Oct 13, 2012

Is there a heaven up “There”?

Recently, a neuro surgeon said he "saw" it.
Most cultures and religions of all creeds and regions believe in it in some form or the other. Depending upon one’s inherited belief system, cultural influences and acquired knowledge from elsewhere, consciously or unconsciously, people get imbued with a particular, peculiar idea about such matters. It’s not necessarily true.
Dreams seem frighteningly or fascinatingly real till we are asleep. Awakened, memory of this phenomenon may linger for a while, sometimes a lifetime. Yet, it remains in the realm of illusion. Gone like a whiff of air; here, there, then, nowhere.
Near death experiences usually “happen” in a comma, or, an un-awakened, unconscious state of existence wherein one is no longer in control of one’s senses. One is neither “here” nor “there”. This coma-somatic near-death experience is just a “take-off” on one’s religious or intellectual belief system. The reality in this semi or unconscious bodily condition can at best be accepted as dream-like panorama, albeit a vivid one. Therefore, it’s nothing more than what it is: One Big Illusion.
This does not mean anyone describing such stupendous visions is lying. At the same time, since these visions of hell, heaven, divine beings, bright lights or “things” are “seen” sans a fully conscious awakened state of rationality, only susceptible, supercilious or superstitious mentalities believe in their “solid” reality.
However, such “visions’ are a mundane “happening” in meditation. Yogis and mystics of India, ancient to present, experience them. It’s no big thing.

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