Aug 28, 2010

The Problem with Hell

The Problem with Hell is it does not exist!

Neither does Heaven.

“Neither shall they say, lo here! Or lo there! For, behold, the KINGDOM OF GOD, is WITHIN YOU!” [ST. LUKE 17.21]

How much clearer could Jesus be?

Heaven or Hell is not some “physical” place.

Above-said Saying of The Master should put to rest every “devil” of doubt for Christians. Yet, it does not. Present and past followers of Jesus believe in supercilious, superstitious “scriptural” notions of “burning” in hell forever or “blissful” eternally in heaven.

“Sat-Guru”/True Teacher of Christians, nay, of the world, Jesus, “straightened out” myths of Bible.

His teachings are akin to Self-Realization of Yogis and Free Mystics of ancient India: provided The Master is “grasped” with The "Single Eye" of The East.

For Western minds fail to understand Christ.

My 1999 book, JESUS THE TRUE MASTER YOGI [Deciphering The Yogic/Mystic Teachings of Jesus], on LIVE FREE DISPLAY at sheds some light on this issue. (Updated Version soon).

The "demon" of lower Metaphysical Understanding of The Ultimate Reality stands exposed; "bare" in The YOGA OF JESUS.

That professors, theologians, scientists of Christian inheritance, like other Semitic religions and faiths elsewhere, believe in illusory “kingdom” somewhere “up there”, is both saddening and staggeringly strange to Higher Spiritual Systems of East.

Anyway, in nutshell, if Jesus is understood in a Yogic/Sufi/Free-Mystic Way; no demons of hell or heaven shall trouble Christians. Amen!
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