Apr 28, 2012

Is it Time for YOGA to GROW UP?

It is time for us to “grow up” TO Yoga. Not the other way around.

Now days, Yoga has become a “fast-food” of the West. BUT as the joke goes here, “There’s a Yoga Guru sitting upon every other brick.” “And one under it.”

Under-trained, ignorant Yoga Teachers abound in America, as here, in the birthplace of Yoga. Being a Private Practitioner myself (i.e. I do not teach) since the past 3 decades, then some; I have observed that injuries during any type of exercise, games etc. & in yoga occur owing to One Reason: LACK of Proper WARM-UP. Simple.

One must not get into sudden “jerking” motions at the beginning of any exercise. There is a techinque of getting into “asnas”. One has to “warm up” by “simple” postures before “taking on” Complicated Asnas. Yoga Routinue cannot be rushed into. In India, one never hear of “yoga” injuries.

ALSO, sex is not the reason one gets into Yoga. At least not in India. Of course, “Tantra” is another matter. Mostly, the “lesser” lot of Spiritual Seekers indulge in it.

Physical postures are just the beginning. Hence, are merely called “Yoga Asnas”. REAL Yoga begins thereafter. In Sanskrit, Yoga means “To Yoke”. TO JOIN with “That” WHICH IS. Ultimate Reality, Eternal Truth, Alpha & Omega. God, if you like. Is YOGA.

We, ourselves, have to mature, ripen, age and “grow” INTO Yoga.

Yoga is too old. And, frankly, a bit too ancient to GROW UP.
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