Jul 8, 2012

IS there NO NEED for a GURU or a PATH?

THIS No GURU & No PATH, which, now days, everyone seems to harp about is not that simple an issue.

When we are barely able to learn ABC etc. without a teacher, that is, if SIMPLE Knowledge is not easy to attain without someone to guide us; surely, such a complex issue as ENLIGHTENMENT merits a GURU.

We must not foolishly fall into such a clich├ęd “Cool” Pool.

In fact, we must resist, consciously so, from becoming an easy prey to this “learned” propaganda of shirking a Spiritual Preceptor (Guru).

The RIGHT PATH must be sought, and, chosen. The “NO Path” quote is cool to quote; not so easy to follow. Frankly, it does not work.

At The FINAL Stage, yes, WHAT "happens" THERE, is The GRACE of "That" WHICH IS. There is no “this” or “that” Human or Angelic figures “over’ THERE; to take The SEEKER anywhere: HELL or HEAVEN, THIS or THAT.

No such things, places, or beings exist therein. Get it.

WHEN Advanced Masters speak of “No Guru” and “No Path”, they do so after having attended the “feet’ of an HOLY ONE. That is, after remaining so at the humble point of “nothingness” - of No EGO: as a lowly learner, a student or “shishya” of ALL Paths; as if walking “No Path”.

This Path of Path-less Divinity is, actually, that of utter humility.

But, FIRST One has to "get" THAT. Then, one does not make such SIMPLISTIC Assertions. The EGO says: "No Guru". The Spirit: WAHE (Hail!) GURU. Our egotistical, “Inherited”, MIND says: “No Path”.

The “Enlightened One” FOLLOWS The PATH.

Of NO-THING-NESS: where no theories or theologies remain, no this-that contained, and, is no “Chosen” ones’ domain.

“Get” IT. Or, LOSE “It”.

Your choice.

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