Nov 20, 2013

YOGA OF JESUS : (Cracking The Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ) - BOOK REVIEW by Lee and Steven Hager

“ Many Christians would be confused by a book that claims to “crack the code of the mystic teachings of Christ,” especially a book written by someone outside the Christian faith. After all, Christianity has claimed to hold the key to understanding Jesus’ words for hundreds of years. And yet, somewhere between thirty and forty thousand separate Christian denominations accept the Bible as their sacred text, yet so vehemently disagree on the interpretation, doctrines, rules and values it contains, they find it nearly impossible to tolerate one another. Why would that be? Ishavardas convincingly argues that Christians misunderstand Jesus’ words for one extremely pertinent reason: instead of experiencing the Divine for themselves as Jesus instructed them, the majority of his disciples believed they could follow his outer example rather than experiencing their own inner spiritual rebirth.
As Ishavardas explains, “Gnosis or the Divine Knowledge…is of a deeply personal inner experience…an indescribable, an indefinable enosis (unity) in Spirit and in Life-Essence.” This is why reading, hearing or intellectually understanding a truth does not ‘change’ us. We must personally experience it, and thus ‘become’ that truth. In this case, to know the truth that can set us free, we must each experience the Divine directly. Some may believe that the subject of is confined to the so-called Gnostic gospels; Ishavardas instead explains Jesus’ Gnostic teachings using quotes taken directly from the New Testament.
For those willing to experience gnosis (and as Ishavardas explains, gnosis is open to all of us) two things become instantly clear: All is One, and the duality perceived in this world is mere illusion. As the book reveals, the Oneness of all things and the illusory nature of the material world is not only substantiated by mystics, but is also supported by quantum research. Although Christian teachings do claim a union between Jesus, Jesus’ followers, God and Spirit, the author points out that saying the words has not changed the fact that most Christians deny Jesus’ testimony by continuing to cling to the duality of this world.
Obviously, this book was written for those who are ready to let go of the ‘isms’ that have enslaved us and experience the Divine directly, as Jesus did. Ishavardas states that Jesus offered ‘hard truths’ to his followers, but they were hard only in the sense that they were meant to destroy our comfortable illusions. If we’re ready for that, those truths lead to freedom. The author pulls no punches as he explains how gnosis shifts us far from the accepted version of Jesus’ teaching. He explains that the ‘free mystic’ is open to “‘knowing’ through gnosis all truth, no matter how far removed from what appears to be rational to the brain…free of all isms and intellectually gained ‘knowledge.” For a free mystic, “the only scripture worth following is within…There is no scripture greater than Self-Realization.”
Although we live across the globe from Fakeer Ishavardas, we have had the privilege of ‘knowing’ him for some time via his Tweets: @freemystics108. Since his Tweets convey an unswerving love of truth and a deep understanding of gnosis that is shared by few, we were thrilled to discover that he had written “Yoga of Jesus” : Cracking the Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ. We were not disappointed. “
Lee and Steven Hager are both freethinkers and “ Authors of several books exploring the synergy of science and spirituality, gnosis, the perennial philosophy and our innate Oneness within Divine Love.”
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