Jan 25, 2010

Near Death Experience (NDE) & Reality

One must not be mistaken for the other.

Near Death Experience (NDE), so termed by us now a days, is at the lowest rung of the long ladder to the higher metaphysical, yogic and spiritual realm. These experiences are not IT.

The experiences so narrated in NDE, the similarities and the dissimilarities so documented and derivations thereof, as listed in this wonderful website http://nderf.org/  are very commendable and informative. This is the sincere work of dedicated scientific individuals. All those who seek God in this ungodly world of today, should make the writings on this above mentioned website a must read.

However, NDE is but a wake up call.

What is called Near Death Experience, should more properly and probably be addressed as NEAR DIVINE EXPERIENCE.

These NDEs wherein one experiences 'body-less-ness', sees bright lights, witnesses fantastical imagery of various living and non-living things, hears pleasant sounds, feels suckled by a divine indescribable blissfulness etc. are but metaphysical and yogic experiences a seeker on the path of spirituality is bound to experience more naturally and spontaneously, as a matter of course, under a competent Preceptor. Or, even by one's own self, if thus be the being's destiny. One need not be in any near death accident or illness to experience some of these NDEs.

Innumerable metaphysical books exist in India on this subject since yore.

What the West takes for more, the East considers less.

It is Reality we should be interested in more.

The NDEs should prompt that one who is experiencing this to seek yet more. Often it does. Who has passed through Near Death/Divine Experience, subtly but surely changes, usually for the better. The world no longer seems the same.

Being touched by The Divine bedevils the mind.

One never thinks the same way one did before this particular NDE was experienced. An unlimited realm of possibilities opens up in one's intellect and insight. This is the least that happens after such experiences.

Such a one is likely to become more spiritual than religious. 

In other words, an intelligent and an aware mind that has witnessed and registered this-that NDE is more likely to question self-righteous, rigid rules and regulations of religion, especially one's own. No matter where one is born.

Something changes forever after Near Death/Divine Experience.

A sincere seeker should look beyond these experiences. In ancient Indian yogic texts, one is especially warned of these lower experiences and getting engulfed by the same. These NDEs should propel the seeker up; further into the Realm Of That Which Is. Who gets stuck in lower realms, enamored by these piddle-little experiences, shall surely fall. The free mystics of the East warn us.

One must lose all to gain All That Is.

Near Death/Divine Experiences serve this purpose. Nothing more.

To seek Reality. Whatsoever Is. God. Or not!

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