Jul 31, 2010

Darwinism & The Moral Argument for God

Conflict between Science and Religion is illusory.

However, many Western “thinkers” make this non-issue an issue.

These arm-chair philosophers, spitting fire and brimstone on “religion”, singing odes to Darwin; remain blissfully ignorant of The “Illusion” Einstein referred to. An “inkling” of it had this great scientist all agog.

If books could give us The Truth, every cockroach ever to crawl over them would get it. ‘Philo’ is love, ‘Sophy’ Knowledge. Philosophy is “Love for Knowledge”. It entails a thinking person Seek and Find WHAT IS. But, for that, is "mind", as we "think" is, enough?

What happens “beyond” our mind?

All, as we imagine it is, "stands" on its head!

Evolution etc. is "observable phenomena" in the "illusion" of Time. It is "limited" in its scope. Einstein "got" it that time/space is “illusory”. Yet, being "persistent", it manifests as a consistent fact. Incidentally, this "observable" world, as "seen" by us, is referred to as "Maya" in all spiritual traditions of India. It means ILLUSION.

Thus, within this “manifest” context - time/space of present day "observable phenomena" - Indian Yogis and Free Mystics give science its due respect. This includes The Evolutionary Theory of Darwin.

Yet, religion means “re-join”. With “That”, Which Is.

Said Mansoor Al-Hallaj - "To comprehend The Unlimited is not the range or quality of that, which is limited." This Sufi Saint was cut to bits by fanatics in 10th century A.D.

Some “thinkers” of West commit this “hara-kiri”.

With Truth.


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