Mar 28, 2010

The Quantum Brain, Spirituality & The Mind Of God

The THEORY OF EVERYTHING had been answered long ago.

Very simply, it is this: IMMANENT QUINTESSENCE or QUANTUM TRUTH of WHATSOEVER IS, whether HERE or THERE, is ONE ALL-INDIVISIBLE-WHOLENESS. This is not the god of West but the Truth of East.

Spiritual experience of Eastern sages and seers confirms it. It is up to science to catch up to IT. Yet, scientists shall never reach this MIND OF GOD.

Why cannot scientists reach IT?

Because THE CODE OF GOD is not so simple.

Most Westerners, scientists or spiritualists, somehow unable to master THE WAY, have never caught on that THE DIVINE is not some donkey of materialism which any brawny dimwit can steer.

However, in theory, scientists are catching on to WHAT IS.

An INFINITE IMMANENT INTELLIGENCE is the LIFE of ALL THAT IS. It is ONE. Therefore, working from this hypothesis, that ALL IS ONE, scientists can reach great heights. So too can normal people.

The BEING OF GOD is in the realm of experience of all of us. Yet, merely scratching our behinds or brains shall not get us this SELF-REALIZATION.

Who am I? This basic question a free mind must ask. The Indian yogis and free mystics got THE ETERNAL ANSWER by letting go the “I” we all carry more deeply than do we our DNA.

Who loses all, gets ALL!

This NEW AGE MANTRA would take us to a better state and stage than we are at present. Spiritually and scientifically.

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