Jul 19, 2010

Buddhism and Vegetarianism: Would Sid Eat Meat?

“I undertake a vow to abstain from taking life.”

Buddha thus laid down The First Precept of his faith.

What doubt does it leave in any intelligent person’s mind about Meat-Eating? Any excuse to the contrary is willful, wishful waywardness. If, reportedly, Dalai Lama continues to eat meat, then, he, very much like other “lesser mortals”, strays from The Basic Foundation and The First Precept of Buddhism. 

So, how did meat-eating creep into Buddhism?

It happened when Buddhism spread outside India. The regions, countries it took root, had an age-old non-vegetarian culture. Be it Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Korea, Tibet. And, now, it is the West.

All these “alien”, Non-Indian, cultures were also very violent and volatile. “Taking Life” was The Way here. Much pride was taken in one’s ability, readiness for settling scores. An Eye for An Eye prevailed. It still does.

Lastly, in these civilizations, spirits/devil/demons/deities etc. were a part and parcel of everyday “reality”. Hence, REALITY AS IS, or, the Realization that SELF is ONE, remained then, as does it now, missing. View of WHAT IS, as DUALITY not UNITY, prevails now, as it did then. Thus, there was, yet is not, respect for “other” life or soul. Be it so-called “higher life” (man). Or, “lower life” (animal).

Siddhartha, “Sid”, Buddha led a Non-Violent life. The Master preached ‘Ahimsa’. His teachings are distorted. Taking “life” is against Buddhism.

Who eats meat, is no Buddhist.

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