Feb 13, 2017

How can we get a sense of humour?

Only by developing a holistic attitude about life in particular, and people in general, can we enable ourselves to see the humorous side of life, without going for the vein in our own jugular.
For, a sense of humour entails seeing the nonsensical absurdity in our daily life - sad, tough or happy as it may be - without going bonkers.
Therefore, to have a sense of humour we must have a life!
This means one has to have the will to life.
That is, one must not give up on life no matter what. For, living is easier said than done.
Life breaks the toughest of us all.
The only difference between people is that the tough amongst us will ourselves to be strong enough to hold on in rough times, while the lesser integrated ones amidst us fall, unable to get up thereafter, withering with the times.
A person with a sense of humour is a philosopher or sorts.
He or she mulls over life, and looking around, decides its better to live than die. And having settled the issue of living thus, the better “rounded-up” amongst us do not cry for our mamma in make or break times, but dare to daddy the vulnerable times.
And thenceforth, understanding life wholesomely, one cries sometimes, but also laughs wholeheartedly, willingly or unwillingly, most of the time.
The laugh comes because life does.
A better “held-up” person, perforce has to have a sense of humour because he/she gets it that otherwise, life coming as it does - inevitably and unstop-ably - would crush him/her for the bug he/she is.
For, all of us are bugs. Some with bigger butts, others with no butt but many buts!
It is thus to be understood that life is a gift. And for all that most of us know, maybe just given once. Hence, we must make a peppy popsicle when given pepper!
Though as a freemystic of sorts, I cannot refrain from pitching in that it, life, comes and keeps coming death after death till the end of the times, until we get the “It” of it all.
That all that is seen or unseen is but a dream, and we the cream within the dream!
So, to have a sense of humour is to appreciate life. Wholesomely, and fully. Accepting the good times with a smile, and the bad times without going senile!
Humour binds us to the boundless.
It makes us free. To punch in the nose even God, if need be!
Hence, to have a sense of humour we must learn to appreciate all the colours of life, staying colour-blind. That is, enabling ourselves to taking well the differences between us - as people to people, and betwixt differing faiths and cultures - without developing an incurable ulcer.
In effect, it means seeing the unity of all that be amidst the seemingly duality.
Having thus developed a keen sense of a philosophical and an objective viewing and innate understanding - accompanied by a nonsensical sense of the absurd - one can accumulate better information about what is or is not.
It - the resulting sprouting seed of a little humour - opens up our mind, so far closeted with our inherited isms and ideologies. Thus freeing us not only from the crappy part of our ancestral inheritance, but also from our own crap and nonsense!
And a free man is a fuller, a funnier man.
For, he’s his own man.