Jan 20, 2010

Science & Spirituality

"Nature obeys mathematical law."
           -Frank A. Wilczek (Nobel Prize Physics, 2004)
It is a fallacy.

Nature does not follow mathematical law.

Maths does. Science does. This is the mathematical law.

This is science. The ability to know the difference is mathematical genius of man. To assume that we of limited minds can dictate to The Unlimited is sheer arrogance of man. It does not mean the honorable Nobel laureate is so. It just brings to fore a common trait of humankind. We assume we know more than we do. In fact, we know little.

Science is an ever changing maths.

Every day, modern science is discovering newer theories and truths. The old ones do not work. The newer are not static. The old is being given up for the new. Recent scientific findings are putting the old ones in the grave. Proving the previous denizens false, newer demigods of science are claiming hegemony.

There are no more gods left.

So, who is following whom?

Nature is as it was. It shall always thus remain.

It is science which is discovering itself. It is finding better ways to know Nature; succeeding too. To some extent. Yet, it cannot dictate Nature.

Hell, we cannot even predict weather!

Nature follows Law of The Unlimited. Science obeys it. It first discovers the limited laws of nature, and, just when it thinks it has it right, Nature proves it wrong. The limited cannot know the Unlimited.

Man is no god. Neither is science; it may think so, yet, it is not.

Nature comes from The Unlimited. It is sired from That Which Is: God, in common man’s lingo. We, the world and those inhabiting it, are but putty in the hands of Nature. It decides when we come here and when we go. All that man can and does do is to live out the interval: following, finding, fixing, floundering and free-wheeling in betwixt. We do not, cannot dictate to Nature. We obey it. Who does not, is devoid of a scientific temperament.

Science has much to learn from spirituality.

By spirituality is meant metaphysics. Superstition, unscientific semantics of Stone Age religions and ranting of religious bigots has no place in real spirituality. And, pray, what is this “real” thing?

Real spirituality is scientific.

Scientific in the sense that what is not factually true, proved to one’s own self at least, is either false or a fancy. The words used here to define ‘scientific’ are “proved to one’s own self at least”. This does not mean some so-called ‘prophetic’ vision of a self-accredited, meandering ‘messiah’ of past or present is taken to be ‘proved to one’s own self’. Certainly not.

The Law of Nature, The Unlimited Almightiness, God of the masses and That Which Is of the classes, is proved to one’s own SELF. This ‘self’ is not human bodily form but the LIFE that inhabits it as its driving force; it’s Divine Self. Some call this soul, others, spirit. The free mystics refer to it, while defining the Indefinable and Indescribable, as Universal Life, Oneness, Life Force, Universal Soul etc. Straightforwardly and simply, THAT WHICH IS, sans sophistry, is referred to as Nature or God.

This ‘proved to one’s own self’ is called Self-Realization.

It is also called God-Realization. It is what The Knowing One, Buddha, self-discovers through one’s metaphysical experiences; witnessed in and by The Self. By the LAW OF NATURE inhabiting in us all, as our life and spirit. This is always One.

There are no gods in God.

There is only One, Oneness everywhere. This is the penultimate Science of Spirituality. This is the god of free mystics. Were it not ‘proved to one’s own self’, an inquisitive mind and man in the make of a free soul, this free mystic would rather remain an atheist than a believer.

“Better a kafir than kufr!” Free mystics advocate.

That is, rather than telling a lie/kufr, remain an infidel/kafir.

In a nutshell, what it means is that if the end result of this spiritual, metaphysical search is not scientifically, spiritually self-proven to be ONE; then, the atheists and the agnostics are right. If seeking, and, then, not finding ‘That’ something ‘Which Is’ as One and Oneness, God and Godliness; one might as well be an egoistic man believing he is the almighty, the ultimate god. This would be more scientific than believing in some anthropomorphic god. The fable of this ferocious “old” bully sitting ‘up there’ in an illusory far-away ‘zannat’/heaven, with ‘hooris’/fairy damsels pressing his legs and much more is often sold as the fairy-tale to, and fancifully if not fanatically, believed by the so-called ‘jehadi’/holy warriors who die in the name of this rickety, raunchy fellow called god.

Science must obey Nature.

This ONENESS OF ALL THAT IS, God Almighty, is a phenomenon the scientists need find. The Yogis, Sufis and Free Mystics all ages through have sought and found this One.

Seek and find.

If science obeys Nature, then, one fine day THE LAW OF ONE shall be finally, fully understood by the scientific community. The free mystics found IT.

Science has yet to find THAT WHICH IS.

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