Jul 20, 2010

What is Buddhism?

Simply, sans semantics, "Buddhi" means "intelligence". Metaphysically, one established in INTELLIGENT AWARENESS of WHAT IS, can be called a BUDDHA.

AHIMSA or NON-VIOLENCE, in India, where Buddhism originated, means, "Non-Killing" of ANY, not just "human" LIFE.

Why is it prohibited to take "life"?

This injunction in HIGHER SPIRITUAL WAY(s) of India is inviolable. Unlike Semitic religions or other "paths" elsewhere, taking of "life" of animals, specifically for "food", is a strict no-no here. Excuses “forwarded” by so-called Buddhists for partaking meat are of "LAMA" kind. Of an "alien culture". It is an “outsider” ethos.

Admittedly, a chunk of "less evolved" Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists too take meat. They are in millions. The majority or popular "belief" is, more often than not, of a lower kind. That is why it has more followers. A "higher kind" of Seeker, from anywhere in the world, is no “easy” sheep that can be "herded" to take "feed" with the common flock.

Thus, it may rightly be said that "we are all either moving towards Correct Understanding [Enlightenment] or away from 'That' place of Understanding."

And, pray, what is "this" RIGHT UNDERSTANDING?

It is that ALL is ONE. It is LIFE. And, this “life substratum” is ONE.


As in THE END, in SELF-REALIZATION, it is "found" that ALL IS ONE "LIFE", the sages and seers of India prohibit MEAT-EATING. 

As did BUDDHA.

Hence, who eats meat, is no Buddhist.

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