Jan 1, 2010

Life After Death

Hello world! Happy New Year!

This is my first official jotting on this blog.

Not wanting to waste my own or my readers time on frivolous matters, I seek to only tell WHAT IS, AS IS. Every time.

If some are encouraged through the upcoming blogging herein to seek The TRUTH themselves, not through second-hand info; that would be reward enough.

This is the explicit purpose of this blog. Nothing else. 

Today's topic is from Larry King's page at  twitter.com/kingsthings dated 23rd December, 2009:

"Do you believe in life after death?"

Well, in India, we do. At least, the majority does.

Most do because it has been handed down to us from our ancestral belief system. The free mystics, the spiritual seekers with a mind of their own, wanting to know THAT WHICH IS by their own first-hand experience than through any textual guides/gurus, have left us a lot of yogic literature wherein we are informed about such matters in deep detail. Today I am going to bring forth the message of Saint KABIR on this very topic. And, more.

Unlike the West, we in India address all our holy men, genuine and fake ones alike, as 'baba' or 'sant'/saint. Admittedly, most of these fellows are not up to the mark any which way in spiritual matters. Yet, some are. Kabir was one such free mystic.

A poor low caste weaver by profession, this uneducated yet mystically erudite saintly fellow was prone to annoying both the Hindus and the Muslims alike. It could not be determined whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu. To further complicate matters, he was particularly critical of and wont to poke much fun at the clergy of that era. In the 16th century.

Oddly enough, today, wanting to start the New Year on a promising note, I started reading the Sikh Holy Book (Guru Granth Sahib) from the page I had marked after my previous reading of it quite a while back. I had forgotten it was Kabir I had been reading. Today, I had just enough time to read only one 'sloka'. It was on life after death, god and reality as is. Not as we believe it is.

Some days back, after much hesitation, while deciding that I was going to start blogging/twittering on the first day of 2010, I happened to read Larry King's tweet on this particular topic of life, death  & hereafter. I decided then and there that this was going to be my very first blogging and twitter topic. Some coincidence, eh?

Anyway, this mystical rendering of Kabir, describing Reality in That Surreal Stateless State, translated freely from its original text, is as follows:

Season-sea, sunshine-shadow sphere
Creation-Destruction an't "There";
Life-death, sorrow-joy don't persist
Emptiness, transcendence don't exist.

This Reality, Stateless State refined
Inexplicable; is but one of a kind;
Becoming not less, or any more
light-heavy, weightless yet more.

Nether-upper realm isn't where
night, day too is not there;
water-air, fire isn't where
Truth, Holy Preceptor is There. 

Inaccessible-Unknowable, Ever
One's Guru's Grace does deliver. 
Kabir! Sacrifice be at Guru's altar
Unto Eternal Truth seek I shelter!

This was the Self-Realization of free mystics, yogis, sufis, sages and seers of ancient India. It still is.

The free mystics of the East believe what they themselves see with their own eyes. Thus, the question is not whether one believes in this or that but whether one knows or does not know WHICH IS. This is the Way of the East.

So, is there life after death?


Here and  There.

Hereafter and Thereafter. 

In Spirit and in Truth.

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