Jul 13, 2010

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Fact is “Western Culture is based on Christian Theology.”

Were it not, question of animals having a ‘soul’ or not, would not arise. Ancient texts of India advocate that animals, from ant to elephant, all have a ‘soul’ like any human being. The Semitic Culture does not think so.

The West as also most of world, has a meat-eating/non-vegetarian culture. Why? Because people, whatever their religion, believe animals do not have a ‘soul’ like them. And, thus, think “little” or nothing of breaking the latter’s bones or beating their brains to a pulp. Thereafter, eating these hapless souls to their hearts content, the same “peace-loving”, “god-fearing” fellows seek “humane” treatment of animals!

In Reality, the “Beginning and End of Everything” (Simple Simon’s God) as found by Yogis and Free Mystics of India in “Self-Experience” is that Universe is “made” of ONENESS. This “ONE” “stuff” of “life” is THE SAME and ONE “here” or “there”. That is, whatever exists, latent or seen, of past-present-future, is in “UNITY”. Thus, in “duality” we see “other”. In The Realm of Ultimate Reality, no “otherness” exists. The Universal Quintessence is ONE.

Hence, those that do not “get” the TRUE NATURE of SELF; for them, dogs, like all other animals, are bereft of a “soul”. It is untrue. A lie believed in by the less mystically “evolved”.

In fact, most of us, the human race, are “dogs” that go to “hell”.


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