a hypothesis as is a “Jealous God” in human form sitting in some illusory heaven up “there”.

Scientists like Stephen Hawkins propagate “total energy of the universe is exactly zero”. Meaning, energy creates its own self etc. Attributing no Intelligent Design behind it; and, hence, no Creator. All is random happening of nothingness.

The Universal Energy Total is Zero. Spirituality agrees with Science.

But it is a “Full” Zero!

Yogis/Free Mystics’ “Buddha” Zero - “Shunya” - is Empty yet Full.

The Universal Consciousness that science fails to “clinically” establish here is very much “There”. In and as The “Zero” of “That” Zorro we simpletons call God!

So, what happens “There”?

The Universal Energy/Force of Life - “Shakti - dissolves unto The Zero of The Immanent “Self”. The “thing” - Observer - becomes The Thing which is No Thing. Yet, is Every Thing. Is All That Is!

This Single Eye sees it’s “ I “ as One - The Self - of All “That” exists.

This Immanent Immortality exists As and In What-So-Ever Is.

Is God!

Arm-chair Scientists neither find “This” nor “That”.

Hence, remain zero in Spirituality.
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