May 9, 2015

Simply put! - PRACTICAL Everyday METAPHYSICS


The Essence Principle of Life Force, called God by most people, is One. This is realized by a rare few, though science is pointing - more or less - to this fact, that All is indeed One.

Even if 'It' is not individually attained - not 'witnessed' as if - once it is realized in theory that "All is One', we should function from this All Pervading Principle of Oneness.

This "Kingdom of Heaven", of Oneness, is 'within' our own Essence and Being. Attaining to 'It' therein, in time all that happens to us, or around us, will start appearing like a dream - a play within One Self.

In One, there is no 'other'. All is a Single Whole - "I and my Father are One" - as if. 

Remembering this Unity Principle, whatsoever happens, shall be 'witnessed' as a Cosmic Principle of Oneness. Waves are a natural phenomenon within the ocean - there is no 'good' or 'evil' in this process. Similarly so, is the case of human life, and destiny. 

There is no 'good' or 'bad'. Only that happens, which, is meant to happen. As is the Law of Nature. Of Destiny.

Accepting that whatsoever happens, does so by the dictum of Oneness, will enable us to let go both good and bad. Accepting it as a natural 'happening', as per one's Destiny.

In acceptance lies the Key to Knowledge. Of 'That' Which Is.

Once it is accepted that Essence of Nature is One, all 'happening', and 'non-happening', ceases to bother an Enlightened One.

An 'Awakened One' takes Destiny in his or her stride; becoming stronger by the day, and firmer in Unity Consciousness, that forms the Basis of What Is.

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