Jan 28, 2010

Allah Versus God !

Man-made, mind-made gods are not God.

Names such as Allah, Aloha etc. of the Semitic religions; Ram, Krishna, Shiva etc. of the Hindus; as also innumerable gods and goddesses of every other region and religion are just that. Mind-made, man-made name-calling.

That Which Is cannot be put in ‘purdah’.

God cannot be hid in veil.

This Almightiness is ‘something’ beyond, above names. Is Nameless. It cannot be branded. God is nobody’s pet.

Yet, very recently, in Malaysia, fanatical Muslims damaged churches as also a Sikh temple. Reason? The Christian clergy had, like it does in Egypt, Syria and Indonesia, addressed God as ‘Allah’. The Sikh Holy Scripture, ‘Guru Granth Sahib’, of course, addresses God with as many names as were prevalent at that time of the Sikh gurus and before them in ancient India. It includes Allah.

The ‘wise’ Muslim government of Malaysia, ruling under ‘Shari-at’, the Mohammedan Law, has very unwisely prohibited non-Muslims from calling God by this name, Allah. Making this endearing term their pop’s property! Some sagacious Malaysian judge put this petty issue to rest; ruling that it was illegal to put this bar on others. Not to be outdone, the Malaysian government has yet filed an appeal. The issue has far from ended. It simmers; neither silenced nor stilled.

Stillness is a sine qua non for The Stateless State.

Unless and until the demons of superstition, images of instilled devils and gods are not stilled, a spiritual seeker is unable to experience the Wisdom of the free mystics and the Sufis. The Truth as experienced and expressed by the ancient Sufi saints such as Bulle Shah or Mansur-Al-Hallaj is beyond the reach of an average reader of Quran.

Sufism is beyond the reach of Islam.

The God of Sufis and Mohammedans is different.

So also is The Ultimate Reality.

In ‘That’ state of the Sufis, there is only One and Oneness. The seeker and the Sought are experienced as One Whole. There are no gods ‘There’. What exists therein is experienced as All-ness, Wholeness. Godliness. The Alpha and the Omega. The End and The Beginning. Completeness.

The ancient Yogic texts of India address this Buddha-hood, State of Knowing Reality, as ‘Neti-Neti!” Or, “Not This! Not This!” Calling ‘It’ by any name changes not The Reality.

However, most of the religions of today and afore, especially Mohammedanism, do not self-experience this ‘God’ of Quintessence. Vast majority of humankind thinks there is some old ‘fella’ sitting up there; waiting to either give us a horrible spanking or is going to 'hot' spice up of our life. Both views are wrong.

There is no ‘this’ or ‘that’ in Reality.

No god in the form of man or in any other form is sitting ‘up there’! We of the modern world, when science has advanced so much, should not accept Stone Age beliefs. This vision of God is passé. Science gives us a better hint, than do most religions, about God.

Science is a good messiah.

It teaches us now that solid forms are illusory in reality. Their quantum or ‘inner reality’ is in a continuous flux. Since we cannot detect this ever-changing equation of solidity by our naked eye, we think things are solid. They are not. One could say, in quintessence, everything that we see in this world, is a flexuous movement and momentum of energy; which, because of interactive forces acting on each other, seems to make this un-stilled phenomena appear as a solid entity.

This ‘illusory goddess’ is called ‘Maya’.

The ancient free mystics of India, had in deeper realities of spiritual reign, found that all forms dissolve unto the Formless, images into the Imageless, life unto life-less-ness unto All-ness unto Wholeness. Ending in One and Oneness.

There are no gods but God.

"La Illah-il-Allah!"

However, this ‘Allah’ is not some form. Unfortunately, the Muslims as also most Christians, Jews, Hindus and vast majority of our ancestors then and peers now, could not then and do not at present get rid of the ‘devil’ of this belief that God is in the form of our own ‘man’ image. This is untrue.

What Is exists as Imageless Image of Wholeness.

Simply, ‘It’ may be called Spirit. We are in the ‘image’ of ‘That’ in our soul-essence. That is, we are the ‘split-image’ of All That Is. God made us in ‘His’ Image!

Those who seek, need find ‘This’. And, ‘That’!

Images-icons, names-forms, gods-goddesses, angels-demons, avatars-messiahs, heaven-hell, devil and such hyperbolic experiences are in the lower realms of spirituality. This 'kindergarten' state of spiritual life must be 'overcome'. The Sufis rise above it. And, discover The Eternal Truth. The yogis and free mystics seek and find this Allah. There is no other god.

Allah is God. And, God is Allah! All is That Which Is. Call this 'That', God, Allah. Whatever. Named, un-named. This Nameless is untamed. Neither yours, nor mine to claim!

O' man of Allah! Attain!!

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