Mar 22, 2010

What is Religion?

What is religion?

Simply put, it means ‘rebinding’ or ‘reuniting’. Similarly,’ yoga’ is ‘to yoke’. With what? With Whatsoever Is. Highest Truth. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Nature of Reality. God. Or whatever one calls That Which Is.

In higher spiritual circles of East, more specifically India, formal ‘outside’ rules and rituals are considered mere means to an end. For seekers to later on delve WITHIN and find NATURE OF SELF. This metaphysical precept and practice has in varying forms and formats existed in India since times immemorial. Much before the time of Jesus.

If some in West assume religion originated for ‘nothing more’ than appeasement of illusory gods for ‘fertility in the fields and in their women’; then, it is their naïve belief.

Semitic religions - Judaism, Islam, Christianity - believe in an unproven, unseen, non-existent anthropomorphic god: a deity in man-like form. In East or West, people not well versed with Metaphysics of The Ultimate Reality, believe similarly.

None of the Biblical prophets except Jesus postulated Reality As Is: “Kingdom of God is Within you!” “I and my Father are One!” “I am in the Father, He in me!” This self-experienced surrealism that ALL IS ONE runs deep in the veins of seers and sages of the Himalayas. Still does.

This SELF-REALIZATION is addressed as NIRVANA or SALVATION. Without IT, all of us, of this-that direction or dedication, are barking up the wrong BUDDHA TREE!

We need religion. Just not the wrong kind.

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