Dec 3, 2017

What is the significance of humans in this extraordinary vast universe?

Failing to grasp the gist and gnosis of the Self, we’re insignificant. As a grain of dust.
On the other hand, were we to comprehend and ‘get’ the real ‘make’ of our Higher Self, then we are of immense significance in this ‘extraordinary vast universe’.
So, who are we? And what is our true identity, of the life within us - the Self?
Simple isms and and simplistic religions, especially those of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic fold propagate the lore that we’re made out of this or that mud etc. by a human-like physicality called Jehovah, or Allah. Also, that this fancied act - of making man, animals, flora and fauna, earth etc. out of the thin air - was somehow performed by this mean, misogynistic man-like entity a mere 6,000 years ago. And that before it, neither the earth nor the universe was in existence.
That it was - and millions of years-old human-like or animal remains etc. and billions of years-old rocks etc. - scientifically prove that the silly assumption of the the Universe and the Creation being a few thousand years-old is a simpletons’s fancy and falsity.
Again, scientism buffs would have us believe the baloney that our life-giving core and substratum arose out of ‘dead’ matter, as an aftermath of an unproven big bang, and thereafter, because of a chemical-mating of sorts!
The above-told theoretical and theological concepts are just make-believe.
That the universe has always existed, both the advanced scientists and the higher lot of spiritualist are nearing this better understanding.
Alternatively, the freemystics of the world, namely, that of ancient India, have always insisted that ‘all this’ - the universe and whatever else - is ever being made, and then, un-made. That it is an ever-expanding existence. Uncountable, and innumerable ‘big bang’-like phenomena are taking place every moment. Of universes and worlds coming into being, and ceasing to be! And that yet, after all is said and done, the end cosmic reality remains forever unaltered.
But what is the Eternal Cosmic Reality that the cocky fans of scientism and blind believers of simplistic isms and religions do not get, as an empirical experience and as an edible understanding?
It is that each thing is every thing!
In other words, at the fundamental substratum and quantum level, the ‘make’ of each and everything in the universe and the whole of existence, is identical and the same, is One. This is the fact-finding of the freemystics of the world. At all times, every time.
This is the Self that mystics self-realize, as the ‘It’ of the Whole of What Is.
This indefinable infinity is the immanence that is also the ‘It’, which permeates each and every aspect and entity in existence.
A perennial permanence is the life and essence of it all.
Therefore, it may be said, that it is a metaphysical reality that there is nary a difference in the ‘It’ of the minutest animal and the meanest entity and between your dear mama and your favourite aunty!
Essentially, it means that the microcosm and the macrocosm are unto each other, as we all have heard said at sometime or the other. It is the only truth, and reality found at the end, in enlightenment. In self-realization.
Either modern science catches up to it, or it will wallow in its mad scientism.
Hence, the significance of our human birth lies in either ‘getting’ the Ultimate Reality of What Is or not understanding it and not getting ‘It’ in the palm of one’s hand as if. Thus by the latter act, of failing to comprehend the Ultimate Truth of Existence, the human entity remains insignificant, in its mind and make.
The un-realized human loses out on the ‘It’ of All That Is. That the Self of the Universe is also the ‘It’ of our very own self. In Essence.
We are significant in this universe to the extent that we attain Self-Realization.
Not realizing that there is just One ‘I-ness’ as the ‘It’ of All, in our own thought and mind we are rendered insignificant. But comprehending that the whole of the universe is nothing but the very reality and the perennial truth in our own essence, we are at once One with ‘It’. And as significant as the Universal Self. For, it is also the life and line of our very own existence.
In short, we are the universe - literally!
Get so from science or spiritually, but do so eventually.
Or you shall live, and die in the false knowledge that we’re an insignificant human entity. And thus, not living and dying in our true identity. Of being the ‘It’ of the Universe, and vice-versa. Of being god as though!
For, there is no ‘two’ - a bifurcation, or a truncated substratum of the Universal Self.
All’s One. Undifferentiated, indivisible, inseparable, an immanent oneness - forever unbreakable, and unshakable. Ever satiated. Unto the Self. That is All. Of Whatsoever Is. Here, or there!
Hence, eventually, we are as significant as the universe itself.
In this endeavour of seeking, and so finding the highest truth and reality, none can help you, but you yourself. Free yourself from the lower understanding - of being insignificant. Of being just a tiny, tottering human. For, you are much, much more than you think you are. Seek, and so find the Self.
And thus live a life of abundant understanding, and significance.

Oct 2, 2017

SIMPLIFIED!! - The Metaphysics of the Life Force: Of God.

The Essence Principle of Life Force, called God by most people, is One. This is realized by a rare few; though science is pointing, more or less, to this fact - that All is indeed One.

Even if it is not individually attained - not 'witnessed' as if - once it is realized in theory that "All is One", we should function from "this": All Pervading Principle of Oneness.

This "Kingdom of Heaven" - of Oneness - is "Within" our quintessence, and being. Attuning to 'IT' therein, in time, all that happens to us or around us, shall start appearing like a dream - a play 'within' One Self.

In One, there is no "other". All is a Single, Whole. "I and my Father are One", as if.

Remembering the Unity Principle, whatsoever happens, shall be 'witnessed' as a Cosmic Principle of Oneness. Waves are a natural phenomenon 'within' the ocean - there is no 'good' or 'evil' in this process. Similarly, is the case of human life, and destiny.

There is no 'good' or 'bad'. Only that happens which is meant to happen, as is the Law of Nature. Of destiny.

Accepting that whatsoever happens, does so by the dictum of Oneness, we shall be able to let go of both 'good' and 'bad' - accepting it as a natural 'happening' as per one's destiny.

In acceptance lies the Key to Knowledge of That Which Is.

One it is accepted, that Essence of Nature is One, all 'happening' and 'non-happening' ceases to bother an Enlightened One.

An 'Attained' One takes destiny in his or her stride, becoming stronger by the day. And firmer, in Unity Consciousness - that forms the Basis of What Is. 

Sep 2, 2017

Should one meditate at the same time everyday?

Ancients in India advised consciously making meditation the first task of the day, an hour or two before sunrise.
It is called the “Brahma mahurata” - the time of God.
It is considered the time divine, when ‘That’ which is “It” comes into “action” as if. At this very time the sages and sadhus get up, and start their prayers. It is the time when the yogis and the “thirsty” seekers start meditating.
One could say, it’s the time when all the spiritual activities start.
At least in the traditional mystic circles, here in India, the hour or two before sunrise is considered the best of times. For the best of the best start their prayers and meditations thence. The sincerest of the sincere, unable to stay in slumber anymore, perforce as if, awaken. And pay their obeisance to That Which Is. At this time.
‘Brahma mahurata’ is the prayer time from times immemorial, in India.
Therefore, only a fool would lets go such a divine opportunity. Of starting meditation at this “fixed’ time - somewhere between 3.00 a.m. to 4.30 a.m. - to gain the maximum spiritual benefits.
For, the mind is at its freshest then. No deep troubles or silly fancies have taken hold of one this early. Hopefully! Then there’s also that “vibration” thing, of millions of people praying and meditating - as the sages and seers afore in ancient India did, and yet do - at the very same time.
There is a certain unsaid holy synchronicity going on at Brahma-mahurata.
Why not make use of it? After all, a seeker needs all the help he or she can find, especially in the beginning stages of one’s spiritual journey. Even otherwise!
Frankly, perhaps consciously, having read about it I think, or unconsciously, I started my spiritual practices at the above-said time; when I came about the Way, in 1990.
Still get up at 3 a.m. everyday, since the last 25 years or so.
But it needs be said that every moment is the best time for meditation.
On a personal note, I was meditating all the while. Every moment of every day, back then. Crying for it, begging for it, howling for it.
Till the time I got “It”. In 1993–94.
However, it must be firmly grasped, and that factually understood, that the Ultimate or the Absolute does not have a particular “holy” time to “awaken” you!
“It” - the Ultimate Truth - is a timeless, limitless infinity.
It’s an unending eternity. A indivisible unity of all that is, beyond entities! No rules bind it, no messiahs find it, no gods stand in “It”.
This “god particle” - of Enlightenment and Self-Realization, of Awakening - “rises up” from somnolence whenever the seeker is ready to “receive” it, spiritually, metaphysically and karmically.
The ultimate “happening” took place, for me, at 4.30 to 5.30 p.m. or so. I think. In the spring of 1993. But then, the last doubt was “removed” as if, for me, at the Brahma-mahurata time, in the early hours of the morning, on 17th March, 1994.
Hence, not time but sincerity matters. In meditation. And in seeking.
Therefore, pray and meditate any time you want, or can. Bu do! Keep at it, as if the devil himself is after you! Relentlessly, religiously, reverently! And leave the rest to That Which Is.
In simple words, do your dharma, and let karma complete the process.
But it is advised that a seeker abstain from non-vegetarian food, and only intake pure “satvic” diet, if one really wants ‘It’.
Mind you, I was a non-vegetarian till the end of 1989, and an egg-vegetarian till 1990, before giving it all up and becoming a pure vegetarian by that year end. Then, there was rapid progress in the metaphysical realm.
A vegetarian diet does 50% of the job, in spirituality!
It took me barely 3 more years to get ‘It’ finally, in 1993–1994. I do not think I would’ve “got” what I did had I not turned a vegetarian. It changes something deep inside you, to the very core of your being. It did me!
For, eventually, at the End it’s found that “All is One”. Therefore, hurting others - especially the “lower” animals, for food - is hurting your very own-self.
Without a vegetarian diet, all prayers and meditations are futile.
Sans it, that which is “It” - the All of the Whole - comes not. Any time.

Aug 4, 2017

Is there one god or many?

Neither “no god” nor “one god”, or “many gods” - none is the truth ‘There’.
All these are just concepts, mere mind-made theories, each as good or as inept. For, as a metaphysical “happening”, all that is reported remaining “un-dead” and “alive” at the End - as the Ultimate Reality - is only the Infinite Essence of the Universal Self.
The visions of this or that god, of one’s own tribal or inherited deity, or of the mind-projections of some fancied ideas as gods - such, and similar “siting” is oft reported in the beginning, or at an intermittent stage of meditation.
Thereafter, it is reported by better metaphysical authorities that the enhanced or the elevated or the “lifted up” consciousness of the seeker delving unto the realm of the paranormal and the supernatural, makes one “meek in spirit” and “high” of mind - to “overcome” one’s own dense and dark limitations.
These limitations maybe simply a lesser knowing. Could also be an inherent flaw in one’s character. Or present, owing to a deeper mess-up in one’s psychological make-up. Perhaps the presence of an insistent parochial attitude in oneself maybe limiting the “upliftment” of the soul, owing to an ideological screw-up.
However, all this, and the other such imbibed, inherited superciliousness is “slain”by the Beatific Vision of One, Divine Reality.
Therein, one nor many, not even “no god” holds true.
The empirical entity - the human body and being, the breath and all that’s “living” within, the so-called soul or any such named “thing” - simply “vanishes”! Existing, if it does, thence, as a mere reference point in the cosmos. As say, is a non-existent pinpoint in space, of the limitless sky.
And lo! In a wondrous magical transcendental happening, till now a point of reference in the sky, “this” observing-self ceases to beIn that instant thereof, rather than a cosmic reference point, stands henceforth the Whole. As the Self of the Cosmos, as though.
“I am All” - the Cosmic “I” reflects.
In simple words, the “matter” that we think we seemingly are, its self finds itself as the immanent cosmic energy; which, in turn, discovers it is neither matter nor energy but the “It” behind all. The Self of All That Is.
Hence, once the visions of gods, deities, fancied god-men and gurus, fairies and angels, hell or heaven are “consumed” by the Universal Self, the metaphysical reality that reveals itself is that of Oneness, of an Eternal Divine Consciousness.
“It” is the “I” of the Whole. Of All Existence. Of That Which Is.
Herein, no gods thump their chests, no messiahs brag about their conquests, no angels preach or rest! All is a Cosmic Whole. In full “knowing” its Self to be the entire universe!
Thus, is enlightenment, self-realization, “awakening” to the Cosmic Self.
Once this “non-happening” is over, the meditating self “comes back” to its “senses” as if! And finds itself, again, to be the human entity that was meditating. Only now, it is fully “awake” to the Absolute Reality of Whatsoever Is.
Hence, the sage who has so “awakened”, knows he is no “he” or “she”. Nor is just a bodily busy-bee! Dead, nor alive, re-birthing, nor dying. But is in essence, the “stuff” of which is “made-up” Eternity and Infinity! Is the Whole, of All That Be.
Henceforth, this “Awakened One” lives free, as the Cosmic Whole.
Aware at all moments, with every breath, in good or bad times, that “all this” seen “here” is nothing but a divine comedy of ‘What Is’. In dual-conscious state of “eyeing” this manifest world. And that in fact, behind this sensed duality of earthly life, eventually, all existence is but One Self.
Thus, the awakened whole while still in this bodily form, bothers not about “one god” or “many gods”, nor about “no-god” ism! Leaving all this trash-talking of lesser minds and lower hearts, the “knowing one” is free of them all. Knowing the Self, as All.
That you are, my friend. Without isms. Awaken to “It”.
And bid goodbye to less than this. 

Jul 2, 2017

Did God create the man first and only afterwards the woman, as some religions advocate?

This is the simplistic view of misogynists, and simpletons of dark ages.
Unfortunately, women are still held to be an inferior lot by a large number of “manly” religious nuts within this silly world populace, to date.
Not that any religion is especially exempt for such lowly thoughts!
But largely, the women are yet not accorded an equitable and a well-deserved respectful place mainly owing to the retrograde teachings of the supposedly “holy” divination of the faiths that have ruled the world in the past hundreds and thousands of years. As too, now days.
It is their majority view, being in majority, that is spread and held worldwide true.
As of today, about 55% of the world population follows Islam, Christian and Judaism. By 2050, PEW Research estimates this number - of people following Abrahamic faiths - shall increase to 63% of the world populace.
All the above said religions and their books, their beliefs and superstitions are spread throughout the world. Namely, the Bible, Quran and Talmud/Torah all consider woman to be birthed after man, and brought into being from the rib of man; hence, is inferior to man.
Thus they believe their tribal god - Jehovah, and Allah - did.
That is, more than half of the world - if they absolutely and truly believe in their prophets, faith, and their fancied god must hold women to be born after man, from man, and therefore, inferior to man. Sans dithering, or doubt!
For, their messiahs, books, and their inherited god held it so.
Your question too has arisen out of this “passed on” dogmatism. Handed out “second-hand”, without first-hand knowledge, knowingly as too unknowingly, from generation to generation, father to son, ism to schism - and, from “them” to you.
Though, now, commendably, in a rather freethinking mode, you somehow seemed to have manged to wonder about this silly precept of your ancestors. And rightly so.
For, it is an untruth - of woman being created after man, by God.
So, what is the Truth? What is Creation? And pray, who the hell is God? Or is there any, one nor many? And what are the essential, existential and quintessential difference between the “make” of man and woman, if any?
This Pandora’s box must be opened to get to the answer to your question.
Are you ready for “It” - the truth, and nothing but the Truth?
Okay then, here it goes, the metaphysical truth of What Is:-
  1. There is no man-like god, namely, Jehovah or Allah, “out there”.
  2. All visions of gods, goddesses, hell or heaven etc. “die” in Gnosis.
  3. Visions of this-that god are a common experience in mundane meditation.
  4. At the End only One, Unified Whole is found “alive”, in enlightenment.
  5. Being One Whole, the entire existence, and the creatures thereof, are identical in “make”.
  6. Since All is One at the core essence, it follows that no one is superior to the other - neither born of another nor before or after the other.
  7. All existence, quintessentially and metaphysically, is a Single Unbreakable, Inseparable Cosmic Unit, forever bound in Unity and Oneness. Therefore, All is One. So are we all. Hence, ye are all gods! Or none is!
It is time we seek, and self-realize the ‘That’ of Which Is.
And not depend upon a second-rate, a second-hand, a superstitiously and superciliously seconding of bullish blind beliefs of a silly and a stupefied people of dark ages.
In a nutshell, one must grow up!
And get the ‘It’ of What Is. 

Jun 4, 2017

Do we see Ghosts and Spirits after the opening of the Third Eye?

Firstly, let us be clear as to what is the Third Eye.
In yoga texts, it is said to be located in between the eyebrows, at the center, equidistant from both. And it is so mentioned that it can see beyond the normal human eye can, or does. Above ordinary sensory perception, and observation. Some say it can be opened by tantra practices, as too be yogic means.
However, it opens up by the Grace of What Is.
The blessed seeker in whom is bestowed such a vision, sees many a surreal thing. In fact, innumerable visions come to an advanced  seeker and devotee. To the one 'chosen', so is said.
But if at all visions of ghosts or spirits come to any, then, they are of the mind-made kind. For, it takes a long time, sometimes a lifetime, at other times after an uncountable lifetimes, for the Eye of the Shiva or the Third Eye to open fully.
Before it does, a plethora of visions may come of the lower kind. They do so to the metaphysically cockeyed. Not to a fully opened Third Eye.
In the Absolute Vision of the Single Eyed, the Third Eye witnesses no ghosts or spirits. For such are the projections of the mind of an unripe seeker. In the 'born again' devotee, the really sincere kind, cosmic beatitudes come. As similarly, one may say, comes the dawn.
Most self-appointed messiahs fail here. At this level itself.
They fall prey to the mind-made fancies, and its projected 'lower' visions. Such as angels, fairies, a hell or a heaven, ghosts and spirits. And of imbibed, inherited, and fancied idea of a man-like god, or gods.
Little realizing that they are yet in the beginning stages of their metaphysical search, they mistakenly think they have attained to the highest. Thus, failing at the very onset.
Herein, man-made religions, and mind-made gods are born.
Thus, a spiritual seeker must be up to date with the pitfalls along the way. But unfortunately, the god-men of earlier times, having had little or no training in higher metaphysical truths and teachings, seemed to have become dogmatic little sods. As crude, cruel and crass as their imaginary gods.
In a nutshell, neither ghosts nor spirits, gods nor angels, not hell or heaven pass muster at the End, in a genuinely opened Third Eye.
All else is a lie.

May 2, 2017

Is religion just a hallucination?

Not religion but the Truth is a must. All else, one may well let go. Or give a rest.
However, before one decides for or against religion, one needs knowing as to what it is. For, rightly understood, religion does not irk. But taking one’s cultural myth to be the almighty truth and the end reality, is to be a slave to the silly superstitions of one’s less knowledgeable and “little”-minded ancestors. This sort of ism if adopted and accepted as one’s religion, makes one a fool following an illusion - a hallucination.
In its original Latin, the word religion means “re-join”. Similarly, yoga is to “join”. Therefore, metaphysically religion would mean joining with ‘That’ which is the Absolute of What Is.
And the Absolute Truth is not a god in the bush, or a personal god with a tush!
In fact, no human-like person or a this-that “spirit” is God. Nor are there any humanoids as gods, yours nor mine! All such fancies are regional or religious fantasies. They are ingrained in our minds owing to our cultural fancies or due to our “lower” thinking or because of our “lesser” experience in the metaphysical realm.
Eventually, as one advances in meditation and in metaphysical seeking - following a purer life and a pristine living, never excluding non-violence and killing or eating of living beings - the Universal Unity of the Almighty Existence is found to open its bosom to the “thirsty” and the “hungry” seeker of the Ultimate Reality. Of God, so to say.
In ‘IT’, the “rapture” of the “happening”, after being led to innumerable surreal visions of unimaginable kind, even of gods and similar wonders of the Divine - the “spirit” of the meditating Buddha to be separates from the bodily entity of the human being. Thereafter, a transcendental travelling of sort begins, ending in the soul or the spirit of the “being” ceasing to be as though! And “becoming” its “lost” self - the Universal Self of Whatsoever Is.
The only god and reality “THERE” is the “SELF” experiencing itself as ALL.
No religion, messiah, guru or god “stands” therein. No angels or spirits “breathe” herein. No this or that is the ‘IT’ of existence in this immortal infinity of all-ness. Just a Oneness of Eternity is god in this heavenly unity and divine non-duality.
Having self-experienced this “non-happening”, the KNOWING ONE (the Buddha, so to say) “returns” as if, to the bodily experience - of being the physical human entity that was meditating before the aforesaid “stateless state” was known, or experienced.
Thus, this re-alignment or re-joining with the Absolute is the “real” religion.
In this context, of “getting” and “knowing” this truth and reality of eternal universality and immortal unity of forever-ness of everything - whether understood scientifically or spiritually - the ism of “It”, is no hallucination.
Yet, until one “gets” the ‘IT’ of it all, all gods and religions are but nansy-pansies.

Apr 6, 2017

Where should one fix one's concentration, if our body is the reflection of cosmos, and both represent Maya (Illusion)?

I could give book-read answers for it, as some have already done. But I won’t.
Therefore, so as to benefit all the spiritual seekers here or anywhere, and to avoid the unnecessary pitfalls, I’m going to answer this question from a deeply personal, and from an individualistic self-experience and self-knowledge about it.
Concentrate on That Which Is.
That is, not on the body or being but on the Truth; which, at this stage of spiritual understanding and non-experience you most probably know not as to what “It” actually and factually is.
However, since the seeker - with closed eyes, has to “see” and “look” somewhere - during meditation, therefore, do so at the middle point between the eyebrows. But do not let it “weigh heavily” upon you!
That is, do not make yourself consciously tense.
For otherwise, you will be furrowing your eyebrows, with a forced-felt need to find something or the other “out there” somewhere.
Personally, I could not even do this for long, when I started. I just let my meditative point of reference shift upwards, to the top of the head.
Mind you, I had read no book about the yogic concentration practices when I started my spiritual voyage, back at the beginning of 1990.
In fact, despite the fact that I was then staying in Delhi, and even after trying to fetch a book about meditation in Connaught Place in the middle of New Delhi, funnily and bizarrely enough, I somehow could not. Though later on, after the whole process of “getting IT’” completed itself, I found a whole lot of such books available at the same place!
But it needs be said that I did get a book or two on this subject from the Shivananda bookshop in Rishikesh/Haridwar. However, by then I was so deep into “It” that I did not check out the same. Later, after the whole was Whole, I did.
I was an atheist afore.
Needless to say, I did everything I could, as an unguided spiritual aspirant would. Go hither and thither!
Starting from “lower” worship of the Divine, in the name-form mold, I slowly, steadily and then speedily ventured into the “formless”. Lead by a hidden hand as though.
Anyway, the question asked specifically is as to where must one concentrate during meditation. As a rule of the thumb - without going gung-ho about yogic jargon or any other such hatha-yoga concept - simply, just concentrate at the middle of the space between the eyebrows. Thereafter, if so inclined, at the top of the head.
But with mind and soul always “fixated” on the Search for the God Head!
At the due time - when and if you’re so “chosen” karmically by the Divine - you will be led into an individualistic experience unto the paranormal, and then, into the supra normal.
Many visions, too innumerable to put down here, may dawn upon the meditating spiritual aspirant. Other inexplicable “things” too will happen.
But eventually, karmically bound, you may well be led to the “That” of Which Is.
Herein, all forms of gods-goddesses, angelic or devilish mirages, as too a this or that ingrained or imagined ancestral or cultural idea of the Divine - all cease to be. As good, as gone flatulence!
And all the silly and the whole lot of the superstitious suppositions would be found to be but used-up junk. And like a dying dilapidated ship, the mind-made hell and heaven herein are compulsorily sunk. As is all the stinking crap carefully considered, and then, compulsorily but unceremoniously dumped!
No god stands “There”, as God!
At the End, the body and being stand “dissolved” in “That”.
And the self-experience is as “physical” as my writing now is, a zillion times more clearer than this experience of reading-writing herein, at this moment, is.
This surely is “seen” by “Self” that verily it is the All.
Hence, the Ultimate Truth and the Absolute Reality is not witnessed as your or my inherited or imagined god.
Out “There”, ALL IS THAT!
This is the “That” of all - forms and formlessness, of the dead and the alive, the sentient or the insentient, of the creation and the Creator.
Thus, there’s NO GOD OUT THERE. But ALL IS GOD!
Scientifically speaking, it means that when probed to the endless possibilities, the Cosmic Reality in its subsistence and substratum is but an Infinite, an Eternal, an Innate Unity. Of All That Be.
However, “It” is not dead, but very much alive, as the All of everything!
Therefore, the atheists as too the scientists who insist there’s “no God”, are found to be as wrong as the warped religious nuts of this-that ism.
For, out “there”, each is self-realized to be the other! In quintessence.
No gods, messiahs, ancestors, hell or heaven, dead relatives survive in “That”!
Alternatively, everything - be they as too our thought of foes - in eternal essence, are self-discovered to be nothing less than us, or the Self of All.
Simply put, form nor formlessness is God. But the WHOLE IS GOD!
What it means for us is that since eventually ALL IS ONE, we must treat each other as the very skin of our soul, less nor more, and as our brethren. For, herein, the Beginning is the End.
And all’s one. Including the ant you just now maybe have stepped on!
“It” is a difficult concept to understand. But then, so the Truth at the End is. Sorry, thus “That” is. So, God is!
Accept “It”. Or seek, and find What Is.
Or die trying. 

Mar 17, 2017

How can we overcome the fear of death?

All birthed, unto dust become earth.
That which is born, loves life, and therefore, fears death. It is the norm.
However, from a metaphysical point of view, there is no death. But then, from the same perspective, there is no birth either.
How can that be? Is it not some mumbo-jumbo of nut-heads?
Well, from both a higher scientific and an evolved spiritual understanding, this whole world of names and forms is, eventually and essentially, a non.
That is, when matter is “broken down” to its “bones” as if, the residue is not more or less empirical matter but energy. Now, beyond this break-down of material “matter”, and finding it as energy, science does not get anything - except a whole lot of nothing!
Having worked itself to death, and trying to find the “God Particle” as though, science comes croppers. It finds no “thing” beyond matter’s energy. On this much, or little, science works. Beyond it, even the best of the theoretical physicists fail to catch.
To put it simply, the Principle Cause of “all this” escapes the reach of science.
Oh, they , the so-called “brahmins of science”, the “holy cow” of human brains, the scientists and the intellectuals do speculate to death about the reason of the causation and the dissolution of the cosmos. But to date, all that they have been able to conjure up is that all this that we see “here” is about a couple of billion years old, brought into life by some “big bang”.
Mind you, it is no science. Just speculation. As good as any. Yours or mine.
The best the “gods of science” have been able to come up with is, that in some bang-banging of atoms, an explosion came about. Out of which, by itself, without the help of any “hidden hand”, this marvelously well-organized world came into being.
In other words, a certain god-forsaken chemical interaction gave us life. And hence, it, this self induced chemical reaction is our god, if you are looking for one! Therefore, do not look!
But do, as anyone with a little bit of brains must.
So, what is it that higher metaphysics knows, and which even the best of physicists do not?
It is that energy, becoming subtle, and yet more, to its deepest core, becomes less yet more! It, energy, delved unto the End, reveals itself as non-energy, and thenceforth, as Essence. As wind is air is space!
Similarly so, having delved unto the dust of no-thing-ness, since lost times the freemystics have been reporting, at least here in India, that all empirical or earthly matter self-reveals itself to be a “non-thing”.
Not a nothing, but “no thing”, not even energy. Nor a thing or stuff of some sort of a “material essence”. But Cosmic Self-Essence.
Simplifying it further, it may be said that the matter that seemingly our body is, the energy our being similarly seeming is - in core-essence thereafter, seen single-eyed - in cosmic rapture finds its self-essence to be nothing other or else than the Cosmic Self.
As the drop reveals itself to be but water, and the earth as dust, thus identical is the Revelation of the Cosmic Self.
It is told that the observing-self of every karmically blessed spiritual seeker, finds the “wise serpent” within - the metaphysical “son of God” or the ‘kundalini’ power, so far lying dormant at the base of the human spine - getting “awakened”.
It is then, “raised up” by a hidden hand as though. And the yogi, with bodily eyes closed but the ethereal “single eye” open, sees the “life” of the body leave the body, and stand outside of itself - literally so! - as “a point of existence”.
Looking at own-self, this “existential eye of metaphysical non-entity” grasps then on that it is “something”, but is not the bodily being it had taken itself to be, till then. And thence, this “self-observing point of reference” is taken to a transcendental revelation, and unfolding of the Self.
And if truth be told, then, the about to be Buddha thenceforth witnesses many a wondrous metaphysical vision. Until it all ends, as magnificently as it had begun. And “whatever is left thereof”, though yet “feeling” itself as “life energy”, that suddenly it “collapses” - unto the Self of What Is.
And this, self-witnessing “son of God” - so to say - finds its self to be the Whole of All. That is, the born stands “alive” as the Unborn.
Alone. In unison with its Cosmic Self. As the Absolute.
Wherever “It” looks, it finds all to be Own Self. The whole cosmos, it finds as own-self. There is no “other” self thereNot even of a this or that self of a god of some sort! But ONE SELF.
Having discovered in that surreal moment of existence that all self is One Self, the self-witnessing completes itself.
From this unity consciousness, of the self-realization of being the Universal Self, the “It” of What Is finds itself again in the realm of dual-consciousness. The Cosmic Oneness of Infinitude now, becomes aware that it is “back”!
From self-discovering itself to be the Infinite Unity of All, to being the mortality of the bodily entity et all. That is, from God to man, again!
Thus, my friend, is the Journey unto the Universal Self.
This is the “life” in you, me, and our enemies too. “It” is a Unified Wholeness, in Infinity and in Eternity. This “son of God” resides, as the “kingdom of heaven” within us allAs the “make” of God, as if.
You are this! Deathless, foreverness.
The body dies. ‘That’ which makes up all that is, does not. “It” is the “make” of us all. In other words, we are thus literally made in the make of God!
What is there to fear, but non-knowledge?
Those who do not get “It”, fear death. “Get” IT. And life fearlessly.

Feb 13, 2017

How can we get a sense of humour?

Only by developing a holistic attitude about life in particular, and people in general, can we enable ourselves to see the humorous side of life, without going for the vein in our own jugular.
For, a sense of humour entails seeing the nonsensical absurdity in our daily life - sad, tough or happy as it may be - without going bonkers.
Therefore, to have a sense of humour we must have a life!
This means one has to have the will to life.
That is, one must not give up on life no matter what. For, living is easier said than done.
Life breaks the toughest of us all.
The only difference between people is that the tough amongst us will ourselves to be strong enough to hold on in rough times, while the lesser integrated ones amidst us fall, unable to get up thereafter, withering with the times.
A person with a sense of humour is a philosopher or sorts.
He or she mulls over life, and looking around, decides its better to live than die. And having settled the issue of living thus, the better “rounded-up” amongst us do not cry for our mamma in make or break times, but dare to daddy the vulnerable times.
And thenceforth, understanding life wholesomely, one cries sometimes, but also laughs wholeheartedly, willingly or unwillingly, most of the time.
The laugh comes because life does.
A better “held-up” person, perforce has to have a sense of humour because he/she gets it that otherwise, life coming as it does - inevitably and unstop-ably - would crush him/her for the bug he/she is.
For, all of us are bugs. Some with bigger butts, others with no butt but many buts!
It is thus to be understood that life is a gift. And for all that most of us know, maybe just given once. Hence, we must make a peppy popsicle when given pepper!
Though as a freemystic of sorts, I cannot refrain from pitching in that it, life, comes and keeps coming death after death till the end of the times, until we get the “It” of it all.
That all that is seen or unseen is but a dream, and we the cream within the dream!
So, to have a sense of humour is to appreciate life. Wholesomely, and fully. Accepting the good times with a smile, and the bad times without going senile!
Humour binds us to the boundless.
It makes us free. To punch in the nose even God, if need be!
Hence, to have a sense of humour we must learn to appreciate all the colours of life, staying colour-blind. That is, enabling ourselves to taking well the differences between us - as people to people, and betwixt differing faiths and cultures - without developing an incurable ulcer.
In effect, it means seeing the unity of all that be amidst the seemingly duality.
Having thus developed a keen sense of a philosophical and an objective viewing and innate understanding - accompanied by a nonsensical sense of the absurd - one can accumulate better information about what is or is not.
It - the resulting sprouting seed of a little humour - opens up our mind, so far closeted with our inherited isms and ideologies. Thus freeing us not only from the crappy part of our ancestral inheritance, but also from our own crap and nonsense!
And a free man is a fuller, a funnier man.
For, he’s his own man.