Jul 27, 2010

Can We Depend Upon Our MIND?

Science tends to equate “mind” with our “brain”. It is fallacious. There is “something” that “runs” our brain and mind. What is “it”? It is “life”. But what is the “stuff” this “life” is made of? The Answer eludes Science.

Darwin, Einstein, Newton etc. were, “mind-wise”, admittedly, more intelligent than most of us. Evolutionary or Atomic Theory may be called “observable phenomena” in a limited context. The Unlimited or The Timeless is beyond this “illusion” of time and space. Einstein honored this “inkling” of The Ultimate Reality. In this context, he was deeply “spiritual”.

In East, India specifically, science never is in conflict with spirituality. Why? Because the Yogis and Free Mystics, independent of any tight “religious” beliefs, depend entirely upon “observable phenomena” to seek and find WHAT IS. The scientific community as well as a lay man must grasp these “findings” to “get” The Truth.

So, what did then, as do now, Yogis and Free Mystics find?

After life-long perseverance, it is found by these “Spiritual Scientists” that The “Mind” of our “mind” can be reached! This UNIVERSAL MIND or GOD (of the simple-minded amongst us), is The QUINTESSENCE or “LIFE” of our “SELF”. This “HAPPENING” is bestowed upon The “CHOSEN” Devotee as “MERCY” or “GRACE” of THE DIVINE. Enlightenment can “happen” to anybody. Yet, it may never occur. Thus, one has to be “religious” in this “faith” that “within” us is “KINGDOM OF GOD”. 

The drop does “meet” The Ocean!

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